Need to download large files? Here are 5 great browsers for the job

Ivan Jenic
by Ivan Jenic
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best browser to download large files

Looking for the best browser to download large files? This article is for you. Here, we’ll be bringing you a list of best browsers to download large files on PCs.

In the past, downloading huge files often took hours, which is usually not cost-effective. And with the recent development, where most of the available movies and games are in HD/UHD formats, this has become even more challenging.

Worse still, most traditional browsers lack the graphical support, nor the engine to download such files.

Today, however, there are now standard browsers with optimized engine and graphical interface, needed to support and download huge HD video files and games.

In the next section, we’ll be be looking at five of these browsers.

What is the best browser for downloading large files?


UR Browser

UR browser best browser to download large filesUR Browser is modern web browser, which is renowned for its flexibility, ease of usage, privacy protection and more significantly, its fast download speed.

The browser is majorly deployed on desktops/laptops, but it is also supported on mobile platforms. It’s designed to block cookies and ads by default, while loading web pages in quick time.

Normally, with standard Internet connectivity, you are afforded the opportunity of downloading huge Ultra-High-Definition video files within minutes. While using this browser you can experience up to 400% faster download speed, compared to traditional browsers.

Hence, you are able to download files four times faster, saving you valuable time and efforts.

UR Browser’s set of advanced features includes privacy protection, fast loading and download, inbuilt malware scanner, ad-blocker, auto HTTPS redirects and one-click download among others.

Editor's recommendation
ur browser
  • Fast page loading
  • VPN-level privacy
  • Enhanced security
  • Built-in virus scanner


UC Browser best browser to download large filesUC Browser is arguably the best browser to download large files. It is renowned for its relative ease of navigation and more significantly, its unrivaled download speed on both PCs and smartphones.

The browser, though best deployed on Android, is supported on Windows and other desktop operating systems.

Furthermore, UC Browser, apart from its relatively fast load/download speed, offers a wide range of advanced features, some of which include low-data consumption, ad-free surfing, cloud sync, auto-close, Video-Bar, malware blocking and more.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge best browser to download large filesEdge is the official browser from Microsoft, which was originally designed for Windows 10, but is now supported on mobile platforms as well.

The browser serves as an improved version of Internet Explorer, and it is optimized for better performance and faster loading/download speed.

Edge is probably the most recent web browser, as it was released less than 3 years ago, in 2015. And with direct support from Microsoft, it is, without doubt, one of the most suitable browsers for downloading huge files on Windows PCs.

Other features of Edge include voice control, tab review, organized printing, built-in grammar tools, VR support, 4K UHD support and more. In fact, it is currently the only browser that supports Xbox One.

Furthermore, the browser offers double the download speed of Internet Explorer. And this, coupled with its advanced  graphical interface, make it highly suitable for downloading and streaming high definition videos on the net.

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox best browser to download large filesAnother standard browser for downloading huge files is Firefox! The browser offers twice the loading and downloading speed of traditional browsers. It is supported on Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile operating platforms.

Firefox, from Mozilla, is widely seen as the perfect alternative or rather, a close competitor, to Google Chrome. It hosts a powerful engine, which is equipped to download files at 2x the pace of Chrome’s engine.

With this, it is especially suitable for downloading top quality video files and games on both smartphones and computer systems.

Other notable features of Firefox include tracking protection, private surfing, lightweight engine (compared to Chrome), multilingual support, customizable interface and lots more.

Firefox is an open source web browser; hence, it is available to all supported OS for free.

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Google Chrome

google chrome best browser to download large filesChrome is widely seen as the best browser today, with respect to its loading/download speed, interface quality and more importantly, its relative ease of usage.

It is the official browser from Google, which offers unmatched flexibility to support all major desktop and mobile operating systems, notably Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as Android and iOS.

Google Chrome, though somewhat more suitable for Android smartphones, is also largely efficient on Windows, Linux, Mac and other desktop operating systems. It is suitable for downloading large files, even without stable Internet connection.

Chrome hosts other features like advanced privacy/security features, Google Smarts, cross compatibility, auto-updates and more.

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There you go, these are top five picks for the best browser to download large files. Our top pick is UR Browser due to its advanced privacy and security features, but you’re free to try any other entries from our list.