How to Fix Avast Blocking Remote Desktop [Quick Guide]

Windows Defender can interfere with Avast Firewall

by Henderson Jayden Harper
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  • Avast comes with a Firewall feature that allows it to block threats if any are detected.
  • Running both Windows and Avast Firewall on a computer can be conflicting and cause some troubles.
  • Enabling the Allow incoming Remote Desktop (RDP) option in Firewall rules can fix the issue.
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Avast antivirus is a tool that protects your internet connection and devices from viruses and malware. It is available across different operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and android.

Unlike most antivirus apps, Avast is very intelligent. It operates automatically in detecting and blocking any form of attack.

Avast comes with a Firewall feature that allows it to block threats, although it has its own shortcomings too.

Users complain about several difficulties they encounter with Avast. In this article, we’ll be examining Avast blocking the remote desktop.

A Remote Desktop allows users to connect with their computers from different locations. For instance, it allows you to work with your home and work desktop remotely.

Does Avast disable Windows Firewall?

By default, the Avast firewall is not always on. It means that when your Windows Firewall is active, Avast won’t run its Firewall system. However, Avast does not disable the Windows firewall if you have not allowed it.

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But, if Avast Firewall is running on your Windows, the Windows Firewall will be disabled. It happens to avoid conflict between the two defenders.

More so, running both Windows and Avast Firewall on a computer can be conflicting and cause some troubles.

Should I turn off Windows Defender if I have Avast?

The Avast Firewall Defender is a feature that comes with the Avast antivirus. As said earlier, running two different Firewall defenders on a desktop can cause issues.

So, turning off Windows Firewall when you have a third-party antivirus like Avast can help. It allows the Avast defender to function smoothly without interference.

Some benefits come with selecting Avast defender for your computer. For instance, Avast Firewall allows Remote Desktop. Thus, you should use a reliable third-party antivirus like Avast instead of Windows Firewall.

Can I run Avast and Windows defender at the same time?

There is a possibility that the Windows and Avast Firewall Defenders are running simultaneously. However, it will result in a conflict and can cause the system to malfunction or become sluggish.

Running these two Defenders on your desktop at the same time causes miscommunication in security. This happens because only one Firewall can run at a time on a desktop, and it controls how the protection system works.

So, the simple answer to this question is no. It is not advisable to run Avast and Windows defender at the same time.

What can I do if Avast is blocking the remote desktop?

1. Turn on Remote Desktop Connections

  1. Launch Avast antivirus and navigate to Protection, then select Firewall.
  2. Click Settings in the right-hand corner, then go to View Firewall rules.
  3. In View Firewall rules, select Basic Rules.
  4. Click on the switches in front of the Allow incoming Remote Desktop (RDP) connections.

Turning them on will unblock your Remote Desktop and give you access to your computer remotely.

2. Enable Remote Desktop

  1. Press the Windows + I keys to launch the Settings app.
  2. Select System and choose Remote Desktop in the left pane.
  3. Toggle the icon beside the Enable Remote Desktop.

Enabling this will ensure your computer is fully aware of every connection, and it also prevents Avast from overriding it.

Following the guide above, you should be able to fix the avast blocking remote desktop connection issue. For further information, you can read how to fix the Remote Desktop connection not working.

Another solution you can try if you are unable to fix the issue with the guide above is to uninstall the  Avast antivirus app. It will reset all the configurations and settings on Avast and allow you to start afresh.

Nonetheless, you can learn about how to fix Remote Desktop app issues on Windows 10/11.

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