Windows XP Second Edition: Let’s All Wake Up

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Recently, some forum postings in the online environment have let the imagination of certain Windows XP lovers run wild – the most nostalgic ones hope that there will be a Second Edition of the almost dead Windows XP. We analyze below why this isn’t possible, but we also leave some room for imagination.
windows xp second editionRumors and the idea of a Second Edition for the incredibly popular Windows XP operating system have been surfacing right before Microsoft was ready to unveil Vista, which ultimately turned out to be a flop. But now, some new forum threads have been appearing on the Microsoft Community forums, asking Redmond to come up with a special Second Edition of Windows XP, rather than just to kill the operating system and leave hundreds of millions of computers vulnerable to hacker attacks. So, let’s have a look at what some users have been saying on these forums

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I personally would love to have a windows xp second edition. I love the windows xp user interface, everything about it. Also your Enterprise consumers use Windows XP and are holding on to it because their software is dependent on it. Home Users love it because it is simple to use and is still fun to use. I love it for all of these reasons, plus i love how resource friendly it is and how simple it is to use. I am an advanced windows user, and when windows 8 came out, it confused me a lot because the UI was different. If you were to create an XP second edition, I’m sure your customers would buy up 200 million or more licenses in the first few months. I know i would buy them for all of my current computers. I have windows XP in a Virtual machine and i see why everyone loves it. So please create a windows XP second edition. If anyone agrees with me, then post it in the discussion.

Another dreamer weighs in with his idea, saying that a second edition of the Windows XP would be a “goldmine”.

That’s a fantastic ideal. And don’t change the interface. And feel of it. Plus make old software and games work on it. Give it the latest Direct X.  People would definitely buy it. I certainly would. But we know Microsoft is too dumb to realize they have a goldmine in a XP2 version. I bet all the IT people would upgrade too. I would like it to have visual styles and be able to change the colors. I always keep my fingers cross on a second XP version. Gates is back, he should think about it. There should be a petition for it. I can’t stand Windows 7. Tried it, hated it.

Those who are using Windows XP are obviously the same users that haven’t moved to Windows 7, let alone Windows 8 or even Windows 8.1. A second edition of the Windows XP doesn’t make sense especially because Microsoft hope it will manage to make money from the switch to Windows 8. Secondly, the world just needs to move on. Sadly, we don’t have the choice to keep using old software as we’d love to, so we just have to face the fact that we don’t have control over this.  Microsoft will stop offering security patches but it won’t offer Windows XP to third part developers, either, because there will definitely be plenty available to customize a version of Windows XP into a second edition.

Another important thing which needs to be mentioned is the fact that people rarely buy stand-alone Windows licenses, as most of the purchases of new Windows version are linked to new computers. So, a second edition of Windows XP would appeal only to those willing to pay separately for such a product and there won’t be too many of them. If I were at Microsoft’s helm, I would rather discontinue Windows Vista than XP, but that’s just me. However, what’s still scary is the fact that Windows XP remains the most used Windows version worldwide, so it will be interesting to see to what new Windows version they will flock to.

Windows XP in 2018

Windows XP is a system that was the main OS for the majority of PC users for many years. But all the good things come to an end. In 2017, Windows XP with Windows 10 was the main OS from Microsoft present on market, even if Windows XP stopped being supported in 2014. If you want to keep this awesome OS on your pc, you can check our guide on how to keep Windows XP forever on your PC.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2014 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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  • Don’t make a new winxp, that will destroy it. Just keep the security updates coming.

    So far, winxp is the only os from Microsht that doesn’t leave me dead in the water when my computer, or my hd die.

    Microsht has made image backup virtually impossible on win 8, so there is no good way to back it up. I cannot put my business on a os I cannot make image back up disk of, and run on a different computer when the current one fails. I spend years getting my os disk the way i want it with all the the engineering and science programs I need. The disks WILL fail, all disks do. they will get viruses, corrupted, and have hardware failures. I sure as hll can’t afford a whole year of getting things running again. I did that once. never again. The computer will also wear out. I must not be prevented from running my backup hard drive on a new computer. My business will stop if that happens.

    I pity and business that makes the mistake of using win8. It seems like fraud to me.

    Winxp so far allows me to do what I need to. I have set up a win7 machine, and it locked me out. That cannot ever be allowed to happen. Win8, is just a evil joke.

    Pretty soon, Microsht will force me to go to another os, and it won’t be one of theirs.