New Breeze extension for Edge on Windows 10 allows you to easily open tabs

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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It appears that Microsoft’s Edge browser is at the center of attention for many developers nowadays, with many rolling out a series of interesting extensions to Edge, improving the user experience and making the browser more appealing to potential users.

For one, the Lastpass extension finally landed on Edge, although many features didn’t work. AdBlocker keeps unwanted ads at bay, while the Office Online extension allows you to access, create and modify Office documents straight from Microsoft’s browser.

This time, another developer wants to make the Edge experience more intuitive and incorporated an extension allowing you to launch a new tab by simply hitting CTRL+T. However, the Breeze extension appears to be disabled at every new startup of the Edge browser. In other words, when you add the extension and open a new tab and it doesn’t work, try restarting Edge. If this action doesn’t solve the problem, then remove the extension, restart the browser, and add the Breeze extension again.

The main objective (in edge) is to allow users to choose the new tab page! You can leave blank and use the features of the extension or choose a webpage, and when you “Ctrl+T”, the page you choose opens 😉

The minimal design shows only the current time, but all the magic is in the settings ^

You can add shortcuts for regular website you use, so it’s easier to go there.

Breeze also supports shortcuts, allowing you to access particular websites faster. For example, you can simply type “FB” and the browser will open a new tab and connect you to Facebook.

You can also use tags to surf to a website’s inner content easier. If you type “reddit windows 10”, the new tab will lead you directly to Reddit’s page dedicated to Windows 10 discussions. This feature can be used to search information on any website.

Edge extensions are only available for Windows Insiders, but the extension package should become available to all users with the Anniversary Update.


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