30+ best Windows 11 software that you need to install

by Milan Stanojevic
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  • When it comes to the best software for Windows 11, a reliable antivirus is a must-have.
  • A good and secure browser is essential, for both advanced and less demanding users alike.
  • While not mandatory, professional file archiver software will come in handy on any PC.
best windows 11 software

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Windows 11 is a great operating system that comes with a wide array of apps. While most of them are useful, others are lacking certain features.

This is why many users tend to install third-party software because it does the job better than the built-in ones.

There is a long list of applications that offer more features than their Microsoft counterparts, but today we’re going to focus only on the essential ones.

So, join us while we show you the best Windows 11 software that you should install right after you upgrade.

Are Windows 11’s default apps any good?

This depends heavily on your needs and preferences. For example, the new Photos app in Windows 11 brings several improvements, but it still lacks many advanced features that some users need.

Paint might be a better example since it’s a basic photo editor that everybody is familiar with, but it offers the most basic functionality which makes it useless for any serious tasks.

The default apps are perfect for basic users, but more experienced ones will probably benefit from the advanced abilities that specialized software offers.

Are third-party applications safe to use?

Yes, third-party applications are, in the vast majority of cases, perfectly safe to use, as long as you’re downloading them from a reliable source.

To make sure that the software you’re planning to install is legitimate, always download it from the developer’s website and not from third-party sources.

For extra security, you should scan the setup files with your antivirus software and ensure that the apps are free from malware.

What is the best Windows 11 software to use?

Table of contents:

  1. Antiviruses
  2. Browsers
  3. VPN services
  4. Productivity/office
  5. Media players
  6. Archieving/unarchiving tools
  7. Photo and video editors
  8. PC repair tools
  9. Email clients
  10. Backup & recovery
  11. File management
  12. Social



Although your operating system has pretty solid protection, many prefer using specialized antivirus software for Windows 11.

If you want to be protected against all types of viruses, ransomware, and malware, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the best option.

The software uses Advanced Machine Learning technology, allowing you to detect any suspicious and unknown threats.

To keep you safe from local threats, ESET NOD32 will scan and block flash drives, to minimize the chance of malware infection.

Speaking of which, there’s an exploit blocker, advanced memory scanner, WMI, and UEFI scanner that can detect threats that are deeply hidden.

Besides keeping your computer safe, this antivirus is light on your resources, and you probably won’t even notice that it’s running in the background.

This is achieved by performing virus scans when your system is idle and not in use, thus minimizing its impact on your performance.

Gaming Mode is also there, and you won’t get any notifications that will interfere while playing your favorite titles or using the full-screen apps.

For full control over Internet access, there’s a built-in firewall and secure banking that will keep all your transactions safe.

Lastly, the software offers parental control, allowing you to block harmful websites. Additional features include a webcam, smart devices, and theft protection.

NOD32 Antivirus offers great protection, all while being light on your resources, so it’s one of the must-have applications.

Let’s review some of its best features:

  • Full control over Internet access
  • Built-in firewall
  • Secure banking and online transactions
  • Exploit blocker and advanced memory scanner
  • Advanced machine learning technology


This security software protects you from all types of malware while being extremely light on your resources.

Check price Visit website


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a popular choice amongst Windows users. It runs silently in the background, offering full real-time protection without using up too many resources.

The antivirus uses multi-layered protection to shield your PC against dangerous threats such as ransomware. Not only does it block threats, but it also has data protection features that secure your files against intrusive third parties.

It is proven to detect and protect against all known threats and is able to detect network and system vulnerabilities.

Bitdefender offers users the possibility to browse the web without much worry because it automatically blocks access to and from any suspicious website.

It also gives you an anti-fraud warning whenever an unrecognized or potentially malicious website may require payments or valuable information from you.

Other key features of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus include:

  • Anti-tracker
  • Web attack prevention
  • Online banking security
  • Social media protection
  • Integrated VPN

This antivirus combines its features in order to fully protect your PC, leaving no vulnerabilities behind. It requires a subscription and it offers a 30-day free trial.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Protect your Windows 11 PC with industry-standard antivirus technology.

Free trial Visit website



Microsoft Edge is a solid browser, but it lacks certain features, and this is why many users are switching to different solutions.

One of the most popular options is Opera, and in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a Chromium browser, and it works perfectly with all your Chrome extensions.

However, it has a share of unique features, most notably the built-in ad blocker, so you won’t have to ever deal with ads.

If you’re concerned about your online privacy, you should know that there’s a built-in VPN to make your browsing sessions anonymous.

To make multitasking easier, the browser has a Workspaces feature that allows you to easily organize your tabs.

Thanks to the advanced search feature, you can easily search for open websites by their name or content and switch to them in a matter of seconds.

Opera is perfect for social media since it has Twitter and Instagram integration, but it also allows you to use popular instant messenger services while browsing the web.

As for entertainment, there’s a built-in music player to access several popular music streaming services at any time.

Opera is a great web browser for Windows 11, and if you decide to start using it, be sure to check our guide on how to change the default browser.

Take a look at Opera’s most important features:

  • Built-in free VPN
  • Twitter and Instagram integration
  • Organize your tabs with Workspaces
  • Built-in music player
  • Pop-up video player capability


With extensive features and a built-in ad blocker and VPN, Opera is a great choice for all Windows 11 users.

UR Browser

If you’re looking for online privacy and a way to get rid of trackers and other interruptions, UR Browser can be the ideal choice.

It is relatively new but it will surprise you with a rich feature set and remarkable loading speed.

Its interface is fresh and modern, and the built-in VPN will make sure you become anonymous online with just a click. However, you will need to create a free account for that feature.

There’s also an ad-blocker on board that will help you ward off any distractions and further improve the browsing speed.

Although we liked the existing interface, UR Browser is highly customizable. You can set a wallpaper for the home screen, for instance.

Then, add a lot of favorite websites, news feeds, weather, and widgets to have all your relevant information right there on the start screen.

You will also enjoy the download manager that they claim accelerates the download speed. There is even a built-in antivirus scanner and HTTPS redirection to keep your system safe.

For a free browser, UR Browser sure packs some great features so make sure you try it.

Check out its best features below:

  • Built-in anti-tracking, anti-profiling, and anti-fingerprinting features
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Free VPN
  • High-speed download manager
  • Antivirus scanning

UR Browser

Navigate the web safely with a free VPN-ready browser that will block all unnecessary distractions.

VPN services

Private Internet Access

When it comes to protecting your online privacy, there’s no better tool than Private Internet Access and it works seamlessly on Windows 11 as it did on the older OS.

With its 100% no-log policy, you can be sure that your traffic data won’t ever fall into the wrong hands.

Its best feature is, however, the massive network with high-end servers from 75 countries and more than 15 million users around the world can be a testament to the efficiency of this tool.

Whether you’re playing online games, browsing the web, or streaming content that’s restricted in your region, PIA can make that connection completely secure.

Another important feature is the high-speed connection and unlimited bandwidth that helps you enjoy even the most demanding online multiplayer games and streaming websites.

And with one subscription you protect up to 10 devices simultaneously so, pretty much all the gadgets used by your family.

Lastly, the app interface is extremely friendly and straightforward but if you ever need to ask questions, the support team is available 24/7 to solve any problem.

Let’s see what are its best features:

  • High-speed servers from 75 countries
  • 100% no-logs policy
  • Covers up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-in accessible killswitch

Private Internet Access

Protect your online privacy and get access to any content with geographical restrictions with this premium solution.

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Because you’re looking for speed when you become anonymous online, NordVPN could be an ideal choice since it reports a network overall performance of 6,730+ Mbps.

That is great even for gaming, not only your usual video streaming needs or browsing.

As for the connection nods, this solution offers over 5100 servers all around the world so you can have full coverage wherever you go.

And if you add the NordPass password manager and the NordLocker file encryption cloud solution, you’ve got yourself the complete privacy and security suite.

NordVPN encrypts your connection to log into your accounts, make online payments and bank transfers without worries even if you’re connected to public Wi-Fi.

Like any other reliable VPN solution, NordVPN has a no-log policy when it comes to your data or traffic to be completely safe online.

Let’s see some of its best features:

  • Over 5,100 servers worldwide
  • Ultra-fast connection speed
  • Advanced connection encryption
  • No badwidth limitations
  • Protect up to 6 devices with a single license


Get your private streaming and gaming to the next level with this great offer from NordVPN.

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Microsoft 365

There is no other productivity tool that speaks for Windows better than Microsoft 365 and its office tools.

Whether you’re a student or teacher, working in any business or enterprise environment, you’re definitely using one of the Microsoft 365 products.

Although Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are the popular stars among users, you’re probably using the Outlook email client and back up your data using OneDrive.

And while you’re at the office or working from home, you communicate through Microsoft Teams and use OneNote to keep up with the insights.

Installing Microsoft 365 will just add a piece of familiarity to your Windows 11 and ensure your productivity for any project you’re working on.

The Office suite has greatly evolved over the years and whether you want to create useful reports and stunning presentations, keep your emails in order and communicate safely, this is the solution you need.

Take a look at Microsoft 365’s most important features:

  • Get Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams and Outlook in an attractive package
  • Seamless integration between all apps from the suite
  • Great compatibility with other productivity apps
  • Create professional-looking reports and presentations
  • Smooth integration within businesses and enterprises

Microsoft 365

Get your Office suite of applications and stay ahead in the productivity game with this complete solution.

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WPS Office

Sooner or later, you’ll need to work with documents, and not many can purchase expensive tools. Luckily, there are many great Microsoft Office alternatives that you can use.

WPS Office is an ultra-light and small office suite with a unique interface that allows you to easily open any file that you need.

Each document, spreadsheet, or presentation is opened as a separate tab, allowing you to work with multiple file types from a single application.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s possible to use Microsoft Office files, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues.

The software also supports PDF editing, as well as conversion, allowing you to convert them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or JPG formats.

Additional features include file repair, picture to text, and there’s even 1GB of cloud storage available, so you can access your documents on different devices.

WPS Office is a small and simple office suite, that’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a home user.

Its best features will convince you to try it:

  • Compatible with all document formats, including Office
  • PDF editing features
  • Converts PDF documents in Office or JPG formats
  • 1GB cloud storage available
  • Ultra-light and affordable

WPS Office

Easy to use, and compatible with all document formats, WPS Office is a must-have on Windows 11.

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Soda PDF

Soda PDF is definitely one of the best alternatives for Adobe Acrobat DC that gives you all the necessary tools to create, edit, and convert PDF documents at your convenience.

Basically, you edit PDF documents just like with a word processor by adding, removing, changing, or modifying the text and fonts directly in the PDF.

This tool also has combiner, joiner, and splitter features for your PDF files but you will still be able to make modifications to the documents in the process.

For instance, you can extract the pages you don’t need or add more, change their order, and more.

Soda PDF comes in two versions, Standard and Pro. The Pro version has more features that help you transform scanned PDF files into editable and searchable documents and annotate your documents and create custom forms.

About the PDF transformation, it can be achieved by using an advanced OCR feature that detects all the characters from an image and converts them into a digital form.

The app also has a digital signage option and can password protect your documents to send them completely safe.

Let’s look at Soda PDF’s best features:

  • Create editable PDF forms
  • E-sign and OCR features
  • Edit, create, convert, compress, merge and split PDF
  • Convert PDF files into other popular formats
  • Also available in the Cloud

Soda PDF

Manage your PDF documents with a great and affordable Adobe Acrobat alternative.

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Whether you’re an editor or you just need to double-check your spelling when you write your emails, Grammarly can be an excellent assistant.

We’re talking about an award-winning grammar checker for Windows that has a desktop version or online for you to access directly in your browser. The best part is that it’s available free of charge.

It also comes as a Google Chrome extension to detect grammar mistakes, spelling errors and helps you improve the construction of sentences.

Grammarly allows you to check for plagiarism so if you’re writing or verifying a thesis or a book, this is one of the best solutions.

But coming back to spelling, experts say that this tool catches up to ten times more mistakes than your word processor.

Apart from the common grammar issues, Grammarly also detects and suggests corrections for preposition errors, irregular verb conjugations, improper usage of nouns, and misused words.

Let’s see some of its best features below:

  • Unparalleled grammar errors detection
  • It makes corrections to all content on any platform
  • Quick detection and suggestions
  • Whole sentences analysis
  • Plagiarism checker


Check and correct your spelling and sentences quickly on any platform with this great tool.


If you need a tool that can get you quickly out of writer’s block or simply express your thoughts better, QuillBot is a great helping tool.

It’s a software tool that can rephrase your sentences with just a click and it’s ideal for academic, personal, or business purposes.

The program has built-in vocabulary enhancement features. For instance, the AI-powered thesaurus will help you find synonyms and we all know that finding the right word is pretty hard sometimes.

Its friendly interface integrates directly into Google Docs and Chrome Extension, to make the changes right from the corresponding platform.

Using the tool is very straightforward. You just copy the text in the window and hit the Quill button to start analyzing it.

The most important aspect is that Quill will intelligently keep the meaning of your sentences while rephrasing them.

Let’s review some of its most important features:

  • Google Docs and Chrome Extension integration
  • Great synonyms finder
  • 700 characters on a free plan
  • Advanced grammar checker
  • Extremely easy to use


Paraphrase your text, enhance, and correct your spelling with this clever tool.


If you’re working from home and you’re looking for a fast and reliable conferencing software solution, Mikogo may be the first option for your Windows 11 device.

Its main capability is an excellent screen-sharing function but you will also find voice conferencing, an interactive whiteboard, a multi-monitor option, and many more.

You won’t need any external file sharing app because this tool offers file transfer with up to 200 MB. That will take care of those big files you can’t send through by email.

With this app, you are able to record your screen and VoIP call and include them in a presentation video for instance.

Truth be told, Mikogo is more business-oriented but it’s also perfect for personal usage so you should give it a try.

Key features that you are about to enjoy:

  • Send files of up to 200 MB each
  • Set up meetings in advance
  • High-quality VoIP call
  • Advanced Annotation Tool 
  • Instant chat messages


Collaborate with your peers using this ultimate conferencing tool that features screen sharing.

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Media players

GOM Player

GOM Player is one of the most popular video players and that’s for a very good reason: it plays almost any video file you may think of.

But that’s just the start because after you get the movie, you will need a subtitle. Looking for it online is a long shot.

GOM has been adding subtitles to their library for over 10 years so you will definitely find one even for older movies as well as for the new ones.

So, when you load the video, the player automatically searches and syncs subtitles for the movie so you don’t need to do a thing about it.

Prepare for full emersion because this player also supports 360 degrees VR playback so next time when you travel to a new place, you will be able to see it beforehand on your player.

GOM Player is free but if you want to get rid of the ads and enjoy 4K UHD movies, you will need to pay for the Plus version.

Let’s go through some of its best features:

  • Outstanding file format support
  • Huge library of subtitles
  • Subtitles are added and synced automatically
  • 360 degrees VR playback
  • 4K UHD movies with the paid version

GOM Player Plus

Enjoy your movies completed with subtitles on a player that supports all video formats.

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Cyberlink Power DVD

If you tend to enjoy multimedia, you’ll need a universal media player, and the best choice for many users is Cyberlink Power DVD.

The software supports over 50 different video formats, including MP4, MKV, HEVC, etc., so you’ll be able to play any file without issues.

You can also play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, ISO files, Ultra HD video, and as well as 4K and 8K videos. To enjoy the best movie quality, there’s a TrueTheater feature for picture enhancement.

Regarding the audio support, this player works with a wide array of audio files, but it also supports Dolby Digital Surround, DTS, and Hi-Res Audio.

Unlike other similar applications, Cyberlink Power DVD offers support for 360 videos, VR playback, and spatial audio.

It’s worth mentioning that the application supports casting, and it works with Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV.

Overall, Cyberlink Power DVD is an incredibly powerful media player, and with support for Blu-ray, 4K, and 8K video, it’s one of the most reliable multimedia apps.

Let’s see some of its best features:

  • Plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs, ISO files, Ultra HD video, as well as 4K and 8K videos
  • Dolby Digital Surround, DTS, and Hi-Res Audio support
  • 360 video, VR playback, and spatial audio
  • Works with Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV
  • Supports over 50 different video formats, including MP4, MKV, and HEVC

Cyberlink Power DVD

With support for a wide array of formats, and both 4K and 8K, Cyberlink Power DVD is one of the best media players for your PC.

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VLC Media Player

VLC is probably the most popular free and open-source media player out there because of its versatility and file-type support.

It simply plays everything, comes with all the codec packs you may ever need for your videos, and runs on almost any platform.

In terms of personalization, you will find tons of skins to download and add, that if you don’t want to create your own by using the dedicated VLC skin editor.

And if this isn’t enough, you can even add extensions, exactly like you would do on a browser to enhance your experience.

Expert Tip: Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken. We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
Click here to download and start repairing.

This media player has everything, from SAP/SDP announces to ActiveX plugin, CPU acceleration, and not only.

Take a look at its key features below:

  • Plays any audio and video file format
  • Video and subtitle synchronisation
  • Codec packs are built-in
  • Full customizable features
  • Simple and efficient interface

Get VLC Media Player

Archieving/unarchiving tools


File archives are one of the most convenient ways to share multiple files, and you’ll encounter them on your PC eventually.

While your operating system can work with ZIP archives, many users tend to use specialized software to compress and extract Windows 11 files.

The best tool for this job is WinZip, and it works with more than 25 different formats, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZ, ISO, GZIP, and many others.

The application is incredibly simple and straightforward to use, and it allows you to unzip files or create archives with ease.

Support for batch processing allows you to extract multiple archives simultaneously thus making the processes faster. If needed, the software can also repair damaged archives and restore files.

If you want to ensure the privacy of data, you’ll be pleased to hear that the security features include 256-bit AES encryption and a password.

You can also use WinZip for backup purposes, and even store your files in the cloud to make sure that they aren’t lost in case any issues occur.

Speaking of upload, there’s a useful feature that lets you split your archives, thus making it easier for you to send your data and share it with others.

Lastly, the software can work as a simple file manager, and while this feature is fairly limited, it might come in handy if you want to perform quick operations with your files.

Overall, WinZip is one of the best compression tools, and if you work with archives frequently, be sure to try it out.

A glance at its best features below:

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Supports more than 25 different formats
  • Great back-up capabilities
  • Can password-protect the contents
  • Easy installation and management


If you want to compress your files easily and open any type of archive, be sure to give WinZip a try.

Free trial <a href="https://go.windowsreport.com/WinZIP?aff_sub=https://windowsreport.com/best-windows-11-software/&aff_sub2=<em>Native Visit website


WinRAR has over 500 million users worldwide so if you’re using a PC, you have at least heard about it, that’s if you’re not using it right now.

As you probably know, the main applicability of this tool is to compress your data and transfer them easily.

However, WinRAR does a lot more than that, it applies military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to your archive and protects it with a password so you can share it securely.

Moreover, this tool has a built-in virus scanner that prevents the unpacking of an infected archive to protect your system.

If your volume of data is really big, split the archive into volumes of the desired capacity. It’s that simple!

Then, create self-extracting archives so that the recipient doesn’t need to have unarchiving software to extract them.

WinRAR is very fast, and you can test it before purchasing it so, if you need an archiving tool, you should definitely try it.

You will benefit from these great features:

  • Can handle a lot of archive formats, including WinZip
  • Built-in password manager for archives
  • Fast compression
  • Creation of self-extracting archives
  • AES 265-bit encryption


Archive and backup your data fast and safely with AES 265-bit encryption and a password manager.

Free trial Visit website

Photo and video editors

Adobe Lightroom

Let’s face it! Everybody thinks about Photoshop when they need to edit their photos but you don’t need such a complex tool for minor changes and enhancements.

For that, Adobe Lightroom might be a lot better to start with and you also don’t need too much skill to use it too.

This tool handles photo culling tasks exceptionally and it can also help you sort out your photos after you’re done editing.

The friendly user interface will allow you to perform any actions intuitively and as fast as possible.

It’s also important to know that the app works on multiple platforms so you can work on any device and automatically sync your media with cloud storage.

Note that Adobe Lightroom is a subscription-based program, but it’s also available for 7 days of free testing.

Here are some of the benefits of using Adobe Lightroom:

  • Great for basic editing and image sorting
  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator integration
  • Batch process images using the Quick Develop panel
  • Simple and friendly UI
  • Basic photo enhancement features

Adobe Lightroom

Edit your photos with this premium solution that comes with all the tools you need to enhance your images.

Check price Get it now

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best software for video editing and it comes with complex tools to create professional-quality productions. It is dedicated to moviemakers so it’s not going to be easy to use if you’re a beginner.

However, it’s never too late to learn and you will find some masterclass tutorials on their website that will definitely help you get to advanced skills pretty fast.

The user interface is not too straightforward and it’s understandable since it’s dedicated to cinematography professionals, but at least you can work intuitively with the timelines for storytelling.

Among the loved features of this tool, there is the interactive reframing of the video that helps you optimize the video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media.

Adobe Premiere Pro’s animation tools include the transitions of series, motion graphics, and more great options to turn your creation into a masterpiece.

The software is available for Windows and Mac, the content creators, and video editors’ preferred platforms.

Take a look at some of its best features:

  • Advanced video editing for professionals
  • Motion graphics templates
  • Can handle simultaneous projects
  • Large video effects library
  • VR video editing

Adobe Premiere Pro

Get the best professional video editing tool that even has VR video editing features.

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Clip Studio Paint

If you are into pixel painting and you’re on a tight budget, Clip Studio Paint can be the perfect choice for Windows 11.

It features a varied selection of brush tools and vectors that will allow you to create professional-looking graphics without much effort.

A drawing tablet would greatly help because this app works great on them and it can detect 8192 levels of pen pressure, being ideal for drawing.

Clip Studio Paint offers a huge library of new materials that you can check out in the Assets section.

The brushes can be customized to your preferences so you’re like in a limitless tool supply depot where you find anything you need.

Use this tool to create any design, from products, characters, cartoons, and even animated scenes so you should try it now for free.

Here are some key features of Clip Studio Paint:

  • Can help you create animations
  • Friendly interface
  • Editable brushes
  • Great value for money
  • Detects up to 8192 levels of pen pressure

Clip Studio Paint

Create any graphics design with this versatile tool that can work even on drawing tablets.

Free trial Visit website

Movavi Screen Recorder

Whether you want to create helpful tutorials, record your awesome gaming performance, or just want to make a simple screen caption, Movavi Screen Recorder will capture everything.

It’s a simple and effective tool but it supports hardware acceleration and it even records your webcam footage with exceptional quality.

The most important feature is however the scheduling tool. You can create tasks to record a portion or all the screen right when you want, set the duration and then shut down the PC or put it to sleep.

And the recording process is extremely simple. You just set up the recording area and settings and hit the Record button.

Then, the basic but efficient editor will help you cut any unwanted part and save it on your PC or Google Drive or simply share it on WhatsApp, Telegram, email, and YouTube.

And while you save the video, you can do so in Full HD or even 4K resolution, so you don’t lose the slightest detail of your caption.

The tool comes with a free trial version, but all your recordings will be saved with a watermark. If you want to get rid of it, you will need to buy the full version.

Let’s see a couple of its best features:

  • Friendly interface with simple controls
  • Save your video recordings in 4K
  • Lots of saving and sharing options
  • Hardware acceleration support
  • Schedule your recording tasks

Movavi Screen Recorder

Record everything on your screen or webcam even in 4K with this simple app.

Free trial Visit website

PC repair


Restoro is the ultimate restoration tool for your PC so it should definitely be one of the survival kit apps for your Windows 11.

And if you were wondering, the software is perfectly safe and recognized by all the important security services including Microsoft, ESET, Bitdefender, and others.

Restoro gets you out of a lot of trouble resolving problems like Windows errors including the dreaded BSoD, it repairs damaged DLLs, recovers your system from various crashes, and more.

Even more, one of its key features is malware and virus removal. And after that, it also repairs the files damaged by them.

By replacing the corrupted system files and repairing the core, Restoro actually improves the stability of your PC.

However, it’s important to know that this tool doesn’t repair third-party software or your hardware, it only handles your system.

The free version of the tool will perform a complete system scan on your PC but it won’t repair them. You will need to buy the full version for that.

Take a look at Restoro’s best features:

  • One-click system repair
  • Recovers your PC from crashes
  • Rapairs damaged DLL
  • Replaces corrupted system files
  • Great speed and simple usage


Recover your PC from critical errors and crashes and fix all damaged system files with this premium tool.

Check price Get it now


CCleaner is a versatile app that helps you erase junk files, clean potentially unwanted data, and fix your registry.

And because it clears all the clutter from your system, your PC will receive a real performance boost so this is one of those apps that you really need.

More than that, if you opt-in for a Professional or Professional Plus version, you will also benefit from a driver updater tool.

However, even with the free version, you will get the PC Health Check tool that analyzes, fixes, and tunes your computer’s performance.

With CCleaner, you get to choose which apps can use resources and remove tracking files and browsing data to protect your privacy.

The paid versions get you a software updater, a browser history cleaner, and a lot more tools that will tune up your computer.

Check out its best features below:

  • Free version available
  • Cleans your PC from junk files with a single click
  • Automatic browser history cleaner
  • Software and driver updater with the paid version
  • Very easy to use


Clean your PC from junk files, fix your registry and tune it up with this simple tool.

Email clients


If you want to have all your email accounts in one place and integrate social media, Mailbird can be the right email client for your Windows 11.

Yes, in this program you have built-in apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist, and many more.

Gone are the days where you were looking for an email in vane. The interface is very well organized and the advanced search options will help you find that important message in seconds.

Users will enjoy the keyboard shortcuts for all the important actions including archiving, composing, replying, forwarding, and many more.

Mailbird also comes with plenty of customization options with the free themes and it’s also possible to set it to Dark.

Let’s review some of its best features:

  • Unified contacts and inbox
  • Advanced search options for emails and attachments
  • Customizable friendly interface
  • Built-in social media apps
  • Speed Reader included


Unify your accounts, contacts, and emails in a single, easy-to-use email client.

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When you don’t want to invest in an email client, Thunderbird can be the best choice out there and for a free product, it’s pretty complex.

For starters, it’s the only such program that can receive add-ons, just like a browser to improve its capabilities.

Thunderbird uses a multi-process scheme. That means it’s dividing the program operation into multiple processes and that can make it a lot faster than other competitors.

As for the features, the email client includes a PDF viewer so you can read and even edit the documents right there, without leaving the interface.

Depending on your reading habits, set its interface up and enlarge the icons and text for more convenient usage.

Thunderbird works great on Windows 11 and although it doesn’t have all the fancy features from other paid email clients, it performs flawlessly.

Take a look at some of its most important features:

  • PDF viewer
  • Customizable interface
  • Completely free
  • Multiple-process capabilities
  • Free available add-ons

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Backup & repair

Aomei Backupper

We can’t stress enough the importance of backing up your data regularly and AOMEI Backupper is one of the best backup software that you can use on Windows 11.

Designed for Windows workstations and servers, this tool supports automatization. That means it allows you to schedule all your backups.

You don’t even need to stop using the machine because the Hot Backup feature performs the backup silently in the background.

If you’re an advanced user, you will be happy to hear that AOMEI Backuper also supports command-line input for even faster actions.

The backup destinations are limitless. This tool can save your data to internal or external drives, NAS or network share, and to various cloud storage platforms.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for reliable and fast automatic backup software, we really suggest trying this solution out.

With Aomei Backupper you will benefit from these best features:

  • Command-line support for advanced users
  • System, disk, partition, and file/directory backup
  • File syncing support
  • Automate backups with scheduling and event-triggered scheduling
  • External/local drives, DVDs, NAS, network share, or cloud storage backup

Aomei Backupper

Perform scheduled and complete backups with this great premium tool that also offers file syncing.

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Stellar Data Recovery

Losing sensitive data can be disastrous but fortunately, you can get them back with a simple tool like Stellar Data Recovery.

It is a data recovery solution designed for Windows PCs, which is for all the good reasons the most popular external hard drive recovery software.

The tool comes with advanced data recovery features that will help you restore various types of files, including documents, videos to audio files, and more.

But most important, it can recover deleted or corrupted files from almost any internal or external storage like hard drives, USB drives, and memory cards.

And if your PC suffered a critical crash, Stellar Data Recovery will step in to recover even a lost Windows partition, whether it’s NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, or ExFAT.

The solution is distributed as free or premium (paid) versions. The free package offers 1GB of storage and it’s designed for home or personal use

Of course, if you need advanced features for professional usage, you should go for the premium package that also includes unlimited storage.

Take a look at its best features below:

  • Partition recovery
  • Recovers deleted or corrupted files
  • Supports almost any internal or external storage devices
  • 1GB storage for the free version and unlimited storage for the paid version
  • Very easy to use

Stellar Data Recovery

Recover your corrupted or deleted files from any storage media with this clever tool.

File management

File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus is a universal file viewer that works great on Windows 11 and can open and display more than 400 different file types, including RAW camera photos.

So, obviously, it’s a more advanced alternative for the old File Manager and will handle even the most uncommon or unknown file types.

Plus, this tool doubles as an editor and converter for all formats and therefore it should be one of the most useful apps on your PC.

Moreover, it also manages compression and uncompression of your archives and the cherry on top is the built-in media player.

But its best feature has to be the one giving the software’s name and in that respect, File Viewer Plus offers an instant preview of your files directly in the browser.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • File Inspector to view the file contents
  • Native support for over 400 file types
  • Advanced view, edit, and convert functionalities
  • Basic image editing
  • File metadata display

File Viewer Plus

Open, edit and manage all your files with this tool that supports over 400 file types.

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Its creators say that Passware is the best decryption solution on the market and the claim seems pretty accurate as this tool can recover and reset passwords from over 80 file types and over 300 document types.

And although that alone is very impressive, we can add the fact that it also detects any encrypted files on your PC.

You don’t have to take the files one by one because Passware is able to perform bulk password recovery.

Therefore, all the recovered passwords are automatically stored in a report, so you will be able to access a very comprehensive list, ready to be used.

But that’s still not all. The software can recover even local admin passwords and Live ID passwords so if you forgot any of those, you’re saved.

You don’t need to worry about your mobile because Passware extracts and decrypts data from Android and iOS devices too.

The best features of Passware include:

  • Passtord recovery in bulk
  • Automatically detects encrypted files on your machine
  • Burns password-reset CDs
  • Displays account properties
  • Local Admin and Live ID password reset


This premium tool will detect any encrypted files and recover the passwords automatically.

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If you want to have your own personal chat space with your friends, Paltalk is a great alternative. It’s a video chat app that supports all major formats, including desktop and mobile.

Create your own public virtual chat room and feel free to talk with your peers by voice or text messages.

Paltalk also works as a social platform so you can join any of the public chatrooms on various topics that may be of interest.

Its interface is straightforward and the interactions with your chat buddies include giving and receiving stickers and gifts to complete the conversation.

There have been over 100 million downloads for this app so it seems pretty popular so whether you want to catch up with your old friends or meet new ones, give Paltalk a try.

Check out its most important features:

  • Available for free
  • Friendly and simple interface
  • Voice, video and text communication
  • Join public chatrooms of your favorite topics
  • Lots of fun features and customization

Get Paltalk

What are the differences between freeware and paid software?

Freeware software comes without any costs, and this means that it’s perfect for personal, and often for professional needs as well, without any restrictions.

There’s no need to purchase a license for a single PC, instead, you can install the application on as many computers as you want. This is perfect if you’re running a small business and don’t afford commercial software.

Despite these advantages, freeware software might not be as well maintained as its paid counterparts, but this depends on the developer or the company behind it.

Commercial applications usually offer more features, especially ones that are used by professionals, and they often have better support.

However, such software costs, and in most cases, you’ll need to buy a single license for every PC that you want to run it on.

Can I download Win32 apps from the Microsoft Store?

In the latest version of Windows, Microsoft Store will finally allow you to download Win32 software. As you know, in Windows 10 you were limited only to Universal apps, but that’s not the case anymore.

By using this feature, users will be able to download all the applications they need from a single hub. In addition, all software will be approved by Microsoft, thus ensuring that it’s free from malware.

To learn more about how this feature works, we suggest that you read more about Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

This is some of the best Windows 11 software that you need to install on your PC as soon as you upgrade.

While it’s not mandatory to have all of these tools on your computer, we highly recommend at least installing a reliable antivirus and changing the default browser.

What are the programs that you’re using on daily basis on your PC? Share your must-have apps with us in the comments section below.

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