Test your Logo Knowledge with 3D Logo Quiz for Windows 8, Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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3D Logo Quiz windows
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3D Logo Quiz for Windows 8, Windows 10 is a game where you see how many logos there are, but don’t go search for easy answers as the best way to play this game is the hard way
3d logo quiz windows 8
This day and age we’re constantly bombarded with information coming from all around us, and much of that information is in the form of commercial of diverse companies that try to promote their products. Because of this, we have come to be familiar with most companies and their logos have imprinted in our minds.

This game is based exactly upon this fact and it puts our knowledge of logos to the test. 3D Logo Quiz is a freely downloadable game from the Windows 8, Windows 10 Store that allows users to compete with their friends and see who knows more companies, of just as a tool to see how much are you affected by today’s marketing.

How is the game?

In just a few taps after opening the game you are ready to play. There are no complicated menus or settings, just open and play the game. Although, there is a options bar at the bottom of the main screen, where you have the possibility to turn the sound on or off, access the website of the developer or reset your progress.

The buttons for Facebook or Twitter do nothing more than open the developer’s pages, but there is no real integration to the game that would allow you to play or compare scores with your friends. You can only create an account on their website so you can appear in the leaderboard. This feature would have great to be available in-game, but we hope that future updates will change this.


Also on the main screen, you can access the Leaderboard, where you can see the top players and their scores and you have your Statistics at the bottom of the screen. For those aggravated by the ads in the game, from the main screen they can access the Remove Ads button which will open the Buy More Coins window, where the option for add removal is also present.

When you get passed the main screen you will see the levels menu, where you can choose what level you want to play at. The game is linear and (I know, strange choice of words for such a game) it does not allow you to play higher levels until you get the necessary number of coins. Keep in mind that this is not that easy, as you will need 300 coins to unlock each level.

At first, you might think that it’s easy to make the necessary coins, but keep in mind that each level allows you to make only 350 coins, and sometimes you will need to use the hints. There are three hints that player can use, the first one costs 10 coins and it gives you a description of the company, the second one gives you the partial name and it costs 20 coins, but it cannot be used until the player has already used the first one, so in a manner, the second hinst costs 30 coins, and the last hint costs 50 coins and it resolves the puzzle for you.

Expert tip:


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There are 35 logos in each level and you have to correctly type the name of the companies to solve them. Luckily, the game gives you an idea if you are close to the name by showing an “X” for wrong and an approximate sign for names that are almost right.

The logos are not always complete, and for those who incorporate the name of the company within them, you will have only a partial logo to go on, and this can prove quite difficult some times, although most of the time, you will need no help.


One other annoying aspect of the game is the fact that if at any point you complete all the puzzles in one level, but you do not have the necessary 300 coins to advance to the next one, you will have to reset all the progress and start over, or buy coins.


Overall, the game is quite interesting and somewhat entertaining. The graphics are pretty good and to be honest there is not much else we could say. Although I won’t be playing the game regularly, it still is a good game to pass a few minutes of your time while waiting for the bus.

Download 3D Logo Quiz for Windows 10, Windows 8

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