Google Chrome Now Includes a Built-in Antivirus for Windows

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  • Does Chrome have virus protection? Yes, it includes a built-in antivirus for Windows.
  • Chrome Cleanup can quickly scan your PC for suspicious applications and not only.
  • Chrome antivirus requires no additional installation and adds extra layers of protection against digital threats.
  • Feel free to also explore a third-party antivirus software alternative found below, so read on!
Built-in antivirus Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most widely used web browser. Google has baked in a lot of features for the Chrome browser over the years and a great example is the antivirus tool.

Yes, Google Chrome offers a built-in antivirus for Windows. This cleanup tool will automatically scan the computer for malware and other security threats.

If you’re still confused about it, do note that Google has developed Chrome Cleanup by collaborating with ESET security firm. Even more, using it is extremely intuitive, as described below.


How can I use the built-in Google Chrome antivirus?

1. Discover Chrome Cleanup tool

Interestingly enough, the Chrome Cleanup Engine is completely baked into the Chrome browser and doesn’t require any sort of additional installation.

The scan is scheduled to happen daily and once done, the Chrome browser will notify you. The notification is beamed via a dialogue box that asks you to remove the file from the PC.

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You can simply click on the Details button in order to find out the type of file that has been considered harmful.

The Chrome Cleanup tool will also contain information on how the file in question might be harmful to your computer.

Even more, it will automatically detect any intrusion and subsequent modification by third-party software.

The feature adds a layer of security and should help in minimizing security threats like browser hijacking, installation of potentially unwanted programs, and phishing attacks.

That being said, some users also complain about how this feature addition affects the browser’s speed and the overall UX.

Get Chrome Cleanup

2. Try out a professional antivirus solution

Needless to say, the Chrome Cleanup tool is very useful, especially for newbies who are not accustomed to using advanced security tools.

However, the Chrome Cleanup tool often ends up making it the browser more sluggish. Use a professional antivirus and these issues will become a part of the past.

Unlike Chrome Cleanup, rest assured that our recommendation constantly looks out for potential entry points for cyberattacks, including unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

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It allocates background processes and memory functions off of the processors that are running your games so that you can enjoy high-performance gameplay.

These are just some key features that you should know about:

  • Webcam protection
  • Multi-platform support
  • Low system requirements
  • Top-notch anti-malware protection

ESET NOD32 Antivirus

When Chrome Cleanup fails to meet your expectations, try out ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Get ready for unmatched protection!
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If you want to have your PC always protected from cyber viruses, then make sure you choose one of the best lifetime license antivirus tools from our list.

Are you sticking with Chrome’s Cleanup tool or do you find our antivirus software suggestion as a much safer choice? Let us know your opinion via the comments area below.