5 Best Browsers That Still Support Activex Controls in 2024

Choose a modern browser with a simple interface

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Key notes

  • ActiveX is gradually being phased out and is natively supported only by Internet Explorer.
  • Other browsers that offer ActiveX controls would need you to install plugins to extend this function.
  • We recommend that you only view ActiveX content that is signed to reduce the risk of exposure to malware.

Connecting to the internet means interacting with countless data formats, and you may be able to maximize your experience by using a browser that supports ActiveX controls.

In fact, in some cases, you may have displayed an error message that says – this feature requires a browser that supports ActiveX controls in Chrome, this error message could be in Firefox or other browsers.

An alternative but similar error message reported by our users stated as follows: Activex control failed to load please check browser version and security settings.

This article will run you through a list of the best browsers with support for ActiveX control. By using these apps, you’ll be able to circumvent This browser does not support ActiveX components error message.

What is ActiveX control in browser?

ActiveX is Microsoft’s patented program that enables you to view and interact with specific documents and websites via an Internet browser.

It is sometimes necessary before you have access to viewing any portion of a document or website, and at times it’s required only for specific functions and services of the website. This requires a browser that supports ActiveX controls.

However, only browsers developed by Microsoft have full ActiveX support. So, other browsers will need to create unique approaches for displaying ActiveX-required websites and documents.

What websites use ActiveX?

ActiveX controls are utilized by a wide variety of Microsoft Windows applications, including a number of Microsoft’s own, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Windows Media Player.

These applications not only use ActiveX controls to construct their feature sets, but they also encapsulate their own functionality within ActiveX controls, which can then be embedded within other applications.

Is ActiveX still supported?

ActiveX was a bridging tech used to connect desktop and web technologies.

Modern browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have redefined the distinction between data controls and content.

Therefore, this kind of segmentation is crucial in the Zero Trust age. ActiveX would be retired since the web has progressed to more secure and distributed technology stacks.

However, with that said, many top browsers still give allowance for this feature to be turned on if required.

What browsers support ActiveX controls?

Opera One – Best social integration

Since 2013, Opera One has run on Google’s open-source engine, Chromium, implying that you may enhance your experience by installing web extensions from its vast library.

One of Opera One’s most valuable and attractive features is messaging/social app integration, which does not need an extension. Most popular platforms are available directly and maybe popped up when needed.

The browser does not support ActiveX controls out of the box, but since it is open source and has many extensions, you will have a few possibilities.

The technique for integrating this is outlined towards the conclusion of this guide. Read on to find out how to use the browser’s ActiveX feature.

We like the browser since it’s one of the few with an integrated VPN, which allows you to hide your IP address when needed.

Additional features:

  • Workspaces
  • Snapshot tools
  • Ad blocker

Opera One

Browse securely and customize your workspace with handy add-ons and integrations.

Google Chrome – Most extensive extension database

Chrome is a modern browser from Google that competes with Internet Explorer as well as other modern browsers.

Like many other browsers, Chrome does not natively have ActiveX controls support and instead relies on NPAPA (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) to interact with and view sites that do.

You can download ActiveX for Chrome extensions because there are a handful of these. Additionally, a few Chrome configuration tweaks will come in handy.

We like Chrome because it is fast, has robust security measures, has a simple interface, and supports leading standards. That said,  It isn’t the quickest browser, and may lack certain capabilities that the competition offers.

You should read on to discover other ActiveX alternatives for Chrome.

Additional features:

  • Visual Browser History
  • Website tabs manager
  • Browser memory use

Get Google Chrome

Firefox – Optimized for privacy

browser that supports activex controls

Firefox is a well-known browser and a more proficient replacement for Internet Explorer.

However, since Microsoft does not design it, we can expect it to not have native support for ActiveX controls, like many other browsers on this list.

On the other hand, Firefox developers often build new plug-ins for users to install to enable functionality requested by documents and websites that would typically need ActiveX controls.

So, the Open in IE and Esker ActiveX Plug-in, which try to mimic ActiveX controls or the Mozilla ActiveX Control plug-in, will ensure you can use ActiveX content on the browser.

Additionally, when you encounter a broken document or site on Firefox because it employs ActiveX, you may send a report to the dev team.

Additional features:

  • Page actions menu
  • New tab page
  • Enhanced tracking protection

Get Firefox

Internet Explorer – Best for ActiveX

The only web browser that completely offers support for ActiveX plugins and controls is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Whenever you open a document or visit a website that needs an ActiveX control, a warning will be displayed beneath the navigator’s toolbar at the top of the page.

You may examine information regarding what ActiveX controller you’ll require and enable the browser to download the plug-in by tapping this notification.

Henceforth, whenever you re-visit the same document or site or even try to read another document that needs the same plug-in, the browser will use the same ActiveX control.

Note that this browser will be retired in June so it will be safe to try alternative browsers.

Additional features:

  • Synced favorites and tabs
  • Inline video
  • Unlimited tabs

Get Internet Explorer

How do I enable ActiveX in Opera One?

  1. Navigate to the Open in IE extension.
  2. Click on Add to Opera One.
    browser that supports activex controls
  3. When you encounter a program that requires ActiveX, right-click on the Open in IE extension and select Open all Tabs in Internet Explorer.
    browser that supports activex controls

You will also be able to activate ActiveX on Chrome using a similar method.

Here you have it – our list for you if are looking for browsers with ActiveX controls.

You must have in mind that ActiveX content may not always be safe, however, by checking if they are signed, you could avoid malware.

The browsers listed are also our favorites for many reasons other than their support for this tech. Many of them offer great flexibility for browsing security and offer features needed across many domains.

Finally, you should note that your OS may block the installation of extensions, but with a few steps, you can stop Windows from blocking ActiveX install for IE.

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