5 best Windows games for 5-year-olds

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Key notes

  • Some parents don't know what game to choose for their children. If you are one of them, you'll find below the best Windows games for 5-year-olds.
  • If your kids are passionate about the Star Wars film series, we have an option that will surely fulfill their needs.
  • For a superhero movie-inspired virtual experience, you should definitely take a look at this article.
  • In order to obtain more strategic skills, our guide will surely come up with an incredible solution.
5 best windows games for 5 year olds

Choosing a video game for your children might be a hard decision, and that’s because you know they deserve only the best.

The capabilities that a game for youngsters must have are extremely diverse, and the perfect one needs to offer a perfect balance between them.

Probably one of the most important features that a game must deliver is the ability to improve strategic skills. Besides that, creating an extensive creative perception is an aspect that must be considered.

Our guide will show you some of the best Windows games for 5-year-olds. Make sure you read it completely, to find the one the suits your kid the most.

What are the best Windows games for 5-year-olds?

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a game that has some extremely robust creation tools. With its fundamental structure, any youngster who has ever played Lego before will be familiar with our recommendation.

It is one of the simplest third-person adventure games, created around digital bricks, collectibles, and plenty to explore. It allows kids to build constructions in a 3D procedurally generated world.

By playing this game, your child will acquire some complex skills and abilities. Thus, the Lego Worlds’ tools are introduced one by one. In these terms, your children will have to solve different types of ingenious puzzles.

But advantages don’t stop here. Your kid will also be able to practice copy and paste structures, raise and flatten land and scenery, and also build brick-by-brick.

Thus, players will be allowed to create their own world by using predefined Lego structures and bringing up some of the most incredible works of art.

The diversity of biomes and Lego imaginative creation let children discover their abilities, in an adventurous and enjoyable way.

In these terms, is no doubt that this game represents a perfect toy for your kids’ creativity, preparing them for school first-years.

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Lego Star Wars

If you want a game that will never disappoint your children, who are definitely looking for fun, we strongly recommend considering Lego Star Wars.

Some users affirmed that they had much more fun playing this game than watching the actual movie. Thus, your kids will experience untold adventures, set before the Star Wars.

With its easy and accessible gameplaying, children will be put in an amazing world. Moreover, they’ll be able to play with specific characters, based on each scene of the movie.

Lego Star Wars comes with a total of 59 playable characters. They can be collected by completing levels or by purchasing them during Dexter’s Dinner.

It’s important that up to two gamers can control the champs, using some different abilities. If you’re also game-passionate, you can play alongside your child, detaching yourself from the stressful routine.

To unlock certain interesting chapters, the player will have to complete all the game’s levels. Therefore, it comes as a reward, and it’s probably that your kids will feel much more motivated to reach it.

Another cool thing about this game is the soundtrack. The producers used the same background music as in the Star Wars movies. Considering this, your youngsters’ virtual experience will be complete.

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Lego: The Incredibles

Lego The Incredibles’ stories merge both the Incredibles’ well-known movie and the specific features of all Lego editions.

Your kids will be able to control each member of the Parr family, using plenty of supernatural abilities.

Thus, children can use Mr. Incredible’s brute strength or Elastigirl’s rubber limbs. Among other important characters, we can mention Dash with his speed or Violet with her force field and power blasts.

Each character has a set of combo moves and special super combat that can be charged. Therefore, Lego The Incredibles allows kids to exercise strategic action plans and to show who’s the best in-game.

Players can choose to play from different perspectives. They can either solve puzzles, beat up enemies, or destroy the scenery to earn studs.

The music is, of course, borrowed from the Incredibles movies. This is also a cool aspect considering a full game experience. Taking a look at its graphics performance, it looks and feels as good as any of the previous Lego games.

Overall, Lego The Incredibles is an extremely cool superhero game, that will allow your kids to enjoy a full incredible gameplay experience.

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All-Star Fruit Racing

With All-Star Fruit Racing your kids will experience incredible action, filled with rift through looping bends, soar over monumental jumps, and defy gravity itself around tubular tracks.

What’s extremely nice about this game are its explosively colorful racer bursting with championships.

As expected, the main characters of the game are fruits bursting with specific personalities and, of course, with unique powers.

To unlock audacious power-ups, players have to collect fruits and then perform the mix-and-matching fruit juice. This is the access key to the cocktail of ultra-powerful skills, capable of turning the whole race upside-down

All-Star Fruit Racing also allows gamers to put their original stamp on the races. Thus, after winning championships, they’ll be able to unlock additional vehicle parts and skins.

There over 32,000 possible variations from where players can choose to build their own kart.

The game offers three different difficulties and also plenty of additional modes, including custom championships, drag races, and elimination battles for the ultimate racing game experience.

Not to mention that your children can challenge the All-Fruit Star Racing world also on PlayStation or Xbox One in 8-player online races.

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Tetris Ultimate

Probably one of the most popular old games that we all know is Tetris. Thus, our last recommendation is the newest one, Tetris Ultimate. This game is available in six different modes.

First of all, we have the Marathon Mode. Playing gamers need to break down 10 horizontal lines. Maybe it sounds simplistic, but it’s kind of challenging.

Another interesting mode is the Sprint one. It requires destroying 40 lines as fast as it can be done, without getting filled up to the top. This mode can be great for youngsters to get a competitive head-on, boosting against friends!

Ultra Mode looks pretty much the same as the previous one, but this one limits the player at 3 minutes to score as much as he can.

We can also talk about the Battle Mode and the Battle Ultimate one. These are perfect for running a friendly game turn into a battle of survival. Thus, every cleared lane will be sent to one of your enemies.

The Battle Ultimate Mode looks exactly like Battle Mode, except the player is able to use power-ups to change the effects of the game.

The Endless Mode is a hard one, where the gamer is not able to resume where he left. Note that this is not available until the player completes the Marathon Mode.

Comparing it to the older versions, Tetris Ultimate works also on devices like PlayStation, Xbox One, or Nintendo. So, using it on different peripherals can create unique experiences.

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Find out how many hours children spend gaming weekly

Because monitoring your children’s online activity is important for each parent, we’ll come up with some statistics of hours spent on gaming weekly by kids.

The study was made for a period between 2013 and 2017. Its main focus is based on children between ages 3 and 15 years.

Source: Medium

As you can see from the graph above, children between 12 and 15 years spend the most time on gaming. From what we observe, kids between 3 and 7 years old obtained some of the lowest scores.

Moreover, besides the youngest category, the study indicates progressive growth during all years. Thus, in 2017, the average spent hours was between a total of 5.9 and 12.2.

Kids alerts distribution by virtual categories

Going forward, as parents, we should consider the type of activity that our children are running in the virtual world. Thus, we propose to you a graph from Kaspersky Safelist studies.

In the section below you’ll find statistics related to the kids alerts distribution, by category, from June 2019 through May 2020.

As you can observe, 39,11% of the studied children prefer software, audio, and video activities, while 24,16% choose Internet communication media.

Third-ranked preference is the computer games activity, which was registered in 15,98% of presented cases.

Prepare yourself for your teen child

The importance of monitoring your kids’ online activity increase while your children are growing. Once they become teens, they are much more exposed to violent or emotionally harmful content.

Thus, we prepared some statistics, conducted by a famous research center, on how parents monitor their teen’s digital behavior.

As we can observe, checking which websites their teen visited is the most popular monitor made by the parents. Moreover, checking the teen’s social media profile is the second-ranked.

Among other measures applied by parents are represented by the following:

  • Looking through teen’s phone calls records or messages
  • Using parental controls for blocking, filtering, or monitoring their teen’s online activities
  • Taking advantage of parental controls to restrict teen’s cellphone use
  • Using monitoring tools to track teen’s location with his/her cellphone

Of course, it is up to you whether or not you choose to apply some of these monitoring options.

We made sure to select the most engaging and creative Windows games for 5-year-olds. We hope at least one of the listed options will suit your children’s necessities.

If you’re also a game passionate, you should also check a 2021 list related to the 10+ best Windows 10 games. You won’t be disappointed.

For any other additional questions or recommendations, don’t hesitate to comment in the dedicated section below.

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