Fix: “Check your disc” Xbox One error

Find the solution to solve the "check on disc" error

by Milan Stanojevic
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Check your disc xbox one
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Xbox One has a library of hundreds of different games, but some problems can appear on your Xbox One while trying to play your favorite game. According to users, they are getting Check your disc error message on their Xbox One, and today we’re going to show you how to fix this problem.

How to fix the “check your disc” Xbox One error?

1. Restart your Xbox One

According to users, this issue appears while trying to install a new game on your Xbox One. One of the simplest ways to fix this problem is to restart your console, and you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button on your console to turn it off completely.
  2. After your console turns off, unplug the power cable from your console.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds or more and connect the power cable again.
  4. Press the power button on your console to turn it on again.

By restarting your console you’ll clear the temporary files and hopefully, that will solve the Check your disc error.

2. Clear Persistent Storage

If you’re having a Check your disc error, you might be able to fix it simply by clearing the Persistent Storage. Xbox One automatically downloads content related to your Blu-ray discs, and sometimes this content might become corrupted and cause this and other errors to appear. To fix this problem you need to clear the Persistent Storage, and you can do that by following these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on your controller.

    2. Choose Settings > Disc & Blu-ray.

    3. In the Blu-ray section select Persistent Storage.

    4. Now select Clear persistent storage.

After clearing the Persistent Storage, the issue should be resolved. You can also prevent the download of Persistent Storage simply by unchecking Enable BD Live to improve Blu-ray playback option.

3. Insert your game disc again

According to some users, you might be able to fix this problem simply by ejecting and inserting your game disc again. We don’t know if this solution works but feel free to give it a try.
Some users are suggesting disabling your Internet connection and ejecting the disc, and you can do that by following these steps:

  1. On the Home screen scroll left to open the Guide.
  2. Select Settings > All Settings.
  3. Choose Network > Network settings.
  4. Select Go offline option.

After going offline, let the installation process fail due to a lack of Internet connection. After that happens, eject your disc, connect to the Internet and insert the disc again.

4. Clean your disc

This error can appear if your disc is damaged, and you might be able to fix this problem simply by cleaning the disc. To do that, hold the disc by its edge and be sure not to touch the top or bottom surface. Take a soft, damp cloth and clean it from the center to the edges. You can also take your disc to any store that has a disc polishing machine and ask them to clean it for you.

If cleaning the disc doesn’t work, you might want to consider a replacement. Before you replace your disc, we advise you to try it on your friend’s console and see if it works. If the disc doesn’t work on two different consoles, it’s most likely faulty so be sure to replace it.

Check your disc Xbox One error can prevent you from installing games, and to fix this error we recommend that you restart your console and clean your disc. If these solutions don’t work, feel free to try any other solution from this article.


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