Animal Shelter Software: 6 Best to Use in 2023

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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  • If you want to increase the efficiency with which your animal shelter works and streamline various processes, you need to install the best software.
  • We provide you with a great tool that can generate adoption and custom reports and graphs.
  • Another program helps you monitor graphs, inputs and outputs, and animal health status.
  • You can choose a web-based online solution with excellent features to manage your animal shelter.
animal shelter software

Running an organization is not an easy task and when it comes to organizing things in the proper way electronic software is the best. Although certain time ago they were unreliable as the machine can fail anytime but with the cloud integration everything happens to be safe, and we can trust these machines as we do with the properly documented copies in hand.

With proper animal shelter software, one can definitely increase the efficiency at which the organization works and streamline the various processes.

Although we need proper software to manage the whole animal shelter and take the control hence today we are going to let you know about the best Animal Shelter software available in the market.

Let us first enlist the best Animal Shelter software then we will talk about each of them in brief:

  1. Animal Shelter Manager
  2. Rescue Connection
  3. PetPoint
  4. Shelter Buddy
  5. iShelters

Animal Shelter software to install on Windows PCs

1. Animal Shelter Manager

 animal shelter software

The shelter manager for most of the part is one of the best software to manage any Animal Shelter. The application comes pre-loaded with some features such as generating adoption and other paperwork without actually typing, and also creates custom reports and graphs and also keeps a track on the medical, waiting list and all other things of the Animals.

2. Rescue Connection

Rescue Connection

This application comes in some variants, wherein we get Enterprise edition as the fully loaded one which has all the bells and whistles.

Other versions of the app have these feature in any of their version but not all the features, hence if you just need a couple of features from the list, then you can get the cheaper one which will be an excellent bet for the features and amount of control the application offers.

3. Pet Point

petpoint animal shelter software

This is a free application which comes with two in one solution. The application’s database is over the cloud but still, the application offers its software which happens to be the main working place, but you can monitor the graphs and the incoming and outgoing and health of animals from your home via just an internet browsing device. So it doesn’t matter whether the volunteer is at the office or off-site they can always access the database over the cloud.

4. Shelter Buddy

shelter buddy animal shelter software

This app also does the same which the above two app does; the functionality happens to be more or less the same, the app does its job well. The application is even well optimized to be working on Windows 10 which makes the application a great choice if you are looking for at-par safety. Here also we get more than one version of the application which is termed as enterprise and pro edition. The best part is that the application also offers a feature to schedule and manage a fundraising event which is very thoughtful indeed.

5. iShelter

This version doesn’t come with any software to be installed but will work with your existing web browser, which means the application has an online web-based solution which is also great, as you can log in from wherever you want.

The website is quite well optimized for Windows 10. This application is also a paid one, and you have to subscribe to a monthly fee of 2.5$ per month which is excellent for some features it offers.

These are some of the applications which happen to be the best in class Animal Shelter Manager application for Windows 10. You can try any of the application if you need to manage your Animal Shelter in a more organized way.

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