Is Yandex Browser safe? Here’s what you need to know

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • There are many great web browsers on the market, and one of them is Yandex Browser.
  • Today we’re going answer how safe Yandex Browser actually is.
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Yandex Browser safe

Yandex Browser is gaining great popularity, and it’s a browser of choice for many users around the world.

However, many users are wondering is the Yandex Browser actually safe to use? In today’s article, we’re going to find that out.

Is Yandex Browser safe to use?

1. What is Yandex Browser?

yandex browser

Yandex Browser is a web browser made by Russian web search corporation Yandex. The browser is available on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

It’s also worth mentioning that Yandex Browser is based on Chromium, so it offers similar features to Chrome and it works with Chrome extensions.

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2. How secure is Yandex Browser?

The browser offers several security features such as DNS spoofing protection, DNSCrypt, and auto HTTPS support on insecure networks.

Despite these features, there are several privacy concerns with Yandex Browser. Users reported that Yandex is collecting their search queries and sending them to the Yandex server for analysis.

It’s also worth mentioning that the browser is a closed source project, so there’s no way for users to see the source code and analyze what the browser does in the background.

Some users claim that Yandex Browser has all the necessary permissions to collect your data and send them to authorities if needed.

There are also claims that the browser is affiliated with the Russian government, so you might want to think twice before using it.

If you want a more secure browser, Opera would be a better choice. The browser is also based on Chromium, it’s similar to Chrome and supports Chrome extensions.

The browser has its own free VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth. Opera also provides you with an ad-free browsing experience thanks to the built-in adblocker.

It’s worth mentioning that the ad blocker will block tracking scripts and make your pages load faster. As for additional features, there’s a built-in messenger and Instagram integration.

Overall, Opera is a fast and secure web browser, so you might want to try it out.



Browse websites, watche geo-locked streams, make purchases, and more all while knowing that you are completely safe thanks to Opera's various security features.

Yandex is a solid web browser, but it has several privacy concerns, and if you’re worried about your privacy and security, you might want to try using a different browser.

FAQ: Learn more about Yandex

  • Is Yandex a virus?

No, Yandex is not a virus, it’s a legitimate Russian search engine.

  • Which web browser is most secure?

All browsers offer some form of security, but thanks to its built-in VPN, Opera is one of the most secure browsers on the market.

  • Is Yandex better than Google?

Yandex is optimized for the Russian market, so it’s better in that regard. However, if you’re searching for something globally, Google is the better option.

  • Who uses Yandex?

Yandex is predominantly used in Russia, and the search engine holds over 50% of the market share in that country.