You can’t install the latest Windows 10 build? Wait for the next one

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There have been reported some troubles by more Insiders while trying to get the latest builds of Windows 10 and this may be due to some internal issues at Microsoft.

Windows 10 users trying to install either the Windows 10 build 17046 on the Fast Ring or build 17025 on the Slow Ring have been receiving error code 800096004 which caused the whole installation process to crash entirely.

More than that, their attempt to download language packs or more features also seems to fail.

Brandon LeBlanc from Microsoft stated that users who have already installed the latest build should not have any problems. On the other hand, users who are planning on installing them may have to wait for the next build to arrive because there’s nothing else they can do.

Causes and potential fixes

Microsoft already addressed the issue on its support page, and describing the bug causing the problems while attempting to install the latest builds. The company provides the information resulted from the investigation, saying that the root cause for this is a bug in the way that Microsoft signs files for builds that are delivered via UUP.

The company states very clearly that there are no steps that are able to be taken on individual PCs in order to bypass this problem. There aren’t any steps required by Windows Insiders to receive and install that next preview build that will be rolled out in the coming days.

Microsoft tells you to wait for the next build

Microsoft didn’t mention that it’s planning to roll out any patches for this bug and the company’s recommendation is to simply wait for the next build to come.

You can check out for yourself Microsoft approach on this matter and go through the company’s investigation and note to Insiders on Microsoft’s forum.


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I have a very long conversation with a person
who is very close to microsoft
I can’t reveal his identity for obvious reasons
however to make this short the 1709 build is the worst build ever release to the general public
if you really want to upgrade then he told me to download the ISO files from a third party identity
and download the 1703 build ISO files
then google to learn how block the 1709 build to self upgrading on your system..!!
I personally went back to Windows 7 because honestly I don’t have the time
and the will to become a guinea pig for microsoft
I need my computer to have a stable and solid operating system right now
and windows 10 is unstable and very volatile system
because with the mandatory updates is very possible that microsoft can put your computer out of service
and I just can’t take that kind of risk…!!!!
plus I just find out that microsoft will drop the extend support of windows 10 by October 14, 2025
so for those who are holding with windows 7 until 2020
keep windows 7 for another 5 years without microsoft support it shouldn’t be a problem
I’m pretty sure that
the Windows XP users totally agree with my
so Windows 7 is forever in my house…!!!!!!!