This new Redstone 2 design for Windows Phone is amazing

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Microsoft set some really high expectations regarding the next update for Windows 10 called Redstone 2, declaring that 2017 would be a great year in changes to their phones.Now, Windows Phone fans are excited about what improvements the company is working on.

However, while it’s too early to predict whether Microsoft will indeed keep its promise, designers all over the community are presenting suggestions regarding the future design of the system. Some of them might even get a chance to be implemented in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2.

Perhaps the best concept released shows a design starting with a Start screen and ending with features normally found only on the desktop version of the operating system. The name of the system in this design would be Second Anniversary and brings up larger tiles that offer more content. All in all, it seems to be a more customizable structure that has no menu controls in the lower part of the screen. Moreover, Cortana will be available wherever you are through a top bar.

redstone 2 mobile design

By default, universal apps will include the back button and other navigation controls. This means that with only a gesture, you will be able to go back wherever in the system you may be.

However, this proposal would still need some polishing, since the buttons used for the Start menu and taskbar are small for use on a phone with a touchscreen. Meanwhile, you can get a glimpse of how a split screen feature would look on a phone running Windows 10 Mobile. Some key features have also been redesigned and the layout is easier to understand and use.

Interactive Live Tiles is another feature presented on this possible update, and one that has been requested by fans over and over again.


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Avatar Middle

The only thing that will help Windows Phone to become a leader is to add the ability to run Android and/or IOS apps. Then it can attract a huge share of the market and pull Apple users into the Windows fold.

Avatar Brandon Cannizzaro

That would be absolutely amazing, i don’t think apple would allow that since apple is so protective about that stuff and they have a closed environment with iOS but since android is so open they would most likely allow that, i hope this happens 🙂

Avatar David Mccown

Stop taking away the menu controls! That is the ONLY reason I stuck with the Lumia 830 instead of upgrading to the 950 was because the menu controls would hide themselves; I want those dedicated, very important functions to have a location that is unchanged by what I am doing in the phone.

Avatar Brandon Cannizzaro

True yes, i feel if they remove menu controls it would make things more complicated.