Best 10+ Windows 8, 10 Apps for School

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Advanced English Dictionary best Windows 8 apps school

There are a number Windows 8 apps for school available at the Windows store that will help you through the learning part of your life. Most of them are really great for your day-to-day use and some are pretty situational and you don’t realize you need them. Having the resources available on your Windows 8 tablets makes it a lot easier to manage school and allows you to have more free time for other activities.
best apps for school windows 8The portability of Windows 8 plays a huge factor here, and it allows you to use most Windows 8 school apps found in the store on all your gadgets. Since we don’t leave the house without at least one portable device, we can access these apps from our smartphones, tablets or laptops while at school or in the work environment.

Be better at school with these Windows 8 apps

Whether you are in primary school or enrolled at a university, there are lots of Windows 8 school apps available that you might not know of. Here are some of them, which are essential and you might want to consider for your daily routine. If you happen to use others and you are very pleased with them, let us know by leaving your comment in the box after the article.

Calculator X8

Windows 8 School Apps Calculator

This is a really simple app and it does everything it should do perfectly. It has all the features of a regular scientific calculator and a few more. This Windows 8 school app itself is really simple, however there are some things that should remain easy to use and calculators are one of them. This is a must have Windows 8 app for school and its usefulness will be appreciated for years. If you want more details about this Windows 8 school app you should definitely see our complete review.

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My Study Life

best school apps for windows 8 study lifeA student planner can be really useful and even life-saving in some unexpected situations and nowadays it is really easy to integrate everything in your smartphone or tablet, without the need to have an extra notebook. This school app for Windows 8 stores your timetable, assignments, exams and other important dates and allows you to see the upcoming events that require your presence or just get a glance of your day ahead. It is really simple to use and very configurable to fit your desires.

Unit Conversion

bestbest school apps for windows 8 unit conversion

One of the tools that are essential in order to make your student life easier is a unit convertor. Having this app available for use makes your calculations faster and more accurate especially if you are an engineering student. Unfortunately this does not mean you can skip the class on conversions, but after you learn to do them yourself, this will be a real timesaver when you need to do some quick calculations. This will also help you meet deadlines easier and will allow you to spend more time on other important aspects of your assignments.


Wikipedia for Windows 8 best School apps

No introduction necessary for this Windows 8 app, due to the fact that it is probably the most used word in schools and universities all over the world. This open source web page and now Windows 8 app is an amazing source of information. Users all over the world contribute to the database with articles and help correct mistakes found in others. The Windows 8 school app works beautifully and allows you to browse Wikipedia a lot faster than using an mobile browser to go to the Wikipedia web page. For more information about Wikipedia check our review .

Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary best Windows 8 apps school

If you are looking for a dictionary app this is one of the better ones you can find at the Microsoft Store. Being a simple dictionary is what makes this app great and easy to use by everybody. One of the extra feature this app has are pictures associated to most words you are looking for due to the fact that sometimes a definition is not enough. There are many dictionary Windows 8 school apps you can find at the Store, however I find this particular one the most complete dictionary app you can get for free.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica

Encyclopaedia Britannica Windows 8 App for School

There is no need to spend large amounts of money on the complete Encyclopaedia Britannica set of books anymore. The app is basically the A-Z collection available as an online resource and this is the easier way to get the information you need. Being able to access the content from home, office or while you are taking a bus ride means a lot these days especially if you have a tight schedule and little to no time on your hands.

The app also packs some extra features that most find interesting like “This Day” events that occurred throughout history. The only downside of the app is that it requires a subscription in order to access all the articles, but it is wellworth the money if you enjoy expanding your knowledge. Do check our detailed review on this.

Some more useful Windows 8 school apps

In the past, we have featured a very good article on some of the best brain training apps to be used on your Windows 8 tablet, so you definitely need to check it out. If you are still looking for more Windows 8 school apps you should definitely take a look at these:

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