Windows 11’s Settings app keeps your PC healthy through recommendations

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  • Microsoft has found yet another purpose for the Settings app, one that will help users even more.
  • The tech team now embedded useful information into the very fabric of this highly used system application.
  • Using power settings that are not system recommended, will trigger some notifications on users' Settings windows.
  • This updated Settings app, for Windows 11, will also contain information about Office365 subscriptions status.
Windows 11 services information

Out of all the different new features that Microsoft designed for Windows 11, this one has to be one of the more useful ones yet.

The redesigned Settings app has already received some positive feedback from Insiders, and it may not be just because it looks better and it rearranged settings so that they would make more sense, but it will also notify users about many aspects.

Even changing some settings will trigger the system to let you know that what you did isn’t really recommended.

The Settings app offers some pretty useful information

We all start fiddling with the system settings after we installed an OS. And this is just to tweak everything in order to fine-tune it to our exact desire.

The Windows operating system already allows users to select different preferences, for when the device is using the battery power, and when it’s plugged into a power source.

On Windows 11, setting either of these settings to never, will actually trigger some notifications that you can see whenever using the Settings app.

These system alerts will also include an action button, which gives you the possibility to switch back to the recommended settings.

And if you are keeping up with the available information on the future operating system, you might know that playing with power settings might not be the best idea yet.

We are saying this because, after installing build 22000.65, lots of users complained about Windows 11 actually affecting the battery life for laptops and tablets.

But all the recommendations the system will display won’t be limited to just the Windows 11 native settings.

For example, the Settings app will also remind you that your Microsoft 365 subscription is about to expire, the status of OneDrive, or if a new Windows update is available.

You might think that these ideas that Microsoft keeps coming with would actually please fans, with how accessible they make everything.

In reality, nobody cares that much about this, thus the initiative did not receive such a warm welcome.

Windows 11 users take took to Reddit to express their opinions are actually appalled that the tech company isn’t focusing on some more major issues, for the time being.

Remember that the new OS also comes with a built-in feature that will warn users if their NVMe SSD drive is affected by hardware issues.

Microsoft seems to be adding more and more exciting and helpful features to the new operating system with each passing day.

Lots to be excited about and still a lot to test, until Windows 11 transitions into a full-fledged OS.

What are your thoughts about this notification system idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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