WinZip Universal app comes to Windows 10 and Mobile

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WinZip has finally made it to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The x86 version is one of the best ZIP clients available on the web, so it is great to see the developers bring a version to the Windows Store for both PC and mobile.

This app supports the Universal Windows Platform, bringing most of its file sharing, security, and file management features to the table. The app is called WinZiP Universal, and rightfully so.

One of the key features found nowhere else outside of this version of the app is the ability for users to ask Cortana to zip or unzip a file. It’s a cool way to get work done when one is busy doing other things and can’t be bothered to zip or unzip a file manually.

To make things even more interesting, WinZip Universal can connect to cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

“WinZip started out as Windows users’ first choice for encryption and compression and now we’ve become the central hub for all your file management and sharing needs. Whether we’re supporting direct integration with OneDrive and Office 365 or building new file sharing platforms using Azure, we’re always looking for new ways to take advantage of the latest Windows technologies to help us drive WinZip product innovation and an amazing experience for our users,according to vice-president of development at WinZip, Bill Richard.

The app can be downloaded right now from the Window Store as a free 20-day trial. After that, users will be required to pay a yearly subscription fee of $7.99. Already, some users are complaining they’d prefer to purchase app outright rather than go into another subscription commitment. It is possible this might cause the WinZip team to consider changing tactics to better please users.



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