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Email marketing is still a very powerful tool to use in today’s world despite the presence of social media channels.

The benefits of email marketing as a primary customer targeting tool for any business or brand include business expansion, maintaining customer relationships, and receiving feedback that would otherwise not have come through.

In order to capitalize on the rich advantages that email marketing provides for your business, whether it is an online or physical store, you need the best CRM email marketing software to get you started.

This article looks at the top CRM email marketing software popularly used across the globe, their features, and benefits for business growth and increased customer engagement.

Which are the best CRM email marketing software tools?


With this CRM email marketing software, you can design beautiful email campaigns using the drag and drop email designer that needs no skills to use. It also has a template gallery from which you can select and customize templates for emails that inspire action.

The main features include an email designer, contact management, campaign reports, marketing automation, transactional messaging, deliverability and integrations/API.

This software is designed to help your email marketing campaigns perform with personalized content, manage and segment or grow your audience with smart targeting and advanced search/segmentation, easy organization of your contact lists and details, easy optimization of your campaigns in real-time, targeting based on customer actions and preferences.

It also includes a powerful API to create custom integrations with your website, mobile app, or services, as well as plugins to connect with popular CMS and e-commerce platforms.



Make the best of your business campaign with this CRM email marketing tool!

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Atomic Mail Sender

Email marketing is primarily composed of you advertising your product to as many potential clients as possible via email, so the core element in doing so efficiently is bulk mailing.

Ironically enough, the best product on our list for this given job also happens to be called Atomic Mail Sender, owned by Bulk Mailer.

This CRM online service provides you with everything you may ever need to spread the word about the product or services that you are offering as fast as possible.

Of course, you’re not just spreading your content, you’re spreading quality content thanks to the built-in tools that will make your emails feel more special, personal, and non-spammy, all thanks to the enormous amount of free HTML templates for you to choose from.

As for spreading the word, a Bulk mailer allows you to send newsletters to 50,000, 100,000, and even 200,000 recipients at a time, easily.

Here are some of the features of Bulk Mailer:

  • Flexible SMTP settings
  • Proxy server support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Spam check
  • Unsubscribe wizard
  • Free templates
Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender

If you want your services to be known by all of your potential clients, then you need to spread the word with a service like Atomic Mail Sender!

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MailChimp has been in the CRM email marketing game for quite a while now, and it’s only getting better.

With this email marketing software, you can build your brand, sell to customers whether you’re an online e-commerce shop or a big retailer, find your audience and engage with them, plus automate your marketing with the best email campaigns that suit your message.

Features include e-commerce integration to connect your business, marketing automation to reach the right people at the right time while targeting based on behavior, preferences, and previous sales.

It also comes with built-in segmentation, advanced analytics, and in-depth reporting insights, social media ads to reach a wider audience, a comprehensive mobile app so you can create and send campaigns from mobile devices, and an easy drag-and-drop designer to create campaigns that match your brand and style.

The latest MailChimp feature is the Google remarketing ads with which you can convert your website’s visitors into customers using retargeting ads that display automatically across top sites and mobile apps.

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Constant Contact

With this email marketing software, you can create professional, interactive, and engaging emails that deliver customers right to your doorstep.

Features include an easy drag and drop editor that customizes the email template to your liking, and you can automatically send the right email message, at the right time.

You can also design personalized emails with an autoresponder and send automatically for triggers like birthdays or milestones, set a series of emails for your contact lists, import and upload your email list from Excel, Gmail or Outlook, and others, while the software handles the unsubscribes, bounces or inactive emails automatically.

Other features include real-time email tracking so you can see who is opening, clicking, and/or sharing your emails and social media posts, and extend marketing through live events, online surveys, trackable coupons, and much more, all in one place.

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Vertical Response

This CRM email marketing software has tools that let you build powerful email campaigns in just a few minutes, send and track them on any device.

Features include an easy to use an editor to customize the look and feel of your emails to match your brand, automated email follow-ups that reach up to 40 percent more of your target audience or customers (especially if they didn’t see it in their inbox), autoresponders, automated email series for your contact lists, advanced reporting so you can analyze and see what clicks with your readers and a landing page builder.

Other important features any CRM email marketing software should include are A/B testing to know which of your subject lines converts better, a Test Kit to preview how emails will look on inbox or subject lines, integrations with e-commerce tools, and apps, scheduling, and batch delivery.

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Zoho Campaigns

With Zoho Campaigns, you can be sure your email marketing campaigns will wow your audience.

This CRM email marketing software features pre-designed templates and layouts to get you started, a simple drag and drop editor, scheduling and sending tools with automated follow-ups, autoresponder, social media integration, and buttons.

You can also use it to import, manual adding or syncing of email recipient lists, tracking and reporting tools, plus QR codes you can embed to reach smartphone users who scan it and become subscribers.

It also has the A/B testing tool, landing pages for Facebook marketing, and e-commerce integrations.

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Campaign Monitor

Create and design stunning and engaging email marketing campaigns with this email marketing software, guaranteed to look amazing in every inbox, and on every device.

With Campaign Monitor, you can build gorgeous emails using its powerful email builder, send personalized and relevant content, optimize for results using A/B testing, and track your successes anytime and anywhere.

You can also organize your contact data and do segmentation based on custom criteria using list management tools and integrations, automate your email campaigns and enjoy the 99 percent customer satisfaction rates this software delivers among major email marketing software vendors.

It also comes with 24/7 global customer support to help you around the clock, besides giving you everything you need to run a gorgeously designed, and professional email marketing campaign for better business growth.

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Are you ready to set up your email marketing campaign? Let us know which one of these email marketing software tools you plan to use by leaving your comment in the section below.

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