Best data loss prevention software to protect your business [2021 Guide]

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As more organizations and companies acquire and handle more data, most of which is personal, valuable, and/or sensitive, especially in this digital age, a data loss prevention strategy needs to be developed and implemented.

The best data loss prevention software will come in handy when planning the DLP strategy so that the risk of data falling into the wrong hands is nipped in the bud. It is therefore essential to know the right data loss prevention software needed for your company to protect your data, employees, clients and the business in general.

Whether data is at rest, in use, or in transit, it travels through different channels in your business, and to many endpoints so data loss prevention is necessary.

Here are the best data loss prevention software you can use in your company or organization.

Best data loss prevention software for Windows PCs

  1. Symantec
  2. Forcepoint
  3. CA Technologies
  4. TrustWave
  5. Digital Guardian
  6. McAfee

CrashPlan Code 42

CrashPlan for data loss preventionHaving the computers and the backup in the same place is a hazard, at least said. As they both can get destroyed by a fire or another disaster. CrashPlan gets all the data protection your business needs and secures it in one seamless cloud solution.

Best practice for data loss prevention is automatic & continuous protection, which this cloud-based program brings up-front.

Data can get lost when hard-drives fail, computers get stolen or any other incidents.
CrashPlan for Small Business comes at a great price, is really easy to use and quick to set up.

Worth mentioning features:

  • Does not slow down your PC as it runs automatically in the background
  • External Drive Protection included for no additional cost
  • Restore your files to the latest versions in case of a ransomware attack
  • 256-bit AES data encryption
  • No charge to restore your files via desktop app or browser
  • No file size restrictions or additional charge for storage

Get started for free with a one-month trial and decide later if you want to keep this service.

1. Symantec

data loss prevention software

This data loss prevention software drives total protection of your sensitive data with the most comprehensive detection technologies and unified policies, with privacy regulations that ensure your data is properly managed.

It is configured to identify sensitive data, and uses a variety of advanced detection techniques to identify data in a wide range of forms.

With this data loss prevention software, you can identify and track the use and location of data, block flow of sensitive data (like when an employee is leaving and he wants to move with some files), protect data in the cloud by integrating with encryption and other security technologies.

You can also secure your data outside your managed perimeter by wrapping automatic protection around it such that if data leaves and is shared widely, you don’t lose much.

Symantec’s DLP identifies sensitive data and delivers advanced protection so you can control access to data, define user levels and rights, monitor access to sensitive data and revoke access while digitally shredding a document.

You can deploy it on premise, or in your private/hybrid/public cloud.

Get Symantec DLP

2. Forcepoint

data loss prevention software

Forcepoint’s data loss prevention software helps you gain visibility and control over your data to keep it secure against accidental loss, compromised users and malicious insiders.

Its security focuses on people’s interaction with data, whether it is creation, storage, email, personal devices and cloud apps.

Features include the Incident Risk Ranking that applies behavioral analytics and machine learning to cluster data loss prevention incidents in order of risk, Office 365 support, flexible deployment on-premise or cloud, integrated incident workflow to resolve DLP incidents faster, pre-defined policy templates, advanced detection with optical character recognition, and automatic detection of high risk individuals or compromised and malicious users.

With Forcepoint, you can fast track compliance processes, secure cloud apps, extend data protection to other apps, and use advanced analytics to focus on the biggest threats.

Other tools Forcepoint comes with include the Email Security Cloud to stop spam and phishing emails, as well as the Web Security Cloud to stop advanced web threats in the cloud.

Get Forcepoint DLP

3. CA Technologies

data loss prevention software

With CA’s data protection, you can prevent data loss and control data access whether it is in use, at rest, or in transit, and minimize the misuse of data while complying with standards and regulations.

It helps you reduce data loss and misuse by controlling access at every endpoint in your system, by defining regulatory policies, detecting sensitive and unstructured data, and monitoring both known and unknown business processes to control threats to sensitive corporate assets.

This data loss prevention software helps you reduce risk, control information across various locations, and enabling critical processes to continue.

You can also transit to cloud services, discover and classify high risk data and apps, mitigate high risk modes of communication, and ensure precise policy enforcement through content and identity.

Get CA Technologies DLP

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