Anti Screenshot Software for Windows 10 & 11 [2023 Guide]

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  • To prevent hackers from stealing your passwords, you need the best anti-screenshot software for Windows 10.
  • We provide you with a tool that can detect absolutely any theft from your PC, webcam capturing, and screenshot malware.
  • This sophisticated protection conceals you from identity theft and unwanted screenshots, so hackers only see a black screenshot.
  • Below you can also find utilities compatible with any antivirus and other surveillance functions you may use to safeguard your data.
Best anti-screenshot software

Hackers nowadays are smarter and bolder than ever and resort to all kinds of means to get their hands on the information they want, including taking screenshots of your desktop.

If you keep important, or even confidential information on your computer, you should definitely do something to prevent these attacks.

If you want to avoid such situations, you can install anti-screenshot software on your Windows 10 computer. In this manner, you can easily prevent other persons from taking screen captures of your computer.

To make your task easier, in this article, we’ll list 3 powerful anti-screenshot software for Windows 10. Read the description of each tool and download the one that best meets your needs.

What are the best anti-screenshot tools to use?

Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana is another interesting anti-keylogger software that also acts as an anti-screen capture tool. Its creators proudly confirm that this tool can detect absolutely any keylogging, webcam capture, and screenshot capture malware.

If you’re looking for a tool that offers many security features in a single package, then the Zemana AntiLogger is the right choice for you.

Zemana AntiLogger hides your everyday online activities like shopping, phoning, messaging, online banking so that attackers can’t see them.

Not only does it prevent screen capture attempts, but also recognizes, prevents, and blocks any kind of online identity theft and financial deception.

Do you want ransomware to encrypt your files? Without a doubt, the answer is no. Build your defense system with one of the best ransomware protections available, which detects malware and hidden harmful programs on your computer.

More specifically, here’s a list of its main features:

  • Keystroke logging protection
  • Screen capture protection
  • IntelliGuard – cloud powered early response system
  • Webcam hijacking protection
  • Microphone hijacking protection
  • Clipboard remote access protection.

If you have an issue with your AntiLogger, the Zemana support staff is here to help you 24/7.



Camouflages, prevent, and blocks thieves, all one software to navigate in complete privacy anytime, anywhere.
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SpyShelter is a very powerful anti-keylogger that also incorporates an anti-screenshot module.

SpyShelter comes in two versions, SpyShelter Firewall and SpyShelter Premium, and both prevent screen capture helping you stay one step ahead of hackers.

SpyShelter’s creators explain that keyloggers are often enhanced with screen logging features. SpyShelter’s Screen Capture Protection module is specifically designed to stop any suspicious applications from capturing your screen.

SpyShelter doesn’t need any daily database updates and is compatible with any antivirus and security software. The tool relies on fast and secure processing algorithms to use very few system resources, and avoid slowing your computer down.

These are the main features of SpySheler:

  • Stop all suspicious screenshot-taking actions right away.
  • Blocks application-based assaults and restricts access to capturing keyboard input, screenshots, and shatter attacks.
  • Protects sensitive information copied, clipped, and pasted in the clipboard.
  • PC registry, physical memory (RAM), and other critical PC components are protected.
  • The Webcam Protection module will protect your webcam.

SpyShelter Premium is available to download for 14 days for free and ultimately purchased for a one-year license of heavy protection.



With anti screen logging feature and advanced intuitive GUI, SpyShelter is your ally against hidden hacking techniques.
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ScreenWings is an anti-screen capture tool for Windows 10 which makes sure that no screenshots will be taken on your computer.

ScreenWings is very easy to install and use. When you launch the software, you’ll see two buttons. The red x-icon closes the program, while the second one lets you enable the anti-screenshot function.

You can enable/disable this option at any given moment. ScreenWings doesn’t block the screenshot functionality on Windows 10, you’ll still be able to take screenshots whenever you want.

When a third-party application is trying to take a screenshot, ScreenWings will blacken the screen, and the hackers will see only a black screenshot.

Here are the main features of ScreenWings:

  • Block screen capturing automatically by prohibiting any desktop capturing software from snap shots.
  • The user interface is really easy and simple to use.
  • Can cover up to six displays, thus multi-monitor setups are possible.
  • The application is very stable and portable.

ScreenWings’ infrastructure relies on encryption and data anonymization in addition to HTTPS. Prevent screenshots from being taken throughout the entire system and avoid being tracked by viruses, spyware, snoopers, or other nosy eyes.

Get ScreenWings

As we stated at the beginning of this article, hackers could try to steal information by directing malware to take screenshots while you are writing your credit card information to purchase something online, so for that, we recommend trying out those amazing security tools for your PC.

Have you already used the anti-screenshot software listed above? If you use an anti-screen capture tool that you think should be on this list, use the comment section below to tell us more about it.

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