Accreditation Management Software: Best Picks in 2024

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Key notes

  • Whether you are in the education field or health care services, the benefits of having your organization accredited are plenty.
  • Accreditation serves as a quality mark that can improve your public image.
  • This also helps you in being recognized as the reputed institution in the field.
  • That's why we've brought together several software tools that can help make accreditation more efficient.
Accreditation tools

By going through the accreditation process, you can spot your organizations strength and weaknesses. The board members can decide which areas of the organization needs improvement and create an achievable goal.

This is also an excellent way to know if your business is following the industry standard and best practices and is on par with other recognized firms in the field.

That being said, going through the accreditation process can be a tedious task. Organizing required documents can be a major hassle. You may even have to hire professionals to help through the paper sorting process.

And if any records go missing, that will create a new set of problems.

Accreditation software can solve this headache. Accreditation management software allows you to manage workflow, track progress, check compliance against standards, add comments, find issues and send automated alerts.

Today, in this article, we will be looking at the best accreditation software that enables you to get faculty buy-in, increase transparency, document collection, improve workflow, create dynamic reports and manage self-studies.

Accreditation management software to increase efficiency

Zengine by Wizehive


Wizehive is a complete grant management software that allows you to streamline accreditation process for grants, scholarship, and high-education.

The user interface is easy to learn and use with exceptional support from the company. You can use the software to build your own applications form and follow-up forms, create a report, add a new workspace and overall simplify the process.

Wizehive is a fully customizable solution with management features for grants, scholarship, award, internship and fellowship, accreditation and customer management.

Being a flexible solution you can only include solutions that you will use in the package, instead of buying it all.

The Zengine platform used by WizeHive offers organizations a seamless grant management solution for the entire grant cycle.

The robust yet user-friendly scholarship management solution streamlines your process of scholarship collection using personalized applications.

It can also be used to collect all the required documents for the review process and manage every stage of the review process to manage your accreditation or certification process.

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OpenWater Accreditation software

OpenWater is an accreditation software that makes it easy to manage entire accreditation process from scratch to hatch.

OpenWater allows your candidates to process their accreditation process using its user-friendly yet straightforward workflow making even the most complicated process easier.

Your candidates can submit all the documents related to the accreditation process using the online application portal and upload documents.

It includes features such as high-resolution file upload for pictures, video, and documents, drag-and-drop form builder, integrated payment services, letters of reference, and create a dependent field along with multi-categories.

The administrator can process the application real quick from the dashboard. After checking the documents and verification, the application can be approved for the next stage of the vetting process.

With the new Collaborator feature, multiple staff members can work on a single application. You can also sort through new and renewal applications, add or subtract point through autoscoring option and check the submission eligibility.

The integration features offer compatibility with popular CRMs like SalesForce, Aptify, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Yourmemebership CRM.

Apart from accreditation, OpenWater also has Award management feature to maintain a view of the entire award process and Fellowship management feature to streamline behind the scene operation for a smooth workflow.

It also has a Grant management option to manage applicants and applications and Application management option to sort through hundreds of applications and compare them for accuracy and report results.

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Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a cloud-based modern and a comprehensive higher education software with CRM, SIS and LMS capabilities.

From Outcomes mapping, online assessment to OBE analytics and accreditation support, Creatix Campus allows you to meet all the educational objectives with a single solution.

Creatix Campus offers Student Lifecycle Solution and Academic Solution. as well

The Student lifecycle solution offers requirement management, admission and enrollment management, attendance and assessments management, placement solution, alumni and fundraising features, and course evaluation.

The Academic Solutions offers outcome-based education and competency-based education solutions, curriculum management, task scheduling, exam preparation, accreditation, student information, and faculty management system.

Creatrix Campus is a highly customizable solution with a modern user interface.

Most of the time-consuming yet straightforward tasks like attendance maintenance, timetables scheduling, assignments, and student can be managed from the cloud. Your team will be more productive and spend more time on things that matter.

You can quickly generate reports, sort through applications and manage data with ease. All the desired results can be generated in no time.

Creatrix Campus is an all-in-one cloud-based software solution for higher education to manage everything from students’ related data to the academic system.

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JetPack Accreditation system for higher education

If you want to sail through the accreditation process for your school, college and other firms in the most streamlined point-of-view, JetPack is the answer.

JetPack automates the accreditation process for document generation, management and report submission.

User management allows you to configure and manage all types of users offering features such as Web Access for user login and create, modify, activate and deactivate users. You can also create and modify self-study templates on an ongoing basis.

The Data Management features offer data archive, data port, data import and export old and new data, port and modify existing data, documentation to provide the team members with procedural manual, best practices, and other reference materials.

All the reports can be generated and sent to a printer directly from the dashboard.

For Assessment Management, JetPack offers a self-study tracking to view the status of a self-study by each school and Strategic Assessment that allows the users to enter critical issues with a subsection of strategic directions and map against the issues.

Then there is a Document Management option for generating custom data-driven documents for visit reports and accreditation letters.

JetPack is a solid and robust accreditation system for higher education offering an incredible amount of features, flexible pricing, and advanced security option.

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Weave Accreditation management software

Weave is a cloud-based accreditation and assessment software that allows you to learn better about your students by conducting authentic assessments.

The software is developed by former educators which makes it an ideal accreditation solution for grants, scholarship and higher education management.

Weave allows simplifying the process of accreditations while offering assessments, faculty credential management, strategic planning, and program review.

The unlimited data repository allows you to store standard-related documents and access them at will. It also offers increased transparency with a robust dashboard to view and modify reports and statistics.

Weave offers accreditation management solution to manage an entire group of institutions and programs from one place. It can help the accreditors and accredited programs move smoothly through the accreditation process.

Notables features offered by Weave include assessment for the institution, course and program level, accreditation for program and institution, faculty credential management, program review, strategy plan tracking, and unlimited customizable templates.

In addition, it can also streamline processes and reduce redundancy. After the implementation of the solution, Weave offers training and support to all the users.

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Armature Accreditation software
  • Price – Custom pricing

Armature Accreditation and Certification software allow you to manage the complex accreditation process the easy way. The solution can be configured to tailor fit your process and workflow.

The software allows you to set up audits to test compliance against industry standards. You can collect all the necessary data including rating, documents, comments, issues, and findings and add your own instructions.

The education institutions can fill data and let the assessors see it on site showing self-study by the institution. You can also build your own instruments by collecting accreditation data from programs and departments.

Armature software is highly configurable as a result you can create new questions and forms, set user roles and assign permissions, build report templates, update and manage standards and more.

Armature Accreditation software offers all the necessary feature including organization & people management, process configuration, process management and assessment setup in one package.

You can buy Perpetual license or opt for a subscription-based model.

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Accreditation management software can help an institution in many ways. It can help your whole team to be part of the process instead of just being an observer and also update them about the changes with updates.

If you want to make changes to your procedure manual to meet the new standards of accreditation, you can make immediate changes and provides access to the required documents using a centralized online repository with a click of a button.

Accreditation software frees you from the clutches of papers and keeps everything online organized and safe.

We hope that our accreditation software recommendation made it easy for you to find a perfect solution for your institution to be accreditation-ready.

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