FIX: Disconnected from server reliable packet 1 not ack’d

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  • Among Us is a hit indie game with a big Twitch viewership. However, some players can’t play that game due to server issues.
  • This troubleshooting guide tells you how players can fix the Among Us Reliable packet error.
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  • Visit our Among Us section for more useful guides about this game.
you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd error
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Among Us is a multiplayer murder mystery game set in outer space. That game has quickly become one of the most widely played titles among Twitch streamers, which has led to a surge in Among Us Steam downloads.

The greatly increased number of Among Us players has strained the Among Us servers, as original server estimates for the game were relatively low.

Thus, server issues for Among Us have become more prevalent as the game’s player base has expanded.

An announcement on the game’s Steam page says:

We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1… We have lots of things planned and we’re excited to bring new content to everyone as you continue to enjoy playing!

One of the most prevalent Among Us error messages states, You disconnected from the server. Reliable packet 1 (size=#) was not ack’d after #ms.

That error often arises as a consequence of server overload. However, there might be an issue with your Internet connection.

How can I fix the Among Us You disconnected from the server issue?

1. Check the server status for Among Us

InnerSloth Twitter page you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd

First, try checking the server status for the game at InnerSloth’s Twitter page.

InnerSloth updates its Twitter page with posts about current Among Us server issues.

If you see that server issues are mentioned there, then you will most likely need to wait for them to be solved.

2. Play Among Us with a VPN


Because this error message appears sometimes because of the overloading of the servers in your local region, it is a very good idea to try and log into the game using a VPN service.

When it comes to this task, the best software option is by far Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN.

This powerful software can shift your online location quickly and efficiently, and beyond this, also protects you from any unwanted information gathering by third-parties.

To resolve this dreaded error message, simply click the download button below, install PIA, run it, change your location, and then try logging into the Among Us server again.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Resolve the annoying Disconnected from server error on Among Us servers by using this software to change your location today!

3. Check for internet connection issues with troubleshooters

  1. Open the search box in Windows 10 by clicking the Type here to search taskbar button for it.
  2. Type troubleshoot in the text box to search for Troubleshoot settings.
  3. Click Troubleshoot settings to open Settings as in the snapshot directly below.
    Internet Connections troubleshooter you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd
  4. Click Internet Connections and Run the troubleshooter to open the window shown directly below.
    Internet Connections troubleshooter you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd
  5. Select the Troubleshoot my connection to the internet option to check for any connection issues.
  6. You can open a Network Adapter troubleshooter, which might also resolve connectivity issues, by clicking the Run the troubleshooter button for it.

3. Change the server location manually

  1. Run the Among Us game.
  2. Click Online on the Among Us game menu.
    Among Us game you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd
  3. Next, click the server button at the bottom right corner of the game’s menu to open the options shown directly below.
    Server options you disconnected from the server reliable packet 1 was not ack'd
  4. Then select a different server region on the menu from the one you usually play Among Us with. Select a region that has the biggest time gap with your time zone.
  5. Click the Find Game button on the Among Us menu.
  6. Select a game to join. With an alternative server region selected, the game might now start.

The resolutions above might be enough to fix the Reliable packet error for most Among Us players. Hopefully, Innersloth will get the game’s server issues more fully sorted with future updates.