7 Best Browsers for Autofill That are Safe to Use

by Farhad Pashaei
Farhad Pashaei
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  • Autofill options can be accessed by the browser settings under the payment information or profile tabs.
  • Anti-phishing features prevent hackers from stealing your information from the browser’s autofill function.
  • You can install plugins on your conventional browser to shield your information and make your everyday browser the best browser for autofill.
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Autofill is a function in browsers that automatically fills form fields with data that has already been entered, such as passwords, addresses, and credit card information.

This feature needs to be enabled and given permission to store data. However, the security measures and the possibility of information leakage may concern some users.

The best browser for autofill is known to be Brave but there are also a couple of alternatives with advanced security options.

How do I autofill my browser?

Passwords, credit card details, and addresses may all be filled in automatically in Google Chrome if the autofill feature is enabled in the settings. If this feature isn’t functioning, some extensions can be to blame.

Plugins such as RoboForm which is the best autofill extension for Chrome, will fill up your forms and disable autofill Chrome.

This capability is also available in Microsoft Edge and Firefox, although the process to enable it may be different and more complex.

Which browser is best for form filling?

Opera – Secure your crypto transactions

Opera’s content compression reduces the amount of time spent waiting for a webpage to load, even when the internet connection is poor.

Another reason why Opera is so powerful is that it has an integrated ad blocker that prevents ads from popping up and speeds up page loading.

As a result, there are no additional downloads, add-ons, or plugins required to use the ad blocker on both desktop and mobile platforms.

You may use Opera’s free Virtual Private Network (VPN) to shield your online activity from prying eyes and to access blocked content on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Opera’s VPN hides your location when using the public internet, adding an extra layer of security against fraud and viruses.

Most tracking cookies are also blocked by the VPN. The private browsing option in Opera does not save your online history.

Other features:

  • You can screenshot or edit pictures using the snapshot feature.
  • The crypto wallet feature helps you secure your crypto transactions.
  • You can use video pop put to watch the videos out of the browser.


Get quick access to all your favorite pages and platforms all while keeping your privacy in check!

Brave – Superior security

Brave is the best secure browser since it offers superior security. It is a fast Chromium-based browser that promotes privacy by default. You can access a variety of add-ons and extensions, and it has built-in ad-blocking and anti-browser fingerprinting features.

For those who lack the time, patience, or technical know-how necessary for browser customization and tinkering, this makes it ideal. Because it supports Chrome extensions, Brave is a fantastic Chrome substitute.

If this browser notices anything sketchy with the website you are about to fill a form in, it will notify you immediately. This is why Brave is the best browser for autofill.

Other features:

  • Brave is the first web browser with a built-in bitcoin wallet that by default disables advertisements and trackers
  • When enabled, Brave advertising tracks your activity locally, protecting your information from third parties
  • You may get tokens and help the content producers you like by allowing Brave advertisements

Get Brave

Tor Browser – Powerful encryption

Onion routing is essentially the connection technique used by Tor.

With onion routing, users connect to the server through one another rather than through a single hub to access the internet. An identical digital thumbprint can be found on every connected machine.

Within a network of other anonymous users, Tor keeps you concealed. Tor is well-known for being the only browser that gives you access to the deep web because of its powerful encryption.

Other features:

  • Tor can be used to access the dark web
  • Tor’s Complex Data encryption keeps you safe from hackers
  • The browser also features cross-platform compatibility

Get Tor Browser

Mozilla Firefox – Strong privacy protection


For privacy and security, Firefox is a fantastic all-around browser. Strong privacy protection measures, superior security, and frequent updates are all the strong sides of this browser.

The most recent Firefox version has several privacy customization options and is quick and light.

Firefox is open source, in contrast to Chrome and Safari, so anyone can check its source code for any suspicious items.

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Although they don’t automatically prevent advertisements, Firefox is compatible with many excellent add-ons for increased privacy.

Make sure you turn off Firefox’s telemetry feature, which records technical and interaction data and installs and runs studies inside your browser.

If you want a reliable browser that is also known as the best browser for autofill, Mozilla should be your choice.

Other features:

  • Strict privacy protections
  • Excellent processing speeds
  • Cloud backup services

Get Mozilla Firefox

GNU IceCat – Comes with a ton of privacy add-ons

As an expansion of Firefox, GNU IceCat was created as a part of the GNU free software project.

Software called GNU IceCat is completely free, and it comes with a ton of privacy add-ons and adjustments by default making it one of the best browsers for autofill.

These include tools like SpyBlock, LibreJS (which protects your user freedom by blocking proprietary JavaScript code), and HTTPS-Everywhere. moreover, it also features anti-fingerprinting safeguards!

Although some may say that its an overkill to have this many security protocols, these features make IceCat one of the safest browsers to save information in and use its autofill features.

Other features:

  • Third-party zero-length image files, sometimes known as web bugs, can be blocked by this browser
  • It also warns about URL redirection

Get GNU IceCat

DuckDuckGo – Doesn’t collect user data

One of the top mobile search engines and best autofill apps is DuckDuckGo. You can get its extension for Chrome if you use a PC!

In January, this privacy-focused search engine surpassed the milestone of 100 million daily user search requests. The business vigorously defends the privacy rights of customers.

DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Essentials plugin for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s new Edge has been downloaded by four million Chrome users.

Its reputation is built on the assertion that, while not collecting user data, it can provide search results that are comparable to those provided by other services.

Other features:

  • It includes extra information such as weather data, a loan calculator, and development features
  • DuckDuckGo can also be added to Chrome as an extension

Get DuckDuckGo

Microsoft Edge – Strong built-in defenses against malware and phishing


You don’t need to download any more browsers if you use Windows. Microsoft Edge has many security protocols and is one of the most secure browsers available.

For your information, Microsoft Edge is safer than Google Chrome. There is no additional software needed to reach this secure baseline because it has strong, built-in defenses against malware and phishing as well as native support for hardware isolation.

Mac users can also get Microsoft Edge. Although it is believed that on Mac, the best browser for autofill is Safari.

Other features:

  • It fully supports advanced writing aid, grammatical recommendations, and spelling corrections
  • It will alert you about internet breaches
  • Advanced shopping assistant that will guide you through price comparison and coupon usage

Get Microsoft Edge

Can websites see Autofill?

Unless they are scripted to do so, websites cannot see the autofill data. That is a serious security risk since, in addition to you being able to read those credentials, a malicious script that has been included in the web page might also be able to. So, yes it can be hacked or phished.

Anti-Phishing features are all you need if you want your information to stay secure when auto-filling payment and login forms.

Most of the browsers offer security features that will keep you safe on ordinary websites but not on sketchy and scripted ones.

The best way to stay safe from hackers is simply disabling autofill or clear autofill chrome, and entering the credentials every time you are trying to make a purchase or log in.

Let us know which one you choose and which one, in your opinion, is the best browser for autofill in the comments section below.

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