Windows 7 still commands the highest desktop OS marketshare 8 years after its release

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Windows 7 market share

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Microsoft has already released two major updates for  Windows 10 and the latest one, the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, is on its way. But despite being available for nearly two years now, Windows 10 still lags behind the Windows 7 as far as market share is concerned. While initial builds of Windows 10 suffered from a slew of bugs and issues, the latest ones seem to have ironed them out.



According to market research firm NetMarketShare, Windows 7 still holds its position as the most widely used desktop operating system at 48.23%. The latest Windows 10 stats, however, trail Windows 7 at 27.88%, which is close to half the market share of the Windows 7. It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft initially offered the Windows 10 upgrade free of cost.

Interestingly, Windows XP still ranks third when it comes to market share with 6.07%. In other words, the decade old Windows XP has the same market share as Windows 8.1. And while Windows XP is losing market share, the rate at which it’s happening (0.03%) is something that should worry Microsoft. On a related note, Microsoft recently pulled the plug from Windows Vista, but thankfully it only accounted for 0.46% of user.

Microsoft is bullish on Windows 10 and is expecting an increased market share once Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rolls out. The new major update is expected to be available to the general public starting October 17.

It is likely that enterprises are still sticking to Windows 7. Also, many users are still apprehensive about the automatic updates in Windows 10. What most of the users don’t understand is that the timely updates are part and parcel of the Windows 10 ecosystem and crucial for security. In a similar report last year, Windows 7 claimed a 49% of the market share, which means the drop this year is negligible at best.



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