Debug Software for Windows: Best 6 to Use in 2024

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Key notes

  • Windows is a very complex OS, so you may need to do debugging often.
  • That is where debugging software can come in handy, and we will list some of the best below.
debug software

This guide brings you a compilation of the best debugging software for Windows. So, if you own a Windows PC and need debugging software, this piece will inform you adequately on the most suitable one.

Debugging is the process of searching for and fixing errors or other problems to avoid improper execution of a piece of software or an entire system.

How do I install debug tools on Windows 10?

  1. If you wonder how to debug a computer, first access the link of the software provided by us below, then hit the Download button.
  2. Then double-click the downloaded file in order to install it. That’s it!

So now, let us introduce you to some great options:

  • WinDbg – Specialized in Windows debugging
  • Visual Studio Debugger – Robust debugging features
  • OllyDbg – Best for 32-bit Windows
  • GNU Debugger – Great portable debugger
  • Fortect– Best debugging software overall
  • Syser Debugger – Top kerdel-mode debugger

What is the best debug software for Windows?

WinDbg – Specialized in Windows debugging

best debugging software for windows

Windows Debugger (WinDbg) is the standard debugging software for Windows. It is the official debugging tool from Windows’ developer – Microsoft. The software requires two interlinked computer systems to function at optimum capacity.

WinDbg can debug Windows OS (in kernel mode) and applications (in user mode). It also can analyze crash dumps and examine processor registers. The software is the ultimate tool for fixing any form of bug attack on a Windows PC.

Furthermore, Windows Debugger (WinDbg) supports operating systems on virtual engines. To do this, you need a durable VirtualCOM port to facilitate debugging of operating systems on virtual machines.

At times, debugging (via WinDbg) could be faster on virtual engines (especially VMWare) than on the original OS.

Important features:

  • Automatic processor detection engine
  • Integrated TTD (Time Travel Debugging)
  • Single-Click app debugging
  • Command windows
  • Powerful GUI

Get WinDbg

Visual Studio Debugger – Robust debugging features

best debugging software for windows

Visual Studio is another top-rated debugging software from Microsoft. Just like WinDbg, Visual Studio Debugger hosts exclusive support for Windows PC. Additionally, it comes preinstalled on all versions of Visual Studio, an IDE (app development) program from Microsoft.

This debugger is commonly used to debug Windows apps, as it is designed to run in debugger mode i.e. it operates in sync with any app you want to debug. Furthermore, to debug an app, you need to set the breakpoints, and you can start debugging.

Visual Studio is similar to WinDbg in terms of ease of usage and operability. However, unlike WinDbg, it cannot run kernel-mode coding (to debug a Windows OS).

As such, its functionality makes it excellent for debugging system programs and installed applications.

Important features:

  • CodeView
  • Symbol & Source Integration
  • Remote debugging,
  • Edit & Continue (live configuration)

Get Visual Studio Debugger

OllyDbg – Best for 32-bit Windows

OllyDbg is another top-rated x86 debugging software specially designed for all 32-bit Microsoft Windows NT versions. It is reverse engineering software that is often used to crack systems and install apps on Windows PCs.

OllyDbg is optimized to run binary analysis, in contrast to the conventional coding setup. Furthermore, it hosts an intuitive UI whose functions can easily be extended by plug-ins.

Additionally, it comes with Open architecture, a customizable/extensible platform, unicode support, and a customizable disassembler.

Lastly, OllyDbg is freeware, which means it is available for free download. However, there is an advanced version, which requires a paid license.

Important features:

  • Software cracking
  • Real-time editing (of bitcode)
  • Malware and code analysis
  • DLLs debugging

Get OllyDbg

GNU Debugger – Great portable debugger

GNU Debugger, GDB, is one of the best debugging software for Windows. It is a portable computer debugger that operates on multiple programming languages.

Additionally, it hosts cross-compatible support for Windows and Unix-like (multipurpose) operating systems.

GDB is program-specific, designed to identify, modify, suspend, terminate, and fix bugs on a specific application hosted on a PC. Essentially, it can examine a target application’s operational behavior, revealing all inherent elements that could cause damage.

This tool offers Python scripting support, Memory leak detectors, Watchpoints, Breakpoints, and Debugging registers.

Lastly, GDB is licensed under the GNU’s General Public License (GPL), which means it is available free of charge.

Important features:

  • 12+ programming language support
  • Remote debugging
  • Reversible debugging
  • Multi-CPU support

Get GDB Free

Fortect – Best debugging software overall

Debugging and fixing some common issues in Windows 10 involves cleaning and fixing damaged system files, registries, and DLL.

Fortect is an excellent alternative when dealing with such issues. While other third-party tools may do a similar job, Fortect has proven to be the most efficient among them.

It features a lightweight UI, and the debugging process is quite automated. Therefore, you don’t have to click too many buttons or configure too many settings to get your PC to a pristine condition.

Finally, not only will it clean your registries, but it will also clean and fix your DLLs and remove the damage caused by malware, all within a single scan spanning a couple of minutes.

Important features:

  • Repairing virus damage
  • Hardware repair
  • Finding stability issues
  • Junk cleaning


Third-party tools may not seem like the go-to solution in this case, but Fortect can get the job done right.
Free Trial Download now

Syser Debugger – Top kerdel-mode debugger

Syser Debugger is a kernel-mode debugger that serves as an operating system analyzer and a driver developer for Windows computer systems. It stands out as one of the best debugging software for Windows.

The software is a 32-bit x86 debugger for Windows NT operating systems. Additionally, it is great for monitoring all Windows commands at any point in time, and it aptly detects bugs at an early stage.

Additionally, it is durable enough to run on virtual engines like VMWare without worrying about system crashes.

Lastly, Syser Debugger’s service license fee is $198.00.

Important features:

  • Source code & assembly debugging
  • Color disassembly
  • Syntax coloring
  • Multi-CPU support

Get Syser Kernel Debugger

What are debugger tools?

A debugger app is a tool that can aid in software development by spotting code problems at different stages of creating an OS or an application. Some debuggers examine a test run to determine which lines of code were skipped.

You should note that debugging software may come in various forms, including:

  • Resource monitor tools – These tools may diagnose performance issues and monitor PC resource use.
  • Web debugging tools – These may be cross-browser testing tools in some cases.
  • Specific language debugging tools – For example, there are debugging tools for c++, Java, C#, etc.
  • Native OS debuggers – In Windows 10, for example, users may use the built-in WinDbg to debug both kernel-mode and user-mode code, as well as study crash dumps and look into the registers of the CPU while the code is running.

Debugging is an essential computer process that facilitates the swift identification and repair (or removal) of various forms of bugs on computer systems.

Numerous debugging software exists, many of which are either substandard or incompatible with Windows.

Therefore, this article has compiled a list of Windows’s best debugging software to inform better your decision on which one to employ.

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