Windows 7 is the new Windows XP, here’s why users refuse to upgrade

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User complaints about Microsoft’s unfair upgrade strategies keep rising. Judging by the type of complaints and their frequency, it seems that Microsoft is choosing to deploy even fiercer methods in response.

For one, many users accused Microsoft of cutting off the possibility of choice with an upgrade window that only displayed two options: “Upgrade now” and “Download now, upgrade later”.

Others claim the tech giant changed the behavior of the X button on the upgrade pop-up, preventing them from cancelling the update. If they did click the X button, Windows would display a message informing them about the day the upgrade is scheduled for. In extreme cases, hitting the X button immediately started the upgrading process.

The third type of complaint suggests that Microsoft avoided informing users of the upgrade at all, with some users simply noticing a new OS when they turn on their computer again.

Husband turns on the computer this morning and it has automatically installed Windows 10. This has happened to all of our office computers. At the office we were able to stop the upgrade and uninstall the update and block further updates.

Despite these accusations, Microsoft insists users do have a choice when it comes to upgrading their OS. Redmond does not seem to be bothered about the tension building up among its users, recently having boasted about the recent 2% Windows 10 market share growth.

But what if Microsoft’s scariest nightmare comes true? What is Windows 7 becomes the next Windows XP? What if most users refuse to upgrade and continue to use Windows 7 until 2020 when support expires, and even beyond.

We believe this is a very probable scenario for the following reasons:

1. Users are frustrated and feel Microsoft betrayed them.

When you buy a computer, that device becomes your property, not Microsoft’s. But the tech giant seemed to have forgotten this when it decided to turn the upgrade window into malware. Choosing the Windows platform proves that users trust Microsoft and the company should appreciate this. It should also not forget there are other operating systems out there and users may soon choose to switch sides as a response.

I am really annoyed. I left my computer for an short time. […] When I came back to it, it was mid Windows 10 upgrade!!!!! I hadn’t chosen this, and didn’t want it. […] What right has Windows got to upgrade my laptop when I did not want it! […] This is a total breach of my privacy.

In case you needed another proof to this respect, check out all the “Forced Windows 10 upgrade” threads from Microsoft Answers: nine pages full of complaints and counting.

2. Lots of Windows 10 bugs!

Although more stable than Windows 8 or 8.1, Microsoft’s latest OS brings too many bugs for users: font bugs, camera bugsdriver issues due to incompatibility problems between hardware components and Windows 10, Wi-Fi issues, and many others.

3.  Windows 10 collects very private information about its users — more than Windows 7 does.

A service like Cortana constantly gathers information about you, but the good news is that you can edit permissions. Even your Windows 10 computer camera may be spying on you without you even being aware, and those recently introduced Skype bots are digging through your Skype conversations.

Not to mention the latest privacy scandal Microsoft was involved in, as it was proved that Visual Studio 2015 C++ compiler’s hidden codes make calls to Microsoft’s telemetry services — something Microsoft didn’t mention anything about in its documentation.

If you are worried about your privacy not being respected, you can use one of these privacy tools to limit Windows 10’s access to your private date.

4. Windows 7 still runs fine.

windows 7 next windows xp

You know what they say: if ain’t broken, don’t fix it. We have a computer running Windows 7 Professional, and we’re pretty satisfied with it. Windows 7 can run many of the programs you find on the Windows 10 version, except for a few apps such as Cortana or Edge.

If Windows 7 meets your computing needs, you don’t have to hurry up and accept the upgrade just so that you can get it for free: Windows 10 might be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you’re worried about security issues, don’t forget that Microsoft will continue to roll out security patches until 2020.

5. Old peripherals might not work on Windows 10.

Windows 10 is not compatible with the drivers of old devices, as such an operation would require too many development resources considering most users upgrade their equipment anyway. If you’re using very old peripherals because you simply cannot throw them away, you should keep Windows 7.

Windows 7 is stable and easy to use and as any good OS, it won’t go down easily. Windows 7 still has an impressive 48.57% market share, despite Microsoft’s desperate efforts to trick users into upgrading.

We will definitely see a visible decrease in Windows 7’s market share as the Anniversary Update draws near and users will no longer be able to upgrade for free. Also, Microsoft will continue to use its “Upgrade or else” tactics, which will increase Windows 10’s market share by a few percentage points.

We expect these two variables to bite a maximum of 5 to 7% off Windows 7’s market share this year and next year, which means that Windows 7 will still remain the most popular OS with a market share of around 43%.

If you’re choosing to run an old version of Windows instead of upgrading to Windows 10, please share the reasons that contributed to this decision in the comment section below.


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I am still using Windows 7. It works as well as it ever did for my needs and I don’t have or want to spend the time to learn a new OS and turn off a bunch of things designed to spy on me – especially for no reason at all. That said, I might have gone for the upgrade, but when I feel someone is trying to force me to do something, especially when it benefits them to my detriment (i.e. privacy), I firmly dig in my heels. Call me crazy, but I’m of the generation that bought computers… Read more »'
My sentiments and feelings exactly. I’m using Windows 7 Professional as well on my desktop. I also have Windows 10 Home installed in Virtualbox as a guest OS. I had Windows 10 Technical Preview in Virtualbox as a guest for some time, but got tired of it and just deleted it. I also have currently (as opposed to 70 various distros at one time) Korora (Fedora based), Manjaro (Arch based), Debian 8, Linux Mint 17.3 & Linux Mint 18.0 beta (Debian-Ubuntu based) distros installed as guests in Virtualbox. They all have the Cinnamon desktop. I also have Xubuntu with the… Read more »'

Have you found something that you cannot do with LibreOffice that you had to use windows for? Turbotax and Anydvd are the only 2 programs that I have that need windows now and then. Turbotax can be done online with Linux Mint, by the way.'

Find a somewhat rarely used feature without hunting for forever? There’s a reason Office went to the ribbon interface. It’s easier to find things.'

The ribbon interface makes things EASIER to find? Either that’s a typo or you’re the only person I’ve ever heard who feels that way.'
The other problem with Windows 10 is that it’s ugly. Those stupid tiles look absolutely junky on a big screen. The plain user interface and simplistic icons also look terrible. Having used Windows 10 for a while on a tablet, I see no reason to switch my Windows 7 systems to Windows 10. I really don’t think going to W10 is an upgrade. Windows 7 runs flawlessly on my systems. I have enough hardware that conserving resources is not even a concern. I think Windows 7 will be my OS for the foreseeable future… Maybe even past it’s intended shelf… Read more »'

I agree I don’t like the interface. it seems harder in my opinion.'
Matts Computer Support

7 is plain ,simple and Aero itself makes it look good. 10 is bright, colourful and cheerful with a little Aero and you can even install software to make it look exactly like 7 and that’s easier than formatting and installing another os.'

how is windows 10 bright colorful and cheerful? the default theme is black white and blue… it reminds me of the horrors of working in an office

besides who would want to install software to make it look like something else? id rather install the real thing'
Matts Computer Support

preference at the end of the day'
I’ve been testing Windows 10 as my daily driver for about two weeks. Had to clean reinstall it three times on the first week. Once I found that delicate driver and application balance it seems to be running stable. The update mechanism is a concern. Also I had to tweak it a “little bit” to make it usable. After turning off all of the official switches, I installed OOSU10 and Spybot antibeacon. The new Start menu kinda works but still had to install Classic Shell. The App ecosystem is reminiscent of what you find on a tablet or a smartphone… Read more »'

The interface desing guys, the interface!'

The service and the modern apps that are bloatware.

Windows 7 has a clean interface and unlike Windows 10, Microsoft doesn’t force upgrades upon the user.'
i used windows 10 for 1 year and when the anniversary update came, i switched back to windows 7 windows 10 sucks: – the ui is very ugly – its just some flat color ad rectangles and squares.. its not minimalist, its not fashionable, it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it doesnt look good – if you turn off the aero, its still working, you just dont see it, i found this out when i closed some demanding game and my windows 10 UI hat to redraw itself and when it was doing this, for a split second i saw the aero… Read more »'

The GUI is just butt-ugly and there are ZERO feature improvements, IMHO. I played with it for a year-and-a-half on and off. As a developer of desktop and web applications it’s a zero-sum-game to upgrade. I’ll drive the “wheels” off Win7 Pro.'
Windows 10 forced itself on my perfectly working 7 machine. It now spends most of its time downloading t.his and other tat, it forced me to uninsaTall the reinstall my paid for security suite. It now constantly asks me to update my perfectly working office 2010 to the latest, why would anyone want to pay twice for windows office to upgrade. I use office 2000 on an old XP 64bit pro pc and it and xp works fine, maybe not secure on its own when on the internet but behind a hardware firewall probably good enough for private use. Win… Read more »