Black Friday deals for Flight Simulator [Nov 2020]

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  • The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a long-awaited sequel to the celebrated Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
  • This game offers incredibly immersive graphics and adds the latest airplanes create, to explore the world endlessly.
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Flight Simulator 2020 BF deals
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The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is one of the most appreciated flight simulators that have ever existed, and for a good reason.

Released as a sequel to the acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) released in 2016, this new version offers you real-life data-based flight simulation and much less of an arcade-style feel.

This amazingly-realistic game offers you the chance to feel like a real pilot and fly across the planet in some of the latest real-life aeroplanes that have been released.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a hardcore aviation enthusiast or just curious to get a feel for this game, as you will be transported into another reality as soon as you start this awe-inspiring simulator game.

The graphics engines that power this wonderful game offer jaw-dropping visuals, amazingly vast view distances, great interaction with other players exploring this virtual world, and a seamless transition between both online and offline playing modes.

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Black Friday Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 deals

Because we know how important it can be to have access to the best deals for your favorite games, we scoured the online environment for you, so that you can make an informed and efficient decision when it comes to buying this game.

Do you want to fly across the planet in the latest and meanest flighing machines ever created by human kind?

If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then you should know that you can find Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Standard on Microsoft Store with an incredible deal, today!

  • Incredibly-realistic graphics
  • The game world is a full-on replica of reality
  • Wide range of airplanes
  • Immersive open-world
  • Offline and online mode available
  • Can feel a bit complicated for beginners

Keep in mind that the offer mentioned above is only for the Standard Edition at this moment.

Get Deluxe from Microsoft

Get Premium Deluxe from Microsoft

Get Standard on Kinguin

We hope that the information in this guide has proven useful in your case, and that you managed to get your hands on the amazing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Feel free to share your experience with us by using the comment section found below this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, flight simulators will go on sale, to check the best deals on the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, don’t hesitate to explore this thorough guide.

  • Yes, you can play Flight Simulator 2020 if you have a PC that’s powerful enough.

  • No, although very similar, the game will not teach you how to fly. For a more realistic experience, we recommend using a joystick for flight simulators.

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