How to crop images using GIMP software [Easy Guide]

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • When it comes to free image editors, GIMP is one of the best options out there.
  • GIMP can do all image editing tasks, and in today’s article, we’re going to show you how to crop images in GIMP.
  • GIMP is great software, and to learn more about it, visit our GIMP download page to learn more about it.
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GIMP is a great image editing software, and as such, it has all the standard features that other image editing tools have.

Speaking of which, in today’s article we’re going to show you how to crop images in GIMP. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to crop images in GIMP like a pro.

How do I crop a picture using GIMP?

1. Use the Rectangular Select Tool

  1. Open GIMP.
  2. Now click on File > Open and select the image that you want to edit.
  3. Click on Rectangle Select Tool. You can also just press the R button on your keyboard.
    select tool crop gimp
  4. Now select the area that you want to crop.
    selection GIMP crop gimp
  5. You can click the corner boxes to resize and move your selection.
    resize selection crop gimp
  6. Now go to the Image menu and select Crop to Selection.
    crop to selection crop gimp
  7. Your image will now get cropped.

This method is pretty simple, but it also offers a couple of advanced features while selecting. To change the selecting options, do the following:

  1. Click the Rectangle Select Tool.
  2. You’ll now notice a Rectangle Select Here you can change various settings, but we’ll briefly mention the most useful ones:
    • Fixed size: By using this option you can select fixed width, height, aspect ration, or even size for your selection. This is incredibly useful if you need to crop an image at a specific size.
      aspect ratio crop gimp
    • Position and size: You can manually set the position of the selection or its size in px or any other unit.
      selection settings position crop gimp
    • Highlight and guides: With these features, you can highlight your selection and make it easier to crop the image. You can also choose several different selection guides.
      highlight selection crop gimp

2. Use the Crop tool

  1. Open the image that you want to edit in GIMP.
  2. Select the Crop tool from the toolbar. You can also use Shift + C shortcut.
    crop tool crop gimp
  3. Select the area that you want to crop. If needed, move and resize your selection.
    resize selection crop gimp
  4. Press Enter to crop your selection.

You can customize your selection just like with the Rectangle Select Tool. However, the crop tool has a few unique features of its own:

  • Current layer only – By checking this feature you can only crop the image on the current layer. Other layers won’t be affected.
    crop settings crop gimp
  • Delete cropped pixels – This feature will delete non-locked layer data.
  • Allow growing – Using this feature you can actually expand the canvas if needed.

3. Use Crop to Content and Zealous Crop

  1. Open the image that you want to crop.
  2. Go to Image > Crop to Content.
    crop to content crop gimp
  3. Your image will be automatically cropped.

By using this feature, you’ll remove empty space that is larger than your image.

You can also use the Zealous Crop feature that works almost the same, but it removes empty space around and between the image.


Cropping in GIMP is incredibly simple, and you can do it using these three different methods. Cropping with the Crop tool is the best option in our opinion because it’s the fastest and it offers the most features.

If you’re not a fan of GIMP, you can always crop images using any other free image editing software.

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