How to fix common Twitch banner issues

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Twitch is a great application that allows you to either stream your gaming online or watch other people stream games online.

Besides this, it enables you to communicate directly with the streamer, and participate in the stream if you choose to do so.

The importance of knowing how to deal with Twitch banner issues becomes even more important if you’re doing video-game streaming for a living.

For this reason, in today’s How-to article we will explore some of the most common twitch banner issues, and how to fix them on Windows 10. Read on to find out more details.

How do I fix common Twitch banner issues on Windows 10?

1. Twitch banner not showing up on the screen

In some cases, the image might take some time to appear on your screen normally. This happens because of the amount of data the Twitch server needs to process every minute of every day.

Depending on the number of requests applied for in that specific day, and at that specific time, your Twitch banner might take a while to be displayed (a few hours to a few days).

Please be patient and allow the Twitch servers time, and the issue will solve itself.

However,  your browser can also be to blame for the way your Twitch banner is displayed (or not displayed). Thus, we suggest you switch to a different browser that is faster, better, and optimized for media and gaming, and it is called Opera.

In fact, Opera has another browser that is specifically designed with gamers in mind, and it is called Opera GX. Among other things, it features dedicated Twitch integration, which guarantees that things like banner issues will be a thing of the past.

Being a Chromium-based browser makes it extremely fast, and also frequently updated, so whatever changes Twitch may bring, know that Opera will not be far behind.



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2. Twitch banner not updating after upload

As in the case of the previous issue, the Twitch servers are sometimes overloaded with data that needs processing. If you upload a new banner to your profile and the image is not being uploaded instantly, you will need to allow the servers some time.

If you feel that you’ve waited enough, you could also try to upload your banner from a different browser software and see if that makes any difference.

3. Twitch banner is not fitting

Having a good looking banner uploaded to your profile that doesn’t contain white or black edges is very important. This becomes even more important if you want your profile to stand out, or make a good impression on your followers.

To achieve this, you will have to create your banner with these sizes width: 2600px, height: 480px, and use the space found in the first 900px from the left of your image.

Using these sizes and creating your artwork in the 900px area to the left of the image will give you the best results.

Here’s how to fix common Twitch notification issues

4. Twitch banner is not centered

Having your banner centered will vary a lot depending on the size of the display your followers are looking at your profile.

The best way to create your banner is by following the instructions in the 3rd method from this article.

Note: Some users also suggest not using too much text as that can ruin the way your banner is displayed.

5. Twitch banner is not uploading

laptop with user at desk - How to fix common Twitch banner issues
In order to streamline the process of uploading your Twitch banner, you will need to make sure that the size of the image is not too big.

To reduce the size, it is also recommended that you use a .jpeg format and not .png.

These are the most common banner issues encountered by users inside the Twitch application.

Please let us know if this guide was of help to you by leaving a comment below.

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