Cortana causes high CPU usage: Latest Wind10 build fixes the issue

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Windows 10 build 15014 brought a few improvements for Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana. At the same time, the build also caused some issues that were quite annoying for Insiders who installed it.

One of the known issues in that build is the problem where Cortana caused high CPU usage. This was a major problem since it made it impossible for some users to normally use their computers. Luckily, with the latest Windows 10 build, the problem was resolved by Microsoft.

We fixed an issue from Build 15014 where using Hey Cortana might result in SpeechRuntime.exe using an unexpected amount of CPU.

So, if you’ve experienced high CPU usage because of Cortana‘s SpeechRuntime.exe process, installing the new build should fix everything.

The build, however, is only available to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. To obtain it, go to Settings > Updates & security, and check for updates.

Apparently, build 15019 for Windows 10 Preview fixes many issues caused by previous builds, including apps crashes, mouse and keyboard problems, and more. However, the new build also causes some issues of its own, but that’s just how Windows 10 builds work, so we shouldn’t worry much about it.

We sincerely hope the new build indeed fixes the issue for you. If not, you’ll probably want to check out our articles about Cortana issues and high CPU usage in Windows 10, for some additional solutions.

Once you’ve tried our solutions or installed the build, let us know if the issue still persists in the comments.



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