5 best software to block USB ports and prevent instruders

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USB port locking/blocking software is able to block your computer from reading any USB Flash drive. Some tools also come with the option to add a password to change the USB port block settings, and other provide the opportunity of keeping the USB port as read-only. It’s useful to have such a tool because USB Flash drives are one of the most significant potential threats to your system.

USB Flash drives that are not safe and checked could carry all kinds of malware and viruses that could have a severe impact on your system. USB port block programs offer enhanced protection from undesired data transfer as well.

Speaking of USB security, we recommend you to install a dedicated USB antivirus or an antivirus with a built-in USB scanning feature.

We picked five tools that provide high protection by blocking the USB port, so take a look at their sets of features and functionalities and get the one that seems to work best for your system’s needs.

Best USB blockers to use in 2018


NetSoftwares USB Block (recommended)


NetSoftwares USB Block is another program that prevents data leaks by restricting USB drives, external devices and ports on your computer. You will be able to whitelist only your portable drives while blocking all the others.

Take a look at the most important features and functionalities that are included in this tool:

  • NetSoftwares USB Block secures all your confidential files.
  • Using this program, you can authorize trusted USB drives and devices.
  • When an unauthorized device is detected, there’s a password prompt that comes up asking you to either whitelist the device or cancel the access.
  • You will be able to monitor hack attempts and incorrect passwords.
  • This program also allows you to check any illegal activity on your system.
  • NetSoftwares USB Block is able to prevent data leaks in companies and offices.

This program is a powerful tool for blocking unwanted external devices from accessing your system, and it comes with even more impressive features worth analyzing.

Check out more functionalities included and try the program for free.


SysTools USB Blocker (suggested)

SysTools USB Blocker is a program that is able to block and unblock all the USB ports on the user’s machine. There are a lot of features included in this tool, so make sure to check out the most important ones listed below:

  • SysTools USB Blocker comes with the function of blocking the USB ports in order to restrict unwanted users from using USB devices such Flash drives, pen drives and more.
  • No data can be carried out of your computer in your absence.
  • This tool also provides the chance to unblock the USB ports when required.
  • In order to be able to block and unblock USB ports, the program needs the computer and the user password.
  • SysTools USB Blocker is a capable and efficient software because it can block and unblock unlimited USB ports of more computers.
  • You will need to provide a login password in order to unblock the USB port from the blocked state.
  • This program comes with a user-friendly interface, and even beginners can easily get the hang of it.

This tool is compatible with all Windows versions. You can get SysTools USB Blocker from the official website and see how it works.

Buy now SysTools USB Blocker



BuduLock is a part of the BuduSuite product that is developed by Mouse Click Enterprise. This program is able to lock and unlock folders and Flash drives using passwords.

Check out the best features that are packed into this program below:

  • This Flash drive blocker is able to prevent unauthorized use of Flash drives in order to avoid stolen data issues and malware and virus spread.
  • A password will be encrypted and decrypted for increased security.
  • This tool is ideal for protecting sensitive and private data.
  • Other devices such as a keyboard, mouse, webcam and more will be able to work correctly when the lock is active.
  • This program comes with two available tabs: one that allows you to lock USB ports and the other that will enable you to lock folders.
  • Enabling the USB Flash lock will not let your computer be accessed by any kind of USB memory drives.
  • There’s also a Change password option that allows you to change the password for enhanced security.
  • To lock folders, you have to go to the folders tab and select the folder that you want to be locked.

Download BuduLock to check out more of its features and to give it a try to see how it works on your own computer running Windows.


Nomesoft USB Guard

Nomesoft USB Guard is another lightweight Windows tool that is built specifically for helping users block USB devices. This software comes in handy for users who want to protect their systems from getting infected and their data from being stolen.

Check out the most impressive features that are included in this program:

  • The program comes with a Windows AutoRun function that acts as a bridge between your computer and the USB device, and it will help you automatically discover the presence of a new device connected to the system.
  • The Nomesoft USB Guard is useful when it comes to helping you keep your system safe from malicious threats.
  • The program allows you to enable and disable the blocking mode.
  • You can activate the read-only function for making sure that your data cannot get transferred to/from your system.
  • This tool comes with an intuitive layout, and it’s also ideal for beginners as well.

Nomesoft USB Guard provides you a simple, yet a really effective solution that will help you block USB Flash drives and also enable the read-only mode.

Check out more in-depth functionalities included in Nomesoft USB Guard by downloading this program.



USBDeview is a USB port manager that allows you to enable and also disable USB port lock. With the help of this freeware, you will be able to view the list of USB ports and also the devices that are connected to them.

Check out the best features and functionalities that come packed in this tool:

  • This program lists all USB devices that are currently connected to your system and the USB devices that were previously used.
  • For each of the USB devices, you will see displayed extended information including the following: device’s name and description, type, serial number, the date and time that it was added to your system, VendorID, ProductID and more.
  • In order to enable and disable USB ports, you will have to select a port from the list of ports and then click on the Red button to disable it or the Green button to enable it.
  • You can also uninstall USB devices that you have previously used and disconnect the USB devices that are currently connected to your system.
  • You will get the chance to use the USBDeview program on a remote computer as long as you log in to that system with admin user.

This tool is released as freeware, and you can check out more exciting features by downloading USBDeview.

These are out five picks for the best tools for blocking USB ports. After you take a look at their extended sets of features, you’ll definitely be able to make an informed decision that will provide enhanced safety for your system. Good luck!



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