5+ best drawing apps for Windows

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Key notes

  • If you're looking for a Windows 8 drawing app, many of them will help you create cool images.
  • Below you will find lots of free drawing apps for Windows 8 that you can enjoy. 
  • Some of our drawing apps selection also contains programs that have lots of unique features.
  • Note that these Windows drawing apps work for tablets, computers, and laptops.
best drawing apps

Since the early days of Windows, the OS shipped with a pre-installed drawing app called Paint, which became very popular and was used by everyone to make simple doodles or complex drawings.

Now that Windows allows third party applications to be downloaded, many developers created an alternative to the pre-installed drawing software, and so, many Windows drawing apps have populated the Store.

While PC users have lots of professional drawing software at their disposal, the introduction of the new Windows allows anyone to download a Windows drawing app on their tablets and create projects on the fly.

Of course, there are other, more specialized apps, which provide tools for complex drawings.

Everybody likes to draw, some do it because they are bored and some do it as a profession, either way, drawing is a great way to escape boredom and challenge your imagination.

Some of the apps out there are really good even if you are looking for some extra features or functionality there are Windows drawing apps that are definitely worth checking out.

Best drawing software for Windows tablet

Adobe Photoshop (editor’s choice)

best painting software for windows 8

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best-known photo editing software worldwide, but it is also one of the best when it comes to painting. Is widely used by photographers, designers, and painters.

Photoshop gets constant updates from its hard-working developer team, coming up with new features that continuously keep it as the number one painting app.

The Content Aware Fill tool which uses AI to recognize objects along with Paint Symmetry are the latest additions to the suite.

There are also hundreds of customization options for brushes, pencils and pens that can be enabled by a single switch to the painting mode.

Other key features to consider for Adobe Photoshop:

  • Live blend mode preview
  • Custom preset brushes
  • Enhanced transform wrap
  • Multiple device connections
  • Compatible with XP-Pen
  • Curvature pen tool
  • Comes with 7-day trial
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has all the tools and customization you need to create the most astounding images.
Free trialVisit website

Fresh Paint

windows 8 drawing Fresh Paint

If you are someone looking for complexity in your Windows drawing apps, your search ends here. Nothing you will see out there will match the possibilities you have while using this app.

After playing around with it for only a couple of minutes you will notice how everything falls in the right place and how beautifully designed the interface is.

You can choose between oil, pencil, or watercolors to create anything from doodles to art.

Download Fresh Paint

Particle Art

drawing widows 8 app particle art

Really nice app if you enjoy the abstract drawings and physics. This is a great way to challenge your imagination and create great images.

The app is based on particle trajectories that are represented by lines. You are in control of every aspect of the beams by using forces and creating shapes out of the particle lines.

Download Particle Art


windows 8 inspirartion drawing app

This is one of the better Windows drawing apps you can find. In fact, it is actually a drawing Extension for Google Chrome.

It has a really nice set of brushes and symmetry effects that allow you to create beautiful works of art.

If you are looking to create something more than just a drawing this app does just that. You can use any photo or image as a template and you have the option to share your creations with the world.

The interface is simple and it allows you to enjoy the app as soon as you install it.

Download InspirARTion


interference game windows 8 drawing app

If you are looking to draw something and have fun at the same time you should take a look at this app. Centrifuge developed this Windows drawing app to make an easy to play and fun game and the result is great.

People take turns drawing something that matches the description set by another player. As you can imagine the end result is hilarious and a great way to blow off some steam using their passion for drawing.

Download Interference

Some more drawing apps for Windows tablets

Still haven’t found what you are looking for ? Here are other Windows drawing apps you might like:

Drawing related software

In case you want to level-up your creation, you can always choose to upgrade from drawing software to some specialized software. Here is a list that can help you choose a new drawing domain:

You must know that you can search for other, more specialized tools on our site by using the search feature on the top-right corner of every page.

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