Top 4 browsers for PC users with low bandwidth [2020]

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  • Switching between web browsers isn’t that uncomfortable. In fact, it’s recommended to second-guess your initial choice in certain conditions.
  • For example, there are a few great browsers that go easy on your bandwidth. You’ll find them all listed below.
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Best browsers for PC users with low bandwidth

With Internet connectivity becoming more prevalent across the world, the websites have become more elaborate, containing far more media in the form of pictures and videos than ever before.

And that has only added to the website’s appeal given that the images and videos make the sites more informative and interactive, besides making it visually more attractive as well.

Unfortunately, Internet access isn’t uniform everywhere. Also, not all places enjoy the same bandwidth needed to run modern media-rich websites.

It is here that data-saving browsers come into the picture. Such browsers have data saving bits built-into it and can be effective in areas with low bandwidth internet is the norm.

For that reason, we made a list of top browsers that go easy on your bandwidth. Check them out below.


What are the best slow Internet connection browsers?


try using Opera

The Opera browser isn’t new to having data saving elements built into it. Opera and Opera Mini were among the first to have data compression features integrated into the mobile browser.

Opera also comes with a built-in ad blocker that does a good job of keeping the bandwidth-hogging ads at bay.

This ensures you have a consistent and superior user experience even with less than optimum Internet connection speeds.

This browser comes with superior features to shut out trackers, which not only ensures better performance, you also have a safe and secure environment to carry on with your online tasks.

As for Opera’s Speed Dial, it makes access to all sites so much quicker than ever. Just enter into Settings > Advanced > Browser and make sure to turn on Show Speed Dial suggestions.

Some Opera key features you’re about to enjoy:

  • Easily add site’s thumbnails to the browser’s start page
  • Multitask with intuitive tabs
  • Delay loading of background tabs
  • Native ad blocker
  • Easy to customize browser experience


With its built-in ad-blocker and Speed Dial suggestions, Opera is the best browser for PC users with low bandwidth.
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UR Browser

get UR Browser

The UR Browser is one of the best you can fall back on even under low bandwidth conditions. This makes it best suited for areas where internet speed isn’t consistent or remains largely below par.

The browser thrives in such conditions while delivering superior performance and efficiency.

Not only does the browser helps get the job done, but it does also so while complying with the highest standards of safety and security.

That makes the browser something you can really depend on even with the internet connection faltering.

The excellent ad blocking attributes of the UR Browser, as well as its ability to do away with trackers, ensure you have superior page load times compared to other browsers.

Also, with the trackers gone, you can be rest assured there isn’t anyone watching your online activities.

In fact, if you are looking for a browser that is safe and secure, delivers superior performance while still being easy to use, look no further than the UR Browser.

UR Browser

UR Browser

This isn't a simple browser. With excellent ad blocking, UR Browser is perfect even for slow Internet connections.
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UC Browser

UC Browser

The UC Browser is well known for its data-saving abilities. Based on the Chromium platform, the UC Browser does a good job when it comes to compressing images to save on bandwidth.

This is done via the Cloud Boost method which however has to be manually enabled for data compression to work.

You can do this simply by clicking on the icon of a small rocket on the address bar followed by selecting the Enable boost now button.

This will ensure the images are sent to the UCWeb servers where they are compressed to the maximum extent without sacrificing the image quality.

You will also get to see the rocket icon animating while the images are being compressed though there are no statistics to reveal how much data you have saved.

Another highlight of the UC Browser is its superior ad-blocking technology that too contributes to the speed advantage the browser has over others in low bandwidth conditions.

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Yandex Browser

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The Yandex browser is another one to be Chromium-based and comes integrated with data saving means.

In fact, this happens to be similar to the Turbo mode as seen in Opera though the difference here is that in Yandex, the mechanism gets activated automatically.

So, each time the download speeds drop below 128 Kbit/s, the Turbo mode kicks in automatically and acts to convert JPEG images to WebP.

Similarly, HTML gets Gzipped while everything is transferred from the Yandex servers in the SPDY protocol.

This ensures you have speedy performance even in areas with low bandwidth. The Turbo mode gets deactivated if the internet speed is detected to be anywhere above 512 Kbit/s.

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This makes for the four best browsers that come integrated with data saving features. Which one is your choice?

Let us know in the comments area below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2020 and has been since revamped and updated in July 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.