15 Fastest & Safest Browsers For News

by Hasibul Kabir
Hasibul Kabir
Hasibul Kabir
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  • Not all web browsers work well on news sites and portals due to feature limitations and compatibility issues.
  • We have featured the best browsers for online news that you can use on PC, Mac, or Smartphone.
  • Some browsers can be very unsafe to use due to several factors that you will find in the last part of this article.
best browsers for news featured
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Do you wonder which is the best web browser for news? This article will show you the list of the fastest and most trusted browsers that can give you a great experience while reading news articles or watching videos.

Nowadays, people are more comfortable with online news than the traditional newspaper. Even though there are apps specially optimized for news articles and videos, the web browsers are still the most compatible and flexible platform.

So, to enhance your online news experience, you will need a great web browser. This article will help you to get the best browser for news.

What are the benefits of online news?

People prefer online news more than a traditional newspaper for various reasons. It includes the followings:

  • Online news is easier to access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Unlike printed newspapers, readers don’t have to purchase online news.
  • Online news portals are updated in real-time, so users get the latest updates faster.
  • Online news can be accessed from any device, which makes it very comfortable to read from anywhere in any situation.

There are many other benefits. But, these benefits won’t help if you do not use a good web browser. So, we have prepared the list of best web browsers for news for your convenience.

What is the best browser for news?

Opera One – Most optimized news browser

Opera One is the best web browser for news if we compare overall advantages. This browser has many outstanding features, including an adblocker, news reader, built-in VPN, workspace, and a built-in feature for Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Especially the news reading experience with this browser is excellent. You won’t have to configure anything or install any extensions. The built-in news feature lets you see the list of news from your preferred sources.

It also works great with various news services like Google News, MSN News, and Flipboard. In fact, Opera One is the most underrated web browser out there, which is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

In our real-world experience, we have seen its extraordinary performance and benefits. That’s why we have tagged it as the best browser for online news.

Opera One

Get your stories navigating on this browser with integrated RSS and news.

Microsoft Edge – The best default browser for news

microsoft edge

The Microsoft Edge is another web browser that has a built-in news feature. Like Opera, you won’t have to install anything to enjoy MSN news here.

The news feature is available on both desktops and smartphones for this browser. Else, the built-in VPN, different levels of privacy settings, vertical tabs, tab groups, collections, and built-in web capture feature can enhance your news reading experience.

If you set the privacy settings to strict, unnecessary, annoying ads or unwanted malicious ads will be blocked while accessing various news portals.

Edge is the default web browser for both Windows 11 and 10. It is also available on all other popular platforms. However, it is considered the best web browser for Windows 11 for its tight integration within the OS. The availability and these benefits helped it to be the second-best browser for news on our list.

Get Edge

Google Chrome

Unlike Opera and Edge, Google Chrome doesn’t have a dedicated feature for news on the desktop platform. But, on Android and iOS, Chrome automatically loads news articles from various sources, which Google News powers.

For being the most compatible and popular browser, web owners optimize their sites for Chrome more. As a result, you can get access to any news article or video easily without any issue.

The Chrome web store is the largest source for extensions where you can find various items that can enhance your online news experience. Overall features, popularity, and reliability have made it one of the best browsers for news.

Get Chrome

Mozilla Firefox – Best non-Chromium news browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best new browsers

Mozilla foundation’s open-source browser Firefox is an ultimate choice for users who do not like Chromium. Particularly, the people who do not want to rely on Google’s influence and love Linux tend to use this browser more.

Firefox has been an excellent choice for news readers for its popularity and compatibility. It loads any website very fast and also protects its users from various privacy threats.

Most Linux operating systems’ default browser is Firefox. As a result, there is always a solid userbase. Else, it is also available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. So, you can use this browser to access online news from any platform.

Get Firefox

Safari – King of the Apple ecosystem

Apple Safari browser

Safari is one of the most popular browsers in the world for various reasons. It has haters too. But, for online news, Safari is an excellent application you can try.

If you feel comfortable in Apple’s ecosystem, Safari can provide an unmatched experience, whether it is for online news or casual browsing. In the recent updates, Apple has brought various privacy features and powerful functionalities.

Its reading view on iOS looks better than other browsers on that platform. Else, Safari seems very light, clean, and powerful on low-powered devices like Macbook Air, iPad, iPhones, etc.

Overall features, benefits, and compatibility have made Safari one of the best browsers for news on macOS and iOS.

Get Safari

Opera GX – A news browser for gamers


Even though Opera GX is a browser for gamers, it still holds its worth for other purposes like the standard Opera browser. If you are a gamer and often check out online news on your browser, Opera GX can provide the best experience.

Having the features of the standard Opera browser and a few more optimizations for gamers have made it a very desirable choice.

Opera GX’s dark red aesthetic outlook and the built-in news feature have made it an excellent news browser for fancy users.

Get Opera GX

Brave – Privacy-focused news browser


Brave is another best browser for news. This Chromium-based browser is very fast and safe like other popular Chrome alternatives.

Though Brave is a preferable browser for crypto lovers, it still works great for other purposes like news reading and video watching. While browsing news portals with Brave, you also have a chance to earn real money.

The reward system of Brave lets its users earn rewards by browsing its partner sites which can be converted into real money. Else, this web browser’s privacy features and Chrome extension support have made it an excellent choice for online news readers.

Get Brave

Vivaldi – Chromium with a different feel

Vivaldi web browser

Vivaldi is an excellent Chromium-based browser to access news portals conveniently. Even though it is based on Chrome’s engine, the browser looks very different.

The developers have made the UI very unique and user-friendly compared to Google Chrome. You can use the Chrome extension on Vivaldi easily to enhance your online reading experience.

Else, its tab tools, ad blocker, tracking protection, built-in translator, web capture, notes, and web panel features can attract any type of user. If you want to experience Chrome a bit differently, you can switch to Vivaldi without any concern.

Get Vivaldi

Maxthon – Rising star

Maxthon one of the best news browsers

Maxthon is a feature-rich web browser for news lovers. It uses the Chromium rendering engine. But, you will not feel anything like Google Chrome here.

This browser has its own extension store though you can directly use Chrome extensions without any problem. There are already some built-in features in this browser that can enhance the online news experience significantly.

On its default page, you can easily find news articles from various sources like some other browsers in our list. However, its quick note, web capture, and night mode features have made it a hot choice to access online news easily.

Get Maxthon

Comodo Dragon – Privacy enhanced


Comodo Dragon is another outstanding browser for online news. Even though it is based on Chromium, people use this browser more for its privacy and security features.

This browser has a built-in virus scanner that protects you from severe threats while reading news from unknown or less popular sources. Else, its unique privacy feature blocks third-party from getting your browsing data aggressively.

These benefits and also the ability to use the Chrome extension have made this browser an incredible choice for online news.

Get Comodo Dragon

Comodo IceDragon – Like Firefox, but not Firefox

Comodo IceDragon, Another best browser for news

Comodo IceDragon is identical to the Comodo Dragon. This is one of the best web browsers for news.

If the question appears, why should you use IceDragon instead of Comodo Dragon, you will get only one answer. Unlike Comodo Dragon, this browser uses Firefox’s browsing engine.

So, if you want to use Comodo Dragon for news but dislike Chromium’s rendering engine, the IceDragon is the best choice.

Get Comodo IceDragon

SRWare Iron – Simplified version of Chrome


SRWare Iron is another Chromium-based browser that is very convenient for accessing online news. You use it to access any type of news portal and services like Google News, MSN News, Flipboard, etc.

While being similar to Chrome, SRWare maintains privacy a bit better by protecting its users from being tracked by third-party. Overall, it’s a nice choice to read online news.

Get SRWare Iron

Samsung Internet – Fastest Android news browser

samsung internet featured

Samsung Internet is the fastest and one of the best browsers for Android OS to read news articles. If anyone asks which one is the best Android smartphone brand, most people may answer Samsung.

As Samsung has a very big market share, its browser that comes preinstalled on smartphones automatically gets attention.

This browser has a built-in ad blocker, true dark mode, and reading view feature, along with speedy performance. Overall, the Samsung internet is a very safe choice. Many people consider it the best browser for Android users to read online news.

Get Samsung Internet

UC Browser – An ancient king

In the early smartphone era, UC was one of the best web browsers. It is still holding a solid smartphone userbase.

This browser can improve your online news experience on a smartphone significantly for its extra performance features.

Like Samsung Internet, the UC browser on Android is also very fast. It has data saving mode and also dark mode. So, while browsing heavy news sites at night, you will get both benefits.

Get UC Browser

Ghost Browser – Chrome with different flavor

ghost browser

Ghost is another Chromium-based web browser that works great with any news portal. The UI of this browser is like the standard Google Chrome. However, there are some features that have made it different.

Unlike Chrome, Ghost Browser uses fewer resources due to its excellent Quick Tab feature. Else, it has a built-in proxy manager and some other privacy features.

Overall, Ghost is a very good web browser for accessing various online news portals from your desktop.

Get Ghost Browser

What is the most unsafe browser?

The browsers mentioned above are pretty safe. However, it is hard to identify the most unsafe browser. Right now, it is Internet Explorer, which is very unsafe as Microsoft has discontinued this browser.

If you use Windows 11 and 10, an update will disable IE. But, If you still use Windows 8 or 7, IE will be there. Do not use it to protect yourself from online threats.

Else, Any browser can be unsafe if you use a very outdated version.

We have showcased the best web browsers for News for both computer and smartphone users in this article. If you have any opinions, feel free to write in the comment box.

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