Best Browser for Downloading Large Files [7 Fastest Ranked]

Pick a browser with an optimized engine and graphical interface

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  • With the best browser for downloading large files online, you won't experience significant delays.
  • If you have wondered which browser has the fastest download speed, check our top list below.
  • To get the fastest downloading, use a browser for PC that has a built-in AdBlocker.
What are the Best Browsers for Downloading Large Files

In the past, downloading large files often took hours, which is usually not cost-effective. With the recent improvements in the digital area, where most of the formats are HD/UHD, this has become more challenging.

Worse still, most traditional browsers lack the graphical support or the engine to download such files.

Today, however, there are standard browsers with an optimized engine and the graphical interface needed to support and download huge HD video files and games.

How can I download a large file with high speed?

Apart from getting a browser that can handle big file downloads, we also recommend using a download manager.

These are dedicated tools that improve the download speed and will help you download large files without any issues.

Moreover, many of them are designed to work with all the major browsers like the ones we highlighted below:

  • Opera One – Browser with fastest download speed
  • UR Browser – Great for privacy protection
  • UC Browser – Fast download speed
  • Microsoft Edge – Best integrated browser
  • Brave Browser – Light and privacy-oriented
  • Mozilla Firefox – Great lightweight engine
  • Google Chrome – Steady download

So if you’re looking for the best browser to download large files, this article is for you. We’ve listed the best options you have right now to get the job done in an efficient manner.

Which browser is best for downloading large files?

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Opera One – The fastest download speed

Opera One lets you download files faster compared to other browsers on the market thanks to the Turbo Download Manager extension.

Opera’s native download manager is excellent for downloading video, audio, and image files. The tool comes in handy, especially for users who have limited or low-quality Internet connections.

The secret behind Turbo Download Manager is its multi-threading download technology that splits files into smaller chunks to speed up the downloading process.

Downloads can be paused and resumed, and the browser also detects media files automatically.

In this manner, Opera One can decide what’s the best downloading approach for the files you want to get online.

Opera One

Use Opera’s own download manager to get all the large online files you need in no time.

UR Browser – Great for privacy protection

UR Browser is a modern web browser, renowned for its flexibility, ease of use, privacy protection, and more significantly, its fast download speed.

The browser is mostly deployed on desktops/laptops, but it is also supported on mobile platforms. It’s designed to block cookies and ads by default while loading web pages.

Usually, with standard Internet connectivity, you can download huge Ultra-High-Definition video files within minutes. While using this browser you can experience up to 400% faster download speed.

UR Browser’s set of advanced features also includes privacy protection, an inbuilt malware scanner, ad-blocker, auto HTTPS redirect, and one-click download, among others.

UR Browser

Enjoy the best file loading and downloading speeds with this lightweight, fully secure browser.

UC Browser – Fast download speed

UC Browser is arguably one of the best browsers to download large files. It is renowned for its ease of navigation and more significantly, its unrivaled download speed on both PCs and smartphones.

The browser, though best deployed on Android, is supported on Windows and other desktop operating systems.

Apart from its fast load/download speed, UC offers a wide range of advanced features, including low-data consumption, ad-free surfing, cloud sync, auto-close, Video-Bar, malware blocking, and more.

However, this is a Chinese software that was banned from several countries so you should proceed with caution.

Get UC Browser

Microsoft Edge – Best integrated browser

Edge is Microsoft’s official browser. Originally designed for Windows 10, it is now supported on mobile platforms as well.

The browser serves as an improved version of Internet Explorer, and it’s optimized for better performance and faster loading/download speed.

With direct support from Microsoft, Edge is no doubt one of the most suitable browsers for downloading huge files on Windows PCs.

Other features of Edge include voice control, tab review, organized printing, built-in grammar tools, VR support, and 4K UHD support. In fact, it is currently the only browser that supports Xbox One.

Furthermore, the browser offers double the download speed of IE. And this, coupled with its advanced graphical interface, makes it highly suitable for downloading and streaming HD videos over the Internet.

Get Microsoft Edge

Brave Browser – Light and privacy-oriented

Brave is a privacy-oriented browser based on the Chromium engine so don’t be surprised if you find the interface familiar.

It comes with its own Crypto Wallet so if you’re into trading cryptocurrency, this browser might be a great choice.

Its distinct feature is however Private browsing with Tor. This is a kind of VPN but instead of designated servers, it uses a network of volunteers to conceal your identity.

However, apart from privacy, this feature also allows fast and steady downloads of large files. It’s not as fast as other browsers but it gets the job done.

Brave Browser is available on most platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Get Brave

Mozilla Firefox – Great lightweight engine

Firefox is another standard browser for downloading huge files. The browser offers twice the loading and downloading speed of traditional browsers. It is supported on Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile operating platforms.

Firefox, from Mozilla, is widely seen as the perfect alternative or rather, a close competitor, to Google Chrome. It hosts a powerful engine, which is equipped to download files faster than Chrome’s engine.

With this, it is especially suitable for downloading top-quality video files and games on both smartphones and computer systems.

Other notable features of Firefox include tracking protection, private surfing, a lightweight engine (compared to Chrome), multilingual support, a customizable interface, and many more.

Firefox is an open-source web browser; hence, it is available to all supported OS for free.

Get Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome – Steady download

Chrome is widely seen as the best browser today concerning its loading/download speed, interface quality, and, more importantly, its relative ease of use.

It is the official browser from Google, which offers unmatched flexibility to support all major desktop and mobile operating systems, notably Windows, macOS, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS.

Though more suitable for Android smartphones, Google Chrome is also vastly efficient on Windows, Linux, Mac, and other desktop operating systems.

It is suitable for downloading large files, even without a stable Internet connection.

Even more, it hosts other features like advanced privacy/security features, Google Smarts, cross compatibility, auto-updates, and more.

Get Google Chrome

What browser downloads files the fastest? (steps included)

The browser with the fastest download speed is the one that features the best download manager and, as you’ve seen above, we’re talking about Opera One.

Here’s how Opera One performs on downloading a large file:

  1. For our test, we went to the Microsoft dedicated page and started downloading the Windows 11 ISO, which is 5.2 GB.
  2. The browser took less than 3 minutes to get the large file. To access it, click on the Downloads icon from the top-right of the window and click on the file.

These are the top picks for browsers to download large files. In addition, we recommend checking our list, including the best browser download managers, to increase your download speed further.

We’ve got some tips you may apply when facing a slow browser download speed too: you may disable your antivirus, check download speed on other devices, and not only.

Have you tried any of the browsers from our list? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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