Want to auto-hide the Address bar on Edge? Here’s how to do it

Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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Nowadays, every browser has countless features and customization options. One might say that they have too many of them. But features which provide an end-user with the uncluttered interface are more than welcome. Microsoft Edge has various selling points, diligently advertised by Microsoft.

But there’s this one thing which, for me personally (and I hope there’s more of us), makes Edge not that bad. Namely, where Google Chrome fails with the Fullscreen mode, Edge does it very well. And it allows users to auto-hide the Address bar, which is, unironically, amazing little feature.

How to auto-hide the Address Bar in Microsoft Edge

Let’s start by being perfectly honest: Microsoft Edge isn’t a real threat to Chrome or Firefox. At least at the moment. The market shares show that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are far and beyond more prominent solutions when it comes to browsers. However, the devil is in the details and there are certainly some things which Microsoft Edge can offer to users.

One of the widely-asked-for features is the auto-hide option for the Address bar, but Chrome developers somehow miss it with every new update. If you have a smaller display, the clean interface while browsing is more than welcome. And that’s one thing which, seemingly, Microsoft Edge team did well. The fullscreen option on Chrome doesn’t make too much sense, since you’ll need to get out of the fullscreen in order to access, well, anything.

On the other hand, by simply pressing the F11 key while browsing on Edge, you get a clean and uncluttered interface. After that, just move your pointer towards the top (where the Toolbar usually resides) and the Address bar will pop-up. That’s simple but quite a nifty way to browse the internet in a clean manner. Personally, I really like to auto-hide the desktop Taskbar and this fits so well as you can take the full size of the screen.

This might not be the selling card for everyone to suddenly turn the bandwagon towards the Microsoft’s native browser. But it still can make a change. And if the auto-hiding Address bar (Toolbar, as well) is your cup of tea, make sure to give it a glance. Who knows, maybe Microsoft’s aggressive advertising isn’t as senseless as one would assume.

Either way, we can wrap it up. So, just open Edge, press F11, and enjoy the simplicity. If you have any comments you’ll like to share, the comments section is just below.