What are the best Zuma apps for Windows 10/11, 8?

by Madalina Dinita
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Zuma is one of the most popular mini games that has ever been released. Everybody I know including grandparents, workmates and kids have been one way or another acquainted with this game. The premise is quite simple and maybe that’s why this game has become so addictive to everybody curious enough to try it.

The basic idea is that you get a chain of gems of different colors. The player will be then be able to shoot a gem of a particular color into the chain. To make gems disappear you need to attach the shooting gem to at least two of the same color. Why do you need to make gems disappear?

In order to prevent them from advancing to the finish line, of course. Even if plain old Zuma is not available for Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT, users of Microsoft’s new operating system can still find some satisfying replacements.

Zuma-like game apps for Windows 10, 8

1. Chicken Zooma [Free]

chicken zooma windows 8 zuma

As the name suggests, in this game gems are replaced by colorful eggs. The crazy chicken will sprout eggs right from the source, so gamers can reduce the advancing egg chain. Once they accumulate more score, users will be able to advance to different levels and the speed at which the chain of eggs advances will increase.

2. Zulu Start [Free]

zulu star windows 8 zuma

Zulu Star basically follows the same game play, but places the entire action in an Aztec world of sorts. There’s 45 different levels to play, each featuring diverse backgrounds. For every level you can gain 3 starts, depending on the amount of points you have managed to accumulate. The 3D graphics are a lot of fun, so we’re pretty certain you won’t be able to stop playing this game.

3. Sparkle 2 [$5.99]

sparkle 2 windows 8 zuma

This Zuma like game has quite a complex story attached to it as well. The game is built upon a legend that tells the story of five enchanted keys that were created long ago. All of them were supposed to unlock something of great value, but they have been lost throughout ages. The gamer must help find these keys and discover the secrets behind them.

The game can be played in three modes: Story, Survival and Challenge. Also players can enjoy up to 90 levels which are wonderfully designed. The soundtrack of the game has been composed of famous composer Jonathan Geer. This game has it all, so what are you waiting for?

4. Bubble Star [Free]

bubble star windows 8 zuma

This game does not feature the classic Zuma experience you might have been accustomed to. However you get a conglomerate of funny looking bubbles which you get to shoot. When you shoot a bubble of a certain color which ends up glued to more bubble of the same color, you will make them pop. You must hurry to remove them before the bubbles reach ground level and accumulate more points.

5. Marble Zumas 2

Marble Zumas 2 windows 10 game

Marble Zumas 2 is an addictive Zuma puzzle game that’s very easy to play.Players get three starts after completing all the levels in challenge mode. Control your marbles and aim accurately to match three or more marble colored balls. Boost your score with power-ups and combos to get the highest possible score.

6. Zumas Marble Royal

Zumas Marble Royal windows 10 zuma game

Zumas Marble Royal is an amazing Zuma themed game that you can download from the Microsoft Store. Have you got what it takes to survive tens of secret scenes in classic Zuma mode? Hit the play button to become a Marble Woka Woka Legend.

The Microsoft Store offers many more games like Zuma for Windows 10. Here are some more Zuma game alternatives that you can play on your Windows 10 computer:



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