YouTube Keeps Freezing or Crashing on Chrome: 7 Quick Fixes

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  • Before embarking on any complex solutions, double-check that your internet connection is working.
  • We recommend a reset of the browser as the last solution as you may lose important data. 

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In this article, we will explore YouTube crashing on Chrome.

Google Chrome is a great browser that usually plays videos without any issues; however, some users have said on forums that YouTube videos freeze on Google Chrome.

This situation is not ideal, and while various reasons may cause it, in most cases, you will need to take a few easy steps to correct the problem.

We will explore a few resolutions that might fix YouTube freezes on Chrome.

Note that you will be able to adjust issues of Bad video quality on YouTube in a few easy steps.

Why is my YouTube hanging?

We have had many users ask why does my youtube keep freezing?

Streaming or watching videos on YouTube should be a smooth, rewarding experience, but some of the following factors may cause your videos to hang:

  • Bad internet connection
  • Outdated drivers
  • Overclocking of the CPU

Whichever the case is, we will suggest fixes for you below.

How do I fix YouTube freezes & crashes on Chrome?

1. Try a different browser

Chrome is a notorious resource hog; for this reason, you may instead use a browser that is not as demanding in your OS and CPU.

With a complete makeover, Opera comes out strong to deliver matching and often surpassing features that other popular browsers such as Chrome or Mozilla provide.

The Video pop-out is one particular option that offers you a flawless Youtube viewing experience without ever leaving your browser.

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This unique capacity to detach online videos allows you to continue browsing or working while a floating, adjustable video window stays in the foreground.

Let’s quickly look at some more key functionalities:

  • Search function enabled in separate tabs
  • Cross-platform compatibility to import your bookmarks and sync your data across devices effortlessly
  • In-built completely free VPN tool to anonymize your browsing and overcome content-related geo-restrictions
  • Battery saver function
  • Instant messaging and social media apps directly on your desktop (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Highly customizable and easy-to-use UI


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2. Clear Chrome’s cache and data

  1. Click on the ellipses or three vertical dots on the top right corner of your browser.
    youtube freezes chrome
  2. Select More tools, then Clear browsing data.
  3. Click the checkboxes for Browser history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files, then click on the Clear data button.
    youtube freezes chrome

Chrome’s data can also clog up YouTube’s video output. So, clearing Chrome’s data might make some difference when playing videos in the browser. This fix is beneficial, especially if YouTube freezes when playing games.

3. Update Google Chrome

  1. Click on the ellipses or three vertical dots on the top right corner of your browser.
    youtube freezes chrome
  2. Select the Help option and from the list of further options, click on About Google Chrome.
  3. The browser will check for updates, and you will be able to install a recent update if there is an available one.
    youtube freezes chrome
  4. Once installed, restart the browser for the changes to take effect and try playing your YouTube videos again.

While browsing, you will have the best user experience using the most recent browser version. In addition, the latest versions will generally provide superior video playback to older versions.

4. Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

  1. Click on the ellipses or three vertical dots on the top right corner of your browser.
    youtube freezes chrome
  2. Then select Settings on the menu.
    youtube freezes chrome
  3. On the left pane, click on the Systems option.
  4. Then toggle the Use hardware acceleration when available option off if it’s on.
    youtube freezes chrome
  5. Restart Chrome after turning hardware acceleration off.

This is a viable solution if YouTube freezes when playing videos. You can also turn off hardware acceleration from your Windows 11 Settings app.

5. Disable Chrome’s Extensions

  1. Paste the address below onto your Chrome address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Search for your most recently added extensions from the list of extensions displayed.
  3. Toggle the switch off to disable the specific extensions.
    youtube freezes chrome

YouTube’s freezes can also be due to conflicting extensions. So, turning off problematic Chrome extensions might resolve the issue.

6. Reset the browser

  1. Paste the address below onto your Chrome address bar and hit Enter.
    youtube freezes chrome
  2. On the left pane, click on Reset and clean up.
  3. Click on Reset settings to their original default.
  4. Click the Reset settings at the bottom.
  5. There will be a confirmation box. Click on the Reset tab for the process to begin.

Note that you can disable all extensions by resetting Chrome, which will clear the browser’s data. We, however, believe a reset may be overkill for a YouTube hanging problem and should only be used as a last resort.

7. Update the Graphics Card Driver

  1. Right-click on the Start menu and click on the Device Manager option.
    youtube freezes chrome
  2. Expand the Display adapters option, right-click on your graphics card, and select the Update diver option.
    youtube freezes chrome
  3. Click on Search automatically for drivers.
  4. If there are any updates, you will be able to install them.

Alternatively, you can use any of the best driver updaters for Windows 10 and 11 to automate the update process.

YouTube crashing in Chrome could be due to antiquated or corrupt video card drivers. Some video card drivers might even be incompatible with some of YouTube’s new features.

The above resolutions will often fix YouTube video playback errors in Chrome. However, remember that users can also utilize alternative browsers that might provide more reliable YouTube playback.

If your YouTube keeps freezing and you have read up to this point, we are confident you should be able to fix it. Let us know in the comments which of the solutions worked for you.

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