XCOM 2 War of the Chosen issues: Crashes, sound problems, and more

by Ivan Jenic
Ivan Jenic
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The latest big expansion pack for XCOM 2, War of the Chosen was released some time ago. This is not a minor patch, as the new update actually brings a lot of new features and content to the game. Therefore, it’s considered a huge and significant expansion by fans and experts.

However, even though War of the Chosen brings so many new features to the game, it also brings a lot of issues along. Over the course of last few days, a lot of players have been reporting various issues caused by the latest XCOM 2 expansion.

We’ve wandered Steam forums, in search for these problems, and the hunt was (un)successful. So, keep reading this article to find out what bothers players who recently installed XCOM 2 War of the Chosen.

XCOM 2 War of the Chosen problems roundup

Unable to install the DLC

The very first problem (literally the first one) players encountered is the issue that prevents XCOM 2 War of the Chosen from downloading. Namely, a few players experienced the same problem. Here’s what some of them said on the Steam forums:

I bought the DLC yesterday and so far I can’t play it. Here are my problems; when I try to install it, it takes way too long. Installing 30 GBs aparently takes anywhere from 3 hours to “over a year.” Before you ask its not my internet, I’ve reset the router and updates for other games complete much quicker. Other posts I read suggested changing the download region from Washington DC to somewhere foreign. I tried Sweden, Veitnam, West Africa, all places people recommended and all had the same result,” said PMBoz on Steam forums.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a confirmed solution for this problem. So, if you know something more, please let us know in the comments. Because you can’t even get to experience other issues without actually installing the game.

Unable to install the DLC on Xbox One

As it appears, Xbox One players are actually most affected by this issue. As a lot of people complain on Reddit about not being able to download the game.

“The DLC was supposed to release at midnight, however me and so far a lot of other people can’t access it. We have it downloaded but the dlc file is only 17MB and the game doesn’t even recognize that we own the dlc. Can anyone please help?”

Can’t load the DLC

Problems of accessing the game continue even for those who managed to install it. Namely, some players reported that they’re unable to load the game using the official launcher:

“I choose War of the Chosen DLC when the launcher start, but it send me to the vanilla one instead WotC one. no features from WotC available. what should I do,” said Synsky1412 on the Steam forums.

“Hey all, xcom 2 has always worked fine on my PC, but the expansion simply does not launch. I get the splash screen, switch to war of the chosen, and press PLAY, and then nothing happens. After a few seconds steam no longer displays me as ingame. Anyone else get this and how did you fix it?” said Freelancer.

Possible memory leaks

There are some users who noticed that the new expansion actually causes memory leaks. Here’s what one of them said on the forums:

“Anyone know why WOTC plays fine for an hour or so and then loses performance until it’s a choppy jerky unplayable game? I was thinking perhaps a memory leak? If no one else is experiencing this perhaps it’s a problem specific to my setup – Ryzen CPU, 16BG ram, R9 GPU. Anyone else suffer this?”

Although the issue was never confirmed, a lot of people actually think that XCOM 2 causes memory leaks in general, not just after installing the new expansion. If you want to know more about memory leaks, and how to deal with them, we have an article about that.

Controller issues

Another player says that he’s unable to use his Xbox 360 controller in the game, after installing War of the Chosen:

“Hello I just started the new x com 2 game war of the chosen. I usually play with controller. But seems is not working right. In xcom 2 it supported the controller fine. Now with war of the chosen is just emulate the Mouse and Keyboard. I have 360 controller. Any help or infos appreciated.”

Game crashes

The game also appears to be crashing for some players after installing the expansion. One player said on the Steam forum that the game crashes for him as soon as he starts a mission:

“I’ve started a war of the chosen iron man campaign and got a strange bug. The game crashes as I just started a mission and tried rotating the soldiers to take difference actions to no avail. Am I screwed?”

Unfortunately, nobody from the forums had a proper solution for this issue.

Sound problems

Another problem that appears to be quite widespread is the sound issue. Namely, many players reported this problem on the forums. Here’s what some of them say:

“Since I started playing the expansion, the sound in the game crashes at random and i can only have it back by restarting the game. Did anyone has the same problem,” said Steam user Kindredblades.

“This happened with the base Xcom and its expansion Enemy Within, but there isnt any sound coming out from the game. Before you ask, sound is turned on and there is no headphones plugged in(was just playing Xcom 2 and didnt realize you had to choose a different option for War of the Chosen), so does anyone know what the trick was to get the sound to start working,” said templar0122.

One user said that the problem can be solved by disabling all unused sound devices. So, go to Sound settings, and disable each sound device, except the one you’re using. Hopefully, that will solve the problem.

Black screen

And finally, there are also many users who reported sudden black screens during the gameplay. Here’s what some of them said on the forums:

“So I’ve disabled all my mods, uninstalled them to be sure, yet the game loads all the logos fine but rather than loading the main menu a black screen comes up. Music plays in the background but it just stays black for a few minutes before it goes white. Ive moved XCOM files out of documents, verified game cache and still nothing works. Any ideas?”

Unfortunately, nobody had a proper solution for this issue.

That’s about it. As you can see, the list of issues is actually quite long for an expansion. And if it continues like this, developers will probably have to think about following the expansion release with a fixing update.

Have you experienced any issues while playing XCOM 2 War of the Chosen yet? Let us know in the comments below.