7 Best SEO Reporting Software for Business

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • If you're trying to rank up your website, SEO software is a must for your business.
  • Such tools will help you structure your website better and pick the best links.
  • As the site develops even more, you will be able to study your competition and make the right decisions.
What is the Best SEO Reporting Software for Business

SEO is a term that everybody keeps on hearing since its importance in developing and managing a website is undeniable, but without specialized SEO software, things wouldn’t have gotten so far today.

SEMrush, TrafficTravis, and SEO PowerSuite are only a few of the best tools that can help users maintain a healthy relationship between their websites and search engines by optimizing the content effectively.

What are the best SEO software solutions?

SEMrush – Best for analyzing competitor data

SEMrush is one of the power players when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for good reason, too.

Instead of embracing the role of just another SEO tool, SEMrush took it to the next level and developed an all-in-one suite of tools that could benefit anyone who’s even remotely interested in SEO, regardless of their needs.

This tool’s inventory holds an impressive number of assets that are specialized not only for SEO, but also for PPC (Pay Per Click), social media, content, and competitive research.

SEMrush will help you take a look at your competitors’ best keywords and observing how domains’ position shifts.

You will also discover organic competitors, engage in marketing in a more active manner by localizing ad campaigns, using Audience Insights to target the right consumer group, conduct deep link analysis, gather keywords and phrase matches, analyze markets and niches, and get insights regarding in-market audiences.

The tool suite can be tried for free during its 7-day trial period, but the trial comes to an abrupt stop which automatically continues with a premium subscription plan, turning card credit info into a necessity when registering for a free test run.


Improve your marketing results with a powerful and complex suite that helps you analyze your competition.
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Affilorama – Great for website assessment

Affilorama is an SEO-specialized software solution for Windows computers that can help its users build or improve their website’s online presence by providing them with a wide variety of useful tools.

This utility can be used for free, but it has limited functionality. Even so, it requires registering for an account, which comes with a registration code, which must be input before launching the application for the first time.

Beginners can quickly catch up on how to use Affilorama, as instructional videos and helpful dialogs are available right from the start.

Initially, the program will ask if it should perform a quick analysis of the desired website and will prompt users to select the search engines (along with their edition, if possible) they want to run the scan against.

Among the data that Affilorama will come up with about the desired website, it is possible to find domain authority, Alexa traffic rank, page warnings, XML sitemap, keyword count, potential traffic average, rankings for specified search engine-country combinations, backlinks, and a top of the best five backlinks.

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Although users will probably get to meet Affilorama as a free tool, this version comes with some limitations.

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SEO PowerSuite – Powerful set of tools

SEO PowerSuite's overview

SEO PowerSuite is, as its name boldly indicates, a powerful suite that can help users interested in promoting their website or SEO companies yield promising results with their projects.

The thing about SEO PowerSuite is that it’s actually a suite of individual software solutions that can be used on Windows computers, each of which comprises its own set of features and controls.

Long story short, SEO PowerSuite holds four different programs, each of them specialized in another SEO fragment than the other.

SEO PowerSuite can be downloaded and tested for free, but only for the duration of its 7-day trial, after which a subscription plan must be purchased.

Here is a rundown on some of its included tools:

  • SEO SpyGlass can help users take a sneak-peek at their competitors and see how well they do in terms of ranking
  • Rank Tracker can be a trustworthy ally for users who want to keep a close eye on their website’s ranking and the ranking of their keywords
  • WebSite Auditor performs a complete rundown of one’s website by crawling each page and analyzing the findings in terms of Alexa ranking, content type, or broken links
  • LinkAssistant enables users to increase the online presence of one’s website by helping them bring it closer to Google’s first page

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SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass' main interface

SEO SpyGlass is a nifty SEO-specialized software solution that can give its users the upper hand when it comes to optimizing their websites in order to rank better in search engine results by providing them with handy details about their and their competitors’ websites.

The combination of this program’s user-friendly interface and its intuitive controls should make it possible that virtually anyone could use it without significant effort. Technically, what SEO SpyGlass does is analyze what one’s competitors are doing to snag the top places in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo and give users hints of how to reach the same results.

After performing a thorough scan of the input website, SEO SpyGlass generates a list of results that hold clickable links, minimizing the work that needs to be done by checking the URLs manually.

SEO SpyGlass can be downloaded and tried for a maximum of 7 (seven) days after which a premium subscription plan needs to be purchased.

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Rank Tracker – Very easy to use

Rank Tracker's main screen

Rank Tracker’s name is highly suggestive already to mention that it’s a software solution specialized in SEO.

With the help of this program, users can keep an eye on their website’s ranking on various search engines, and also take a look at how well their keywords rank in the same environments.

Rank Tracker can be understood and used even by computer novices or SEO beginners, given that it packs a user-friendly interface and controls that are easy to figure out.

All that needs to be done in order to perform an analysis with this tool is inputting a valid website address when prompted to do so and letting the program work its magic.

Although users might grow impatient (because it could take a while to process all the keywords), Rank Tracker is actually pretty adamant in its scanning process.

After the scanning process is completed, users can view the ranking for each of their keywords, regardless that they might not even be in the first 100 results.

Rank Tracker can be downloaded and tried for 7 (seven) days but needs a paid subscription to work afterward.

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WebSite Auditor – Great for unexperienced users

WebSite Auditor's interface

WebSite Auditor does SEO at its highest form by making sure that its users’ websites get as close to the top as possible in terms of search engine rankings.

Even though the intro might be a bit off-putting for novices who might have no idea what’s happening, the program is easy to use even by inexperienced Windows PC users or people who have no previous experience with SEO-specialized software.

What makes WebSite Auditor really stand out in the crowd is its ability to optimize websites on two different levels: on-site and on-page, thus giving users the possibility of performing on-domain or on-content enhancements.

The program needs to perform a full assessment of the website it will be working with, to understand if there are any issues with it, such as broken links, duplicate content, unindexed pages, HTML errors, missing meta descriptions, or titles that might be too long.

During the initial scan, there’s pretty much nothing that can be done, since WebSite Auditor needs to complete this analysis before it can get to work in detail.

WebSite Auditor can be downloaded and used for free, but only for 7 (seven) days, after which a premium subscription plan must be purchased in order to use it.

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LinkAssistant's interface

LinkAssistant is an SEO software solution that can help users build a strong online presence for their websites by providing them with all the means to identify link partners and team up with them.

Given that link exchanging is no longer seen as an essential component in SEO due to it being considered an artificial means of promoting one’s content or website, it can still be pretty helpful in boosting websites’ presence if webmasters are careful enough and use specialized software such as LinkAssistant.

The program performs an online lookup based on various criteria, including but not limited to competitor links, relevant keywords, and link submission forms, and then provides users the capability of organizing the results under various categories, for easier management.

LinkAssistant will display only results that rank up high in Google and Alexa rankings, making it difficult to miss top-tier allies.

It is possible to download and try LinkAssistant for free, but only during its 7 (seven) day trial. After that, a premium subscription plan must be purchased in order to use this tool.

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No matter what you plan on using from this list, having any of these on your Windows computer can boost your chances of having a popular website on major search engines through SEO magic.

You should also look at our best local SEO software list because you might also find some interesting ideas as well.

For any other suggestions or insights, don’t hesitate to use our comments section below.