Fix error code 0xc004e016 in Windows 10

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This is how you can fix Windows 10 installation error 0xc004e016

  1. Perform a clean install of Windows 10
  2. Try to activate Windows 10 via Command P
  3. Check Microsoft server information
  4. Check your Internet connection
  5. Clean boot your computer
  6. Run the slui.exe 3 command
  7. Additional troubleshooting methods

Sometimes activating your Windows isn’t easy as you think and there can be some errors. Users have reported error code 0xc004e016 on Windows 10, so we’ll explain you how to deal with this issue.
Error code 0xc004e016 on Windows 10 is an activation error, and it’s caused when you try to update from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10, so how can you deal with this issue?
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Solutions to fix Windows 10 error 0xc004e016

Solution 1 – Perform a clean install of Windows 10

To do this you’ll need to format your partition and download Windows 10 ISO. After you’ve installed Windows 10 you’ll be asked to activate it, but you can just choose to skip this step.

If, for some reason, you don’t know how to do this on your own, you can ask someone to help you, or hire someone to do it. Before doing this, please backup your important files.

Solution 2 – Try to activate Windows 10 via Command Prompt

  1. Start Command Prompt by pressing Windows Key + X and choosing Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.
  2. Now type slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX in the Command Prompt and press Enter. Wait for the popup message saying that the key is installed.
  3. Now type slmgr /skms, press Enter and wait for message box.
  4. Lastly, type slmgr /ato in Command Prompt, press Enter and your Windows 10 should be activated.

Solution 3 – Check Microsoft server information

When activating your Windows 10 remember that you need to have valid version of Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 7. If the problem persists there might be a problem with Microsoft’s servers, so you’ll need to be patient and try to activate it a bit later.

Solution 4 – Check your Internet connection

If your Internet connection is not stable enough, you may experience various Windows 10 install problems, including error 0xc004e016. If you use a wireless connection, switch to a cable connecting while activating Windows 10.

If this is not possible, try to disconnect any unnecessary devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network in order to reduce bandwidth consumption.

Solution 5 – Clean boot your computer

In rare cases, third-party apps and software may interfere with your Windows installation service. To eliminate this risk, you can clean boot your computer so that it boots up using only a minimum set of drivers and programs. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Start > type msconfig > hit Enter
  2. Go to System Configuration > Services >  check the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ check box > Disable all.hide all microsoft services
  3. Go to the Startup tab > Open Task Manager.
  4. Select each startup item > click Disable.disable startup programs
  5. Restart your computer and try to activate Windows 10 again.

Solution 6 – Run the slui.exe 3 command

  1. Open a new Run window by pressing the Windows key + R key
  2. Type slui.exe 3 > hit Enter
  3. Enter your product key and check if this solved the issue
  4. If error 0xc004e016 keeps appearing, open a new Run window again
  5. This time, type slui.exe 4 > hit Enter and follow the on-screen instructions.

Solution 7 – Additional troubleshooting methods

If the issue persists, here are some other quick potential solutions to fix it:

  • Unplug unnecessary peripherals
  • Disable your antivirus, firewall or VPN
  • Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

We hope that these answers have helped you to fix error code 0xc004e016 on Windows 10, but if none of these answers work for you, maybe it’s best to contact Microsoft and to see what’s causing this issue.

If you have any other Windows 10-related issues you can check for the solution in our Windows 10 Fix section.


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