3 Best Browsers for Watching Acorn TV on PC & Smart TV

The app has a web version to use on a browser on any device

by Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
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  • The best browser for Acorn TV should have a clean interface and excellent browsing speed.
  • Using a browser that is officially listed as one of the supported apps gives you a high chance of quality streaming.
  • You can use an effective VPN app to bypass location restrictions if Acorn TV is unavailable in your country.
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Acorn TV is a subscription-based streaming service with quality shows from Britain and some other parts of the world. It is available on several devices, from Smart TVs to mobile phones.

Unfortunately, its app is only limited to a few devices at this time, with a noticeable absence of a PC version. Thankfully, it has a web version that you can watch on a web browser on any device.

However, you need to use a supported browser to get the full experience. In this guide, we have curated the best browsers to watch Acorn TV on PC and other devices.

Can I watch Acorn TV on my computer? 

You can watch Acorn TV on various devices, including your computer. Although it does not have an app to use on your system, you can always watch it on the web.

There are some recommended web browsers for streaming on Acorn TV. However, it still works with the vast majority of modern browsers.

Is BritBox and Acorn TV the same?

BritBox and Acorn TV are distinctively different. Though both have a series of shows from Britain, Canada, Ireland, and some other countries, their contents have little to no similarities.

Also, the pricing for the two streaming services is different, among other distinguishing properties.

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What are the best browsers for Acorn TV?

Opera One – Best browser for Acorn TV on all devices

Opera One needs no introduction, as it is a household name in the industry. It is a web browser packed with features that makes streaming on Acorn TV seamless on Windows 10, Mac, and other devices. 

Acorn TV is only available in a handful of countries. To access it from other locations, you need a VPN which is one of the built-in features of Opera One.

With the Opera One VPN, you can watch your favorite shows without restrictions. In terms of browsing speed, this browser also measures well.

Other features:

  • Video pop-up
  • Turbo mode for improved browsing speed
  • Battery saving mode
  • Built-in AI and AI-ready design

Opera One

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Chrome – Fast browser


For good reasons, Google’s web browser is one of the recommended platforms to watch Acorn TV online. It boasts a clean interface that ensures you get excellent viewing quality.

Also, it has extensions in its Web Store that allow you to improve your streaming experience considerably. Finally, it is one of the most secure browsers you can ever use.

Other features: 

  • Fast and secure
  • Clean interface
  • Available on most devices

Get Chrome

Firefox – Light browser for Acorn TV


Firefox ticks all the right boxes when watching content on stream services. It is a web browser officially supported for Acorn TV, in no small part due to its impressive browsing speed.

One of the standout features of this browser is its minimal resource usage. Firefox also thrives on the security front with features like anti-tracking and anti-phishing to keep you safe online.

Other features:

  • Excellent interface
  • Can be customized
  • Searing browsing speed

Get Firefox

What to do if Acorn TV is not available in your country?

The only option available to you if Acorn TV is unavailable in your country is to use a VPN. And there is no better one to access location-restricted content than Private Internet Access (PIA).

PIA is an award-winning VPN that breaks every location restriction easily. It replaces your IP address with a virtual one from any location of your choice.

Recently, it started offering IP addresses in every US state. This and its other servers worldwide allow you to watch your favorite shows on Acorn TV and other popular streaming services.


There is no difference in the quality of programs you can watch with Acorn TV on the app and a supported web browser. But you need to use the best browsers, which we have listed in this guide.

Check our guide for the most enticing picks if you need a list of the best browsers to watch Hayu on any device. 

Feel free to let us know the browser that gives you the highest streaming quality in the comments below.

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