Best Antivirus for Amazon Fire Tablet: 8 Top Picks of 2023

Choose the right antivirus for your Amazon Fire Tablet

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  • Choosing the best antivirus software for your Amazon Fire tablet can make a huge difference over time.
  • Our first recommendation offers unprecedented levels of encryption and an efficient reporting system. 
  • You can also consider using another well-organized software that comes with a surprise for gamers and movie exciters.
  • If you also need a VPN for privacy protection, you can find a great antivirus for this purpose.

Amazon Fire tablet allows you to perform one of the best entertainment experiences on a tablet. It is possible by using Fire OS, which is based on the Android model.

When working online, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration is antivirus software for the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, or any other Amazon Fire tablet, by using efficient dedicated tools.

Therefore, you can quickly access everything you need from the home screen. In this case, we can mention specific content for apps, books, games, videos, music, and so on.


Do you need an anti-virus for the Amazon Fire tablet?

These devices already have security functionality but they certainly can be enhanced with the best security for Amazon Fire tablets.

These are the following reasons you would need antivirus software:

➤ Internet browsing vulnerabilities

➤ Public Wi-Fi network privacy

➤ Extra protection against malicious software

➤ Comprehensive security from phishing attacks

➤ More stable security software against social engineering threats

All in all, digital security should always come first on the list of priorities if you require absolute protection for your device.

Do Amazon tablets have built-in security?

You have dedicated security on Amazon Fire that will secure personal information on your tablet.

It’s likely to safeguard your tablet device and prevent attackers to infiltrate through your Wi-Fi connection.

Plus, you have security updates available for Amazon Fire tablets that come for 4 years after the device is purchased.

Without further ado, let’s see which antivirus software you should better employ to guard your tablet device.

What is the best antivirus software for the Amazon Fire tablet?

We prepared a list including the best antivirus software for your own device. Make sure you read it completely and identify which fits you most:

Antivirus Free
ESET Internet SecurityNo [Has Free Trial]
Bitdefender Mobile SecurityNo
TotalAV Yes
Malwarebytes PremiumNo [Has Free Trial]
Kaspersky StandardNo [Has Free Trial]
Avast Free AntivirusYes
McAfee Total ProtectionYes
Webroot No [Has Free Trial]

ESET Internet Security – The most lightweight antivirus

antivirus tools for Amazon Fire device

If you need high-tech security for your digital life and for your Amazon Fire tablet, we also recommend you ESET Internet Security.

It represents a trusted software that is able to protect your data and secure your devices, with the help of cutting-edge expertise and advanced machine learning.

Also, if you own a business, it is important to mention that ESET Internet Security is a security solution for any size or scale of enterprise.

And even if you take it for your tablet, one license can cover all your devices even if you have other operating systems installed.

You can use it in order to secure your shopping, banking work, and communication on pretty much any device you need.

Your cams on the tablet are easy to hijack but this tool will also keep a close eye on them so that no one can access them without your permission.

ESET has a 30-day trial period so you can test it in any possible situation and see if it meets your demands before committing to a paid license.

Let’s see what some of its best features are:

  • Multi-layered malware protection
  • Scalable solution for any purpose
  • Secure banking and online transactions
  • It protects all your devices under a single license
  • 30-day trial period

That being said, this antivirus won’t disappoint your expectations of strong safety from advanced malware.

ESET Internet Security

If you are looking for versatility and high-quality device protection, try ESET Internet Security for free.
Free Trial Visit Website

Bitdefender Mobile Security – Autopilot feature

Bitdefender Mobile Security is an excellent antivirus choice, capable of successfully protecting your Amazon Fire tablets.

Its malware scanner offers in-depth information about all kinds of digital threats you are protected against to ensure your device is safeguarded.

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Furthermore, it has an anti-phishing system that alerts you if you access fraudulent websites while browsing the internet.

A worth-mentioning thing about Bitdefender Mobile Security is its anti-theft feature which you can remotely locate, block, delete, or send a message to your device in case you lose it or if it’s stolen.

Plus, you won’t notice any negative impact on your Amazon fire tablet performance because of its low resource usage.

Take a look at Bitdefender Mobile Security’s best features:

  • Battery and performance saver
  • Autopilot
  • Scam alert
  • Web protection
  • Fast and lightweight

You can rely on this antivirus solution as it will instantly react to all cyber threats that try to damage your device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Get the best protection for your Amazon Fire tablet while having minimal impact on its battery.
Check price Visit Website

TotalAV – Best on-the-go security features

TotalAV is an award-winning antivirus with amazing capabilities that make security and privacy protection the most important features of all.

The antivirus provides multi-device compatibility to maintain security across all your devices. TotalAV is perfect if you are always using your Amazon Fire tablet.

For internet browsing, the antivirus uses a special unique feature called WebShield, which is the first line of defense against scam, fake, and phishing websites that were created to harm and exploit your personal information.

Take security anywhere you go and stay safe when on public Wi-Fi by preventing hackers from accessing any personal data. Also, it comes with an integrated VPN so you can extend your anonymity any time you are browsing the web.

With real-time online security, TotalAV will block phishing scams right on the spot as well as any fake website that tries to exploit your data.

Check the main key features of TotalAV:

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Public Wi-Fi privacy protection
  • Real-time protection
  • On-the-go unlimited VPN
  • Ad blocker for websites and videos
  • Data breach monitoring

TotalAV is the right choice for protecting your tablet against any possible attacks on your privacy.


Get the best additional layer of security on your Amazon Fire tablet.
Check Price Visit Website

Malwarebytes Premium – Best malware protection

antivirus tools for Amazon Fire device

Malwarebytes is an advanced security tool capable to detect and efficiently extract malware on your Amazon Fire device.

Using this antivirus, you’re covered against risky ransomware attacks that can corrupt your Android OS device. It can detect new malware or cyberattacks from blocking your device.

You have 24/7 real-time protection against emerging cyber threats including ransomware, spyware, or hacking attempts.

If you’re worried about ransomware like zero-day or brute-force attacks, you have all the protection to stop them.

Furthermore, you have the Malwarebytes Browser guard that offers you a browser extension for a more secure and cleaner browsing experience.

With this tool, it’s easy to avoid malicious links and block tracking ads that store your personal data for marketing purposes.

Hence, consider this comprehensive antivirus to enhance the defense of your Fire tablets against cybercriminals and elaborated phishing threats.

Take a closer look at its best features below:

  • Phishing URLs detection tools
  • Protection from corrupted webpages or browser cryptojackers
  • No-log VPN security for improved online privacy
  • Wi-Fi connection security
  • Privacy audit for any app
  • Guarding against various ransomware attacks

You can always count on Malwarebytes software to detect all kinds of digital threats from PUP viruses to complex malware cases.

Malwarebytes Premium

Increase your device security and eliminate any online dangers regarding your data.
Check Price Visit Website

Kaspersky Standard – Three-layer antivirus engine

Moreover, we really need to present the next antivirus software, in order to highlight its specific feature. Thus, we talk about Kaspersky Internet Security.

This app is best if you manage a home or small business because you can use it for more than 5 devices, servers, mobile devices, or tablets.

Besides this advantage, we can also discuss its multi-layered protection that maintains all your devices safe from any potential online or offline threats.

Everyone needs online privacy protection nowadays and the free VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day provided by Kaspersky fits right in that space.

And if you’re doing your shopping and transactions online, like any other modern user, the Safe Money feature will protect all your online payments.

Forget about that opaque sticker on your cameras because this antivirus will watch over them and block any attempt of hijacking.

Additionally, Kaspersky provides a friendly interface that allows you to easily utilize it, so what keeps you apart from using it?

Let’s see below what are its best features:

  • The Safe Money feature will protect all your online transactions
  • Built-in VPN with up to 300 MB of traffic per day
  • You can use it for up to 5 of your devices
  • Ideal for families or small businesses
  • Webcam privacy protection

Hence, using this antivirus will highly benefit your device security against browsing cyber attacks or destructive malware.

Kaspersky Standard

Protect your business with the Kaspersky antivirus, and be sure that your data is safe.
Free Trial Visit Website

Avast Free Antivirus – Best online privacy protection

One of the main important aspects of using an antivirus is represented by deploying fast actions, without any interruptions. In these terms, we also recommend you Avast Free Antivirus.

You would think that free antivirus is simple and basic, but we can’t say any of that about this excellent tool.

It will help you protect against any viruses and malware that may harm your Amazon Fire tablet and also your personal data.

With an intuitive interface, Avast offers you a new passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel. Moreover, it comes as a surprise for gamers and movie exciters.

Therefore, we can talk about the Do Not Disturb Mode. This feature blocks distracting popups whenever you are gaming or watching something.

A new addition to the antivirus is the Behavior Shield. This feature will monitor all your installed applications to witness any rogue action and stop it immediately.

Avast is also specialized in blocking ransomware attacks before they even reach your system to produce any damage. It’s silent protection as it works in the background.

Take a look at its most important characteristics:

  • Passive mode to act as a secondary security solution
  • Do Not Disturb Mode for blocking unnecessary distractions
  • Completely free
  • Behavior Shield monitors all the apps for any possible rogue actions
  • Silent ransomware protection

By choosing this antivirus, you’re entirely covered from new types of malware with intelligent virus detection tools.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is a free antivirus option that will ensure your Amazon Fire tablet’s perfect security.
Free Download Visit Website

McAfee Total Protection – Efficient identity protection

antivirus tools for Amazon Fire device

The solution offered by McAfee delivers antivirus technology to protect multiple devices from dangerous malware or cyber-attacks.

This award-winning antivirus includes advanced monitoring for malware or attackers that tries to infect your Amazon Fire device.

Using such complete software will enhance your digital life with strong firewall support that prevents hackers from attacking your device.

You also have the password manager feature to store every password used online and secure financial data used online.

In addition, you benefit from built-in VPN protection for increased online anonymity and guarding against malicious websites or trackers for sensitive data.

It’s worth knowing that you have file shredder tools for erasing broken and unused files, monitoring for over 10 email addresses, and compatibility for multiple platforms.

That being said, with McAfee antivirus you will be able to safeguard your Amazon Fire device, Windows, Mac, or iOS devices.

Let’s see what its most important features are:

  • Web protection on your browser
  • VPN security license protection
  • Protection Score to see how safe you are
  • Multi-platform support
  • Data breach alerts
  • Technical assistance from specialists

If you require all-rounded online security and protection from new emerging threats, this antivirus will do the trick.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee blocks advanced cyber and malware attacks to protect your Amazon tablet.
Check Price Visit Website

Webroot – Fastest scanning tools

antivirus tools for Amazon Fire device

Webroot can be the most appropriate antivirus to safeguard your Amazon Fire devices from all kinds of malware and viruses out there.

You have complete antivirus protection with multiple tools including strong VPN online protection, a password manager, and shielding against hacking attacks.

The software will detect predictive malware and new types of viruses or ransomware attacks prone to affect your device’s stability.

You should that you benefit from supersonic scans that take about 20 seconds. That will bring faster virus detection and block malware in due time.

At the same time, there are phishing attack prevention tools that guarantee your browsing safety to fight corrupted URLs and malicious websites.

You can also stay relaxed regarding online identity because you have trustful privacy and identity security that keeps you away from cyber threats.

Let’s see below what are its best features:

  • Support for multiple devices like Windows, Android, Mac, or tablets.
  • Real-time phishing websites security
  • Network connection monitoring
  • Firewall support
  • Account credentials and passwords protection
  • Online activity removal tools

That being said, the software will detect any dangers and malware before you know it and guard your device efficiently.


Take advantage of this hyper-fast scanning software and eradicate any malware or digital risks.
Check Price Visit Website

Do Amazon Fire tablets get viruses?

Generally speaking, any device or computer can get corrupted when a cyberattack strikes and infect the operating system.

It’s not different for Amazon Fire tablets and they can get viruses if a cybercriminal executes corrupted software for your device.

It is true that the Amazon Fire device is not really a target for attackers because it has a smaller user base compared to Windows OS or other systems.

Hence, keep in mind you’re not completely protected from malicious software and cyber-attacks that are conducted to ultimately steal confidential data.

Can Amazon Fire tablet be hacked?

The Amazon Fire tablets can be indeed hacked if the attacker has this purpose in mind. However, there is no high probability for your device to get corrupted by hackers if you’re a regular user.

As the matter of fact, Amazon Fire has stable security and can guard your data against intruders using password encryption.

In order to enhance the security of your device, you can simply install effective antivirus tools capable to detect malware software or different phishing attacks targeted on Amazon Fire devices.

How can you keep your tablet safe from threats?

There is a slight misconception out there that tablets, and especially Amazon Fire tablets, are somehow immune to viruses and malware.

Amazon Fire tablets run a modified Android operating system so, unfortunately, they are as vulnerable as any other Android device.

However, the level of protection needed by your device can only be decided by you and your usage habits. So take into consideration the next precautionary methods to keep your tablet safe.

Avoid visiting unsecured websites

An antivirus will warn you every time you try to visit an insecure or potentially harmful website. However, if you don’t have one, you have the risk of entering without any notice.

However, your browser may also have such embedded protection so you should also make sure that you react to their warnings.

Be careful when connecting to a hotspot

Not even your home network is not completely secure in the absence of an antivirus, so avoid connecting your tablet or any other device for that matter to a public hotspot.

Here is a graphic showing the rate of unsecured hotspots across the globe, as a result of an assessment by Kaspersky:

They are ideal gateways for hackers to attempt to steal your information and data. If you really must do that, try using a VPN to conceal your identity.

Don’t download files from unknown sources

This is probably the most important rule: Don’t download any files that you are not absolutely sure are safe. And that includes opening unknown e-mails with attachments.

By not downloading files, we mean any files that can potentially harm your system and tablet, especially apps from third-party websites.

The reasons are obvious, they can contain spyware, malware, and any other forms of threats that can steal your data or render your tablet useless.

This was our dedicated list of the best antiviruses for the Amazon Fire tablet. These were the most important options that will keep your device safe.

We hope that our advice and solutions helped you secure your Amazon Fire tablet and keep you safe from any potential threats.

In case of looking for a defense system for your PC, here’s also a list including the best antiviruses with unlimited licenses.

If you have any other questions or unclear information, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the dedicated section below.

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