Many Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare pre-order bonuses are missing

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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When taking a look at the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare forum threads, it seems this game is a never-ending source of annoyance. Many gamers complain about various technical issues that limit their gaming experience, there is no cross-compatibility between the Windows Store and Steam versions of the game, the overall user score on Metacritic is 2.0, and the list of complaints could go on.

Unfortunately, a new issue has been recently added on the list: it appears that many Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare pre-order bonuses are missing. Gamers complain that bonuses, such as camo, terminal, or supply drops, are nowhere to be seen.

Pre ordered the Legacy Pro edition as well and none of my bonuses are showing up besides terminal. If I’m a paying customer, I expect the product I buy be working, not half assed. I’m really pissed.

Unfortunately, for the time being, no clear explanation is available as to why this content is missing. The game publisher, Activision has yet to issue any comments on the matter.

The lack of pre-order bonuses made many gamers angry, pushing them to ask for a full refund. Other players proved to be more patient and waited 24 hours to see if their bonuses would become available. To their relief, they were.

but i had read somewhere that after 24 hrs it should be all set… so i waited til roughly the time that i initially put the codes in last night and  ***** the game off, then waited til it had been 24 hrs since i actually knew i was playing playing last night and i FINALLY got all my extras

However, other users haven’t been that lucky, and received only half of the bonuses.

How has your Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare experience been so far? Did you encounter any issues while playing the game?