New to Windows 11? Microsoft releases new tutorial videos

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Learning how to use the latest operating system has just become a whole lot easier.
  • Microsoft recently published three tutorial videos from the Meet Windows 11 series.
  • Now, you can learn about all of the features and functions that the OS has to offer. 
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It is true that changing an operating system is not as easy for some people, especially the ones that are either new to the world of PCs or the ones that have gotten used to the previous one.

Change can sometimes plunge some of us into a world of chaos and having the right tools for learning at your disposal can be crucial.

It’s the same with Windows 11, believe it or not, and people at the Redmond-based tech company have created some much-needed tutorials.

Learn faster about Windows 11 with these tutorials

As we said, Microsoft recently published a new video series called Meet Windows 11, which consists of three introductory videos describing how to do basic things in the latest OS.

The above-mentioned videos highlight personalization, apps, tools, features, and other capabilities that Windows 11 newbies may consider helpful.

Needless to say that experienced Windows users won’t really find anything interesting or special in these new videos.

Redmond developers stated that the series aims at those just starting out with Windows 11 or users looking for refreshers on making the most out of it.

And, as you would have imagined and hoped for, every video has a dedicated support page, making it easy to also read about the features instead of watching the video.

From watching the first video, titled The Basics, you will gain knowledge about simple things such as how to use universal search, essential shortcuts, accessibility features, and much more.

The video above, which is the second one, teaches about personalizing your experience by creating collections in Edge, changing desktop backgrounds, as well as Widgets.

Now, for most of us, these are pretty basic tasks, but you would be surprised how much this would help a Windows operating system newcomer.

And, since dealing with apps and tools can prove a bit tricky at start, especially if you don’t know your way around the OS, the third video shows just that.

Every new experience can prove tricky at first, but perseverance will be the difference between those that learn faster, and those that learn a bit slower.

We also have a ton of Windows 11-related articles that can teach you the operating system’s basics, as well as what to do when something goes wrong with it.

For those of you that didn’t know, Microsoft is now hosting a major Bug Bash event for its latest 22622.436 (KB5015888) Insider Build.

Also, you can check out our Patch Tuesday article for July 2022 if you want to see what the latest security measures taken have been.

Do you feel like Microsoft should create more such videos? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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