YouTube freezes on Chrome? Fix it permanently with these solutions

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Google Chrome is a great browser that usually plays videos without any issues. However, some users have said on forums that YouTube videos freeze on Google Chrome. One user stated: “Whenever I go to play a YouTube, the video freezes up.

Then after about 15 seconds or more, it says Google Chrome is not responding.” These are a few resolutions that might fix YouTube freezes on Chrome.

What to do if YouTube videos freeze for a second?

  1. Update Google Chrome
  2. Clear Chrome’s Data
  3. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration
  4. Disable Chrome’s Extensions
  5. Update the Graphics Card Driver

1. Update Google Chrome

First, users need to make sure they’re utilizing the very latest Chrome browser that will provide superior video playback than older versions. Users can update Chrome by clicking Customize Google Chrome > Help > About Google Chrome on the browser’s menu.

about google chrome youtube freezes

The browser will then automatically update if it’s not the latest version. Alternatively, users can also reinstall Chrome with the most updated version from the browser’s website.

2. Clear Chrome’s Data

Chrome’s data can also clog up YouTube’s video output. So, clearing Chrome’s data might make some difference when playing videos in the browser. Follow the guidelines below to clear Chrome’s data.

  1. Open Chrome’s top right menu by clicking the Customize and control Chrome button.
  2. Select More tools > Clear browsing data to open the window shown directly below.clear browsing data youtube freeze
  3. Then click the Cookies and other site data check box.
  4. In addition, select the Cached images and files option.
  5. Then select the Clear data option.

3. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

  1. Some Chrome users have said that turning hardware acceleration off fixes YouTube freezing. To do that, click the Customize and control button.
  2. Then select Settings on the menu.
  3. Click Advanced to fully expand the Settings tab.
  4. Then toggle the Use hardware acceleration when available option off if it’s on.use hardware acceleration youtube freezes on Chrome
  5. Restart Chrome after turning hardware acceleration off.

4. Disable Chrome’s Extensions

YouTube’s freezes can also be due to conflicting extensions. So, turning off all of Chrome’s extensions might resolve the issue. Users can quickly disable all extensions by resetting Chrome, which will also clear the browser’s data. Follow the guidelines below to reset Google Chrome.

  1. Input chrome://settings in the URL bar and press Enter.
  2. Press the Advanced button.
  3. Then scroll down to the Restore settings to their original defaults option. Select the Restore settings to their original defaults option.reset chrome youtube freeze
  4. Click Reset settings to confirm.
  5. Users who prefer not to reset the browser can manually disable extensions by entering chrome://extensions in the URL bar. Then toggle the button off for each extension on that extension disable youtube freezes

5. Update the Graphics Card Driver

YouTube video freezes could be due to antiquated or corrupted video card driver. Some video card drivers might even be incompatible with some of YouTube’s new features. So, updating the graphics card driver might be another potential resolution.

To update the graphics card driver, check out Driver Booster 6 by clicking Free Download on the software’s page. DB 6 will scan automatically when users first open the software. The scan results will list devices that need a driver update. Click the Update All button if the scan results include the graphics card.

The above resolutions will often fix YouTube video playback in Chrome. However, remember that users can also utilize alternative browsers that might provide more reliable YouTube playback. Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Vivaldi are among the best alternatives to Chrome.



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