7+ must-have free Windows 11 apps [2022 Guide]

by Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
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  • The user experience on Windows 11 can be further enhanced by adding 3rd-party applications originally not included in the Windows installation. 
  • You should download apps from the Microsoft store because they are verified by Microsoft, and if you download from other sources, ensure they are reputable sources. 
  • Use an antivirus and VPN whenever you are interacting with the internet to keep your information safe from cyber attacks
windows 11 free apps

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Windows 11 is the successor to Windows 10 and Microsoft’s most recent operating system.

This latest version of Windows has several updates and new features. It is positioned as the perfect OS for work, business, and even relaxation.

Even though you may love the look of a brand new OS, it comes with some drawbacks; one glaring one is that it is bare of some important software.

We like to explore some of the best free software to install on your newly upgraded Windows 11 PC in this article. This list will be made up entirely of our top recommended free tools.

What are the best free apps for Windows 11?

Opera Browser

windows 11 free apps

Although Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 11, it is bereft of some features that other browsers may offer.

On the Windows 11 operating system, Opera has a feature-rich interface.

Since 2013, the browser has been running on Google’s open-source Chromium. That implies you may modify your experience by installing any web extension from the extensive list on Google’s library.

One of Opera’s most valuable and attractive features is messaging app and social integration, which does not require an extension. Popular platforms are available directly in the browser and may be accessed and exited as needed.

Opera remains among the few browsers that have an internal VPN. This feature allows you to hide your IP address and can be switched on or off as needed. 

Additional features:

  • Integrated music player
  • Feature for organizing tabs and workspaces
  • Pop-up video feature


Enjoy secure browsing with this Chromium web browser.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

windows 11 free apps

Adobe Photoshop Express is the perfect Windows 11 picture editor.

Even for the newbie to picture editing, it’s perfectly designed, and everything is quickly and easily accessible.

To use this tool, you don’t need any browser plugins; simply upload a photo and you’re set to go. Only JPG files with a resolution of less than 16MP and a width of less than 8,191 pixels are supported by Photoshop Express Editor.

Edit and Decorate functions are separated into two tool groups. Standard features like saturation correction, resizing, cropping, and white balance are included in the Edit category.

The decorate category has a selection of WhatsApp-style stickers for modifying images before posting on your favorite social media. Texts on decorations cannot be edited, but you may adjust, resize, modify, and rotate them.

Additional features:

  • Auto fix
  • Red eye remover
  • Spot heal
  • Temperature and tint

Adobe Photoshop Express

Create business and personal images with this professional-grade graphics editor.

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Canva is a must-have whether you’re a newbie designer or a professional graphic designer.

It’s a web-based design tool but also has a desktop version for creating visual material for online and offline brand marketing.

Canva has a robust repertoire of templates and components to choose from when creating designs for professional and personal use.

The utility is free, but the premium version adds more functionality. So, for example, you’ll be able to use brand kits from your collection to enhance your visual content.

To use Canva, you’ll need to sign up using an email address, Facebook, Google, or Apple account. 

After that, you’ll select your account type: teacher, student, small or large business, personal, or non-profit. Templates and other resources will be suggested based on the account type you select.

Additional features:

  • Video editing
  • Image cropping and trimming
  • Curved texts
  • Animation


Create exceptional free personal and business graphics with Canva

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Even though the Grammar Checker has been available for almost ten years, continuous enhancements have made it a valuable writing tool.

Grammarly is a one-stop-shop for grammar, spell checking, proofreading, and plagiarism detection. 

You will get the most of this app if you are a content writer, blogger, student, or author. The app will assist you in comprehending many of those arcane grammatical rules. 

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The simple program will detect spelling flaws, grammatical faults, plagiarism difficulties, punctuation errors, and other issues.

Grammarly is more than simply a mistake detector; it also provides extensive analyses of your linguistic faults, allowing you to improve as a writer gradually.

Additional features:

  • Passive voice checker
  • Wordy sentence checker
  • Chrome browser extension


Download Canva for a premium text editing and correction experience.

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VLC Media Player

windows 11 free apps

VLC Media Player is widely used, probably because it is free and supports a wide range of file types without requiring additional codecs. In addition, the app can optimize audio and video playback for Windows 11 and supports streaming.

The media player is able to play videos while they’re being downloaded. This feature will allow you to see the first few minutes of a movie before deciding if it’s worth downloading.

ZIP files may also be played without a need to extract them.

After media has been downloaded, there is an option to boost the volume of the movie up to 200 percent.

This app also has the ability to look for album covers. Multiple files may be played in succession using the playlist feature.

Additional features:

  • Hardware decoding
  • It supports 0-copy on the GPU

Get VLC Media Player

Drawboard PDF

Regarding marking up and annotating PDFs, Drawboard PDF is utilized by experts and provides the features that many individuals require.

The program is available for free download; however, there are some in-app purchases. You might also utilize the trial to try out all of the features.

Its extensive features make it the only program you’ll ever need to work with a variety of documents. Its design is fluid and impressive, allowing you to quickly understand how to use all its capabilities.

Additional features:

  • Color picker integration
  • Text review export
  • Digital protractor

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windows 11 free apps

The Netflix app has a few advantages over the Netflix website, the most notable is the full resolution and the option to download series.

Netflix defaults to 720p in practically all browsers, which is absurd given that 1080p is the basic minimum on almost every monitor these days.

Higher resolutions are officially supported by just the Netflix Windows App and Edge browser. 

Large thumbnails for movies or series may be seen on the main page. The selection is organized into categories. You can see all items within a category by scrolling horizontally. By scrolling down, you see additional categories.

Note that to watch Netflix while commuting, it is recommended to download ahead of time rather than relying on the chances of a good Wi-Fi signal.

Additional features:

  • Cortana integration
  • Playback function
  • Advanced search

Get Netflix

Is it safe to download 3rd-party apps from the internet?

We have discussed a few important apps to have on your Windows 11 PC. But is it really safe to download apps from the internet?

Most of the apps discussed are from the Microsoft store. Microsoft validates all app in the store to ensure your privacy and security is not compromised. When downloading from other sources on Windows 11, make sure you do your research, and only download from reputable sources.

It would help if you also used anti-virus and a VPN to ensure you remain as safe as possible any time you interact with the internet.

This list of windows 11 free apps is not exhaustive but contains some of our favorite must-have applications. We will like to know which of the apps you have used and loved, and look forward to reading your comments.

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