Chrome Certificate Has Been Revoked Error: 3 Quick Fixes

Note that the private key of your SSL certificate might be insecure

by Henderson Jayden Harper
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  • Google Chrome certificates are essential to keep your internet connection in check and safe.
  • Updating your browser can help fix the Chrome certificate issue.
  • The error can also stem from the mix-ups in issuing the SSL certificate to the site owners.
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Chrome is a champion in the browser market. It is a fast and reliable browser with lots of features. A big part of Google Chrome is security and privacy. It is a Chromium-based system with an advanced system of security. However, Chrome has its own authority in controlling how it functions.

The Chrome certificate has been revoked error is one of the common errors users encounter. More so, it can occur for different reasons which we are going to enumerate as we go further into this article.

So, absence or difficulty with them can cause several problems. However, we have listed some fixes that you can use to solve this error.

What does it mean when a certificate has been revoked?

Google Chrome uses certificates to check how safe websites are for the users and also the credibility of the site for the website owners.

However, when a certificate is revoked, there’s something wrong with it. It can mean that the certificate is not from a valid authority, issued wrongly, is outdated, or any other random SSL certificate issues.

Although net: err cert revoked all browsers is an error common to every browser, it’s more aggressive in Chrome. Hence, it signifies that the website certificate has been revoked by the SSL certificate authority.

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What causes certificate revocation?

1. The private key of your SSL certificate is insecure: Every SSL certificate that is issued to website owners comes with a private key that helps it be more secure. However, if there’s any issue or compromise with this key, it will prompt the Chrome certificate has been revoked error.

2. The SSL certificate may be wrong issued: It can happen if there was a mistake or unclear activity when the certificate was issued to the website owner.

3. SSL certificate revocation request: SSL certificate revocation can mean that someone has requested for it to be revoked. Hence, the error is a response to someone’s request. It can be by the owner of the certificate or someone else.

Quick Tip:

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What can I do if my certificate is revoked on Google Chrome?

1. Adjust date & time settings

  1. Right-click the time and date on the right side of your Taskbar.
  2. Click on Adjust time/date from the options listed.
  3. Toggle on the Set time zone automatically.

For users, a solution to this error is setting the correct date and time. The revocation can result from the incorrect time on your device.

2. Update Google Chrome

  1. Click on the Menu button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings, then select Help from the drop-down.
  3. Select About Google Chrome.

Chrome will check for updates, and if available, it’ll automatically install them.

3. Bypass Certificate Revocation Warnings

  1. Click the Windows button and search for Internet Options.
  2. In the Internet properties tab, select Advanced.
  3. Go to Security and uncheck the box for Check for publisher’s certificate revocation and Check for server certificate revocation.
  4. Click Ok to save the changes you just made.

However, this solution can leave your browsers vulnerable to internet threats and hackers. So, we don’t recommend it as the best option, but it can fix the chrome certificate has been revoked error.

Another solution you can try is to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome on your computer. Though it can clear your user data, it still works.

How do I find my certificate authority?

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Click the three dots on the right-hand corner to prompt Menu.
  3. Select Settings, then click Privacy and security.
  4. Select Security and click on the Advanced option.
  5. Click Manage certificates.

It will show you the list of all your certificates and allow you to manage them.

Furthermore, we recommend that users read about the 3 ways to bypass Chrome SSL Key usage incompatible errors. It will give you more understanding of how certificates work. Also, users can go through our article about how to fix the validity too long error in Chrome.

Let us know which solution worked in the comments area below.

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