Apps for Windows RT: How to Find Them

windows rt apps ARM

Finding apps for your Windows RT device is much easier than you thought, but it does require a few simple steps to be taken. First of all, you should know that, currently, unfortunately, there isn’t a list with all the applications that are suited especially for Windows RT devices. At least, not for now.

Maybe Microsoft will soon fix that and will add a special category in the Windows Store, which, I think will be a simple and easy solution for many frustrated Windows RT users out there. As of now, there is not a list that shows all the Windows RT apps, so you will have to rely on this basic method.

How to know which apps are for Windows RT

This issue with Windows RT-optimized applications reminds me of the issue that Android used to have and still has with tablet-optimized apps. The current state of the Windows Store isn’t quite cheerful and for those that currently have Windows RT devices, that’s essential for them to get a better experience from the device. To know if the Windows 8/RT application you want to install will work on your Windows RT devices, here’s some very simple steps that you have to take to do it:

how to find apps for windows rt

apps for Windows RT

  1. Let’s say Wikipedia is the application you want to install (or the application that you are interested in).
  2. Go to the details section of the application.
  3. See if there is mentioned ARM as supported processor. If it is is, then it will work for your Windows RT device.

Sure, you might say that there was written from the beginning “Get Windows 8 or Windows RT to run this app”. But, truth be told, that isn’t always true. And here’s the proof to it: in our Microsoft Minesweeper review, I found out that the application should work fine on Windows RT devices, but that wasn’t entirely true. Just have a look at the print screen below:

windows rt apps ARM

Apps are essential for Windows RT

If you didn’t know until now, ARM is the processor architecture behind all Windows RT devices. It is designed for better battery life and overall, the creators of the ARM architecture had in mind ultra-portable and mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. More powerful machines will run Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Enterprise. Also, Windows RT comes preinstalled on your device. So, now you know that ARM is the kernel of your device. Terefore, the shortest solution, for now, to find apps that are tailored for Windows RT devices is to perform these easy steps.

Overclock your NVIDIA GPU with NVIDIA Inspector

Without any doubts, if Microsoft decides to help us somehow in our app finding process for Windows RT, we will let you know about this. If we take applications out of the equations, Windows RT becomes pretty useless, since that is it’s main purpose – to allow you to enrich it with apps from the Windows Store. Also, there even aren’t that many Windows RT devices out there.


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  • Kevin

    Sorry but your article doesn’t actually help find apps, just how to tell if they run on RT once you’ve found an App. To be honest I was considering an RT device because I have pretty simple needs, but given that Microsoft is trying to get the majority of people to change from IOS or Android, both of which you can find apps for pretty easily, the fact that it seems almost impossible to find them is hardly a great selling point.
    I am looking for a way to explore what apps are available so I can make a choice about whether I want RT in the first place. As there doesn’t appear to be anyway to do that I shall not bother.

    • Radu Tyrsina

      Kevin, it’s not quite like that. Are you looking for some BEST apps for Windows RT or you are looking to find apps that are suited for Windows RT.

      If you’re looking for apps that will work on Windows RT, then simply follow the above steps. If not, maybe we will do a monthly roundup of such apps.

      how does that sound?

      • Joe

        great idea, we need a monthly roundup. When I check for new app in the store, I get a list of over 1000. I just want to know the new apps that came out this month. I can find no website that shows these.

        • Radu Tyrsina

          So, you want a monthly roundup with best apps for Windows RT?

          • Joe

            Yes, that would be very helpful, for thousands of people

            • Radu Tyrsina

              Joe, are there really so many Surface users? I could start a new top for this week, but I just wonder whether there’s enough demand. I hope you understand me correctly.

              • Joe

                I use a Nokia 2520, not a surface, but thanks anyway.

                • Radu Tyrsina

                  Joe, will start doing a post this monday with some brief descriptions of the newest apps and games for Windows RT. Hope you find it useful.

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