Microsoft acknowledges issues Windows insider build 19592 didn’t fix   

by Don Sharpe
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  • Insiders with BattlEye on their PCs cannot update to certain Windows 10 preview builds
  • Updates may be incompatible with certain virtual environments
  • Check out our bugs section for a host of issues affecting Windows 10 applications (and their fixes)
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Windows Insider Preview Build 19592 introduced a bunch of features that will delight insiders in the Fast ring. A key highlight of the upgrade is the tablet posture tweaks that Microsoft is currently testing.

But the company acknowledged a broad array of issues that build 19592 did not resolve. These range from BattlEye/Windows 10 update incompatibility to hardware driver complications.

Persistent incompatibility issues

Insiders who use BattlEye repot this problem from time to time. Microsoft is admitting that some of them are unable to update to certain insider builds due to the incompatibility issue.

What complicates matters is the fact that a third-party software maker is involved. As such, the flaw is not entirely Microsoft’s to resolve.

The company said it put a compatibility hold on these machines, though. So, if you are using the anti-cheating app, you are current unable to update your PC with affected Windows 10 insider builds.

To safeguard Insiders who might have these versions installed on their PC, we have applied a compatibility hold on these devices from being offered affected builds of Windows Insider Preview.

Alternatively, you can upgrade if you uninstall BattlEye while counting on Microsoft and its partner to offer a lasting solution soon.

Driver incompatibility

According to reports, insiders using certain virtual machines receive compatibility warnings when trying to upgrade to a newer preview build.

Microsoft said it already started investigating the matter. Affected users can only hope that the company gets to the bottom of the issue before a compatibility block becomes the only option.

Screen reader problems

Some Narrator and NVDA users have reported difficulty reading specific web content on the new Microsoft Edge browser. Developers of these apps are liaising with the Windows 10 maker to solve the glitch.

It is in the best interests of Microsoft to fix that problem to expand the accessibility and usability of its Chromium-based browser.

Users of these screen-reading apps who are still on the old version of Edge are not experiencing the web navigation issues, though.


Some insiders get the Green Screen of Death (GSoD) error when they reboot their system to install this update.

Stalling Windows 10 updates

Other insiders complain about the inability of their PCs to complete an upgrade.

Documents section icon

The Documents icon under Privacy does not display well for some users.

Screenshot shortcut

You cannot take a screenshot by pressing Win + PrtScn. The command does not save the shot in the right directory. WIN + Shift + S works, though.

Sticky Notes

There are reports of Sticky Notes windows failing to move.


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