• The cover is the first visible part of an album, which represents the inner, actual, contents. Hence, it needs to be enticing.
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Are you a musician who just finished recording an album? Are you looking for ways to design your album cover at an affordable price? If so, this article is for you! Album covers are frontal illustrations of a compilation – be it photos or more significantly, music. It is the first visible part of an album, which represents the inner, actual, contents. Hence, it needs to be captivating.

Musicians often tend to hire the services of professional album cover makers – graphics designers, usually at exorbitant rates. However, with recent developments in graphic design, there are now simple online tools, which have been developed to facilitate the design of album covers, at little or no charge.

The aim of this guide is to present some of the best album cover maker software on the bases of their features, convenience of use, and of course, pricing.

Note: Album cover software, in this context, indicates online album cover makers, and should not be mistaken for album art downloaders or album cover downloaders.

Here are the best album cover maker software to use today


Adobe Spark

album cover softwareWithout a doubt, Adobe is the most prominent maker of graphic design tools, and as expected, they take the lead in the album cover software category.

While Spark might not be the foremost product of Adobe (unlike Photoshop & Illustrator), it is arguably the best album cover software (maker) in the market today.

Adobe Spark is equipped with best-in-class imagery functions and pre-set formatting, which can easily be customized to suit your desires.

It also hosts a wide range of captivating themes and graphics, with suitable layouts, customizable fonts, and texts (typography). Essentially, you don’t need advanced graphic design skills to use the software.

Furthermore, Adobe Spark is completely customizable, as you are afforded the opportunity of importing photos/images from either your device’s gallery or from the web (cloud storage).

In fact, you are presented with a wide range of options (themes, colors, fonts, etc.) to choose from, with respect to your music genre and inner feeling.

In addition, the software hosts web support, which makes it accessible via any standard browser on Windows 10 (and other desktop versions), as well as on mobile platforms. With this, you are afforded the convenience of creating your album cover anywhere the inspiration sparks up.

Also, designed album covers can easily be shared online via Social Media or printed out, for CD covers.

Lastly, Adobe Spark is the ideal cover maker for upcoming artistes who are still operating on a low budget. The software allows you to create your own album cover at no or little charge. Hence, you can save your money for other things.

Get Adobe Spark free


Adobe Photoshop

album cover softwareAdobe Photoshop is probably the most prominent graphic design tool in the market today. But why is it not the first on our list of album cover software? The answer lies in its relative ease of use compared to other software.

Photoshop is a graphic design software that requires a moderate level of expertise and training to successfully navigate its interface and make the best use of it. In fact, to create an album cover requires special training. Hence, it is better suited for professional graphic designers.

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The software is the main go-to for professional graphic designers, especially those that specialize in album cover design. It allows you to create an album cover from scratch. Upon completion, the album cover can easily be printed out, to be used as CD covers.

There are various versions of Photoshop, which are specially designed for Windows (Windows 10 and others) and Mac. Some basic features include camera raw, 3D extrusion and video editor, eraser, color replacement, and more.

Get Adobe Photoshop free



album cover softwareCanva is the number one alternative to Adobe Spark, and to many, it is the best album cover software in the market. It is, basically, a graphic design tool with a wide range of applicability.

At present, the software has in excess of 10,000 users across the globe. Some of Canva’s prominent users include Netflix, Amazon, and more.

Basically, Canva hosts three different sets of features: graphs, photo editing, and printing. All these come with reliable support, to assist you all the way. Its website version is supported on desktops (including Windows 10) and mobile devices as well.

The album cover software offers a dynamic set of graphic design features, which include special fonts, palette generator, photo editor, square-sized album layouts, colors, and more. In fact, Canva hosts in excess of one million photos/images in its library.

Aside from that, there is also a pool of professionally designed album cover templates to choose from, which can then be remolded to suit your desires. Also, you are provided with an avenue for designing your album cover from scratch.

Typically, designing an album cover on Canva only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is select a suitable cover layout, upload cover photo, add texts, fonts, images, and filters, remold the whole cover (if desired) and save the finished album cover. You can then share it online or print it out for your CD albums.

Check out Canva’s official website

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album cover softwareNext on our list is GraphicSprings. It is an album cover software, developed by GraphicSprings, a prominent graphic design company. Aside from album cover designing, the software offers a host of other graphic design functions, ranging from business card design to logo making.

Typically, GraphicSprings offers users a set of customizable album cover templates, which can then be tailored (edited), to suit your genre or class of music.

You can import photos into the mix and redesign it to provide an exclusive cover for your CD or album. Completed covers can be downloaded and printed (for your CDs) or shared online.

Furthermore, the album cover software is supported on all standard browsers (desktop and mobile versions), as it is a web-based platform. The software’s supported platforms include Chrome 25+, Internet Explorer 9+ (for Windows), etc.

It also hosts an intuitive user interface; with clear guidelines and descriptions on how to effectively navigate the platform and design album cover(s).

Finally, GraphicSprings offers album cover creation and logo design for free. However, for advanced services, you will be charged by quote. You can access further information on their official website.

Check out GraphicSprings’ official page



album cover softwarePosterMyWall is a popular graphic design software, commonly adopted for making album covers. The software has a fairly large global client-base, although not as large as Adobe Spark and Photoshop.

It is best suited for use via Google Chrome on the Windows operating system.

Just like most album cover software, PosterMyWall hosts a myriad of album cover template designs. Hence, all you need to do is to scan through the software and select your desired template design.

You can then customize it with photos (from your computer or cloud storage), texts (of varying fonts), and so on. Once this is done and you are satisfied with the quality, you can easily save and share it.

This album cover software hosts a wide range of features and products, from which you can select from, to create your album cover(s). Some of these features are completely unrelated to album cover design, but they are applicable to other areas of graphic design.

PosterMyWall’s major features include album cover templates (1000+), photo papers, prints, flyers, banners, windows clings, and more.

Lastly, the software offers a variety of services aside album cover design. Hence, it’s pricing is custom-based, depending on the products you want to adopt for your cover design.

To get a comprehensive quote, simply reach out to the PosterMyWall team.

Check out PosterMyWall’s official page



album cover softwareTemplateMix is an easy-to-use online album/CD cover maker, which is designed to facilitate the creation of an album cover within minutes. The software hosts one of the most intuitive display, providing you with a fairly navigable interface.

Like most standard album cover software, TemplateMix offers you the flexibility of choosing from its pool of pre-designed templates, which can then be adjusted by adding photos, filters, texts, and so on.

To create an album cover, all you have to do is to click on the Get Started icon on their website and you are all set.

Furthermore, the album cover software is a web-based tool, which can be accessed via various desktop and mobile devices. Hence, you can easily create an album cover from anywhere.

Lastly, this album cover software is available for free and all you have to do is navigate to their website, and register a user account. You can then proceed to customize the innumerable album cover templates for your CDs and albums

Check out TemplateMix



album cover softwarePlaceit is a versatile graphic design tool, which is equipped with an in-built album design function known as Album Cover Maker.

The software is conveniently one of the most durable album cover software, with respect to its relative ease of use. Its web-based design makes it suitably applicable across several desktop and mobile devices.

Placeit, just like its contemporaries, is equipped with a variety of templates, numbering in their hundreds.

To design an album cover, all that is required is to scan through the available template categories and pick the one that best represents your style of music. You can then edit the template design as you see fit, before saving and downloading it.

Apart from the album cover maker, Placeit hosts other specific design tools like flyer makers, t-shirt design templates, banner makers, and more.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive graphic design software available. It is, however, best known for its mockup functionality.

Check out Placeit’s official page

Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune to get a good cover design for your album; there are now various reliable album cover software, which can easily be employed to create album covers within minutes, thereby saving you valuable time and money. In light of this, we have outlined some of the best album cover software for you.

If you have contrary opinions to the tools outlined above, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

FAQ: Learn more about album cover maker software

  • What program makes album covers?

The best album cover maker software on the market is Adobe Spark. This app boasts strong graphic design tools, best-in-class imagery functions, and pre-set formatting that can easily be customized to suit your desires.

  • How can I make my own album covers for free?

TemplateMix is a suitable tool for album cover making and it is absolutely free. The software allows you to choose from a generous pool of pre-designed templates, which can then be adjusted by adding photos, filters, texts, and so on.

  • How do I make my own album cover?

An album cover maker software is the right choice for this job. The workflow is generally the same regardless of the complexity of the program you are using: you browse the available templates to choose the layout, then you edit the album cover art (filters, photos, colors, text, etc.) to generate the desired output.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in April 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.