We can’t sync your data with the cloud right now [FIX]

Tashreef Shareef
by Tashreef Shareef
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3 ways to fix Forza Horizon Can't sync data error

If you bought Forza Horizon 4 for PC, you may encounter We cant sync your data with the cloud right now while trying to play the game online at some point. This error is reported by many Forza Horizon 4 PC users in the Microsoft Community as well as Reddit community forums.

I am having a very frustrating issue that I wanted to see if it was shared.
Basically, I launch the game, it begins to sign in for a second, then it suddenly tells me that “We can’t sync your data with the cloud right now”. It then gives me the option of trying again or playing offline. Trying again doesn’t work, so I press play offline. It then tells me that the sign-in profile has changed and it has to close.

If you are also troubled this error, here is how to fix it on your Windows computer.

Why can’t I sync data to cloud on Forza Horizon 4?

1. Sign into Xbox App

  1. The “we can’t sync your data with the cloud right now” issue can occur if you are not logged into your Xbox app in the PC. Users have reported that the error was resolved after they login to their Xbox App.
  2. Launch the Xbox App on your PC by searching for it in the search bar.
    we can't sync your data with the cloud right now
  3. After launching the app, it will ask you to enter your Microsoft account details. You may also have to enter the password or PIN for your computer.
  4. Keep the Xbox app running and launch Forza Horizon 4 on your PC. This time the game should sync all your data and let you play without any error.

We’ve written extensively on Xbox sync issues. Check out these guides for more information.

2.  Check Email Aliases for Xbox Live Account

  1. If you have changed the aliases for your Xbox Live account then you will be automatically signed into the aliases account on Microsoft Store as well resulting in the aforementioned error.
  2. To fix this, you need to revert the changes and remove the aliases. Here is how to do it.
  3. Sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  4. Click on Your Info at the top of the page.
  5. Select “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft” option. Enter the password for your account if prompted.
    we can't sync your data with the cloud right now
  6. On the “Manage your account aliases” page, click on Remove next to the alias that you added earlier.
  7. Now follow the instructions given on-screen.
  8. After the aliases are removed, restart the system.
  9. Launch Forza Horizon 4 on your PC and check if the error is resolved.

3. Connect to your Mobile Hotspot

  1. Several users have reported that disconnecting from their ethernet / WiFi connection and connecting to their Mobile WiFi hotspot has resolved the error.we can't sync your data with the cloud right now
  2. On your Android phone, you can easily create a WiFi hotspot.
  3. After turning on the Hotspot, connect your PC to the Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Launch Forza Horizon 4 and check for any improvements.